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  1. Do you get to choose if you want to use the reactions on upgrades or do the happen automatically?

    Example: I Have Magmalt Draught on a Profiteer, Farstrider attacks him with range and the attack is successful. Can I choose just to take one damage and leave the draught on?

    Or does it differ for certain upgrades?

  2. Here is my new deck that I am going to try out.

    Hold Objective 1 - 5, Supremacy, Peerless General, March of the Dead, Tactical Supremacy 1-2, Tactical Supremacy 3-4, Ploymaster, Our only way out


    Sidestep, Necromancer commands, Duel of wits, Time Trap, Restless Dead, Terrifying screams, Ceaseless Attacks, Distraction, Illusory Fighter, Ready for Action


    Shardcaller, Grim Cleave, Deathly Charge, Shadeglass Darts, Fatal Strike, Soultrap, Undying, Lethal Lunge, Frightening speed, Great Strength

    Would love to work Shardfall and Shifting shards into the deck.

    (On a side note, I don't have Skaven so none of their cards)

  3. Hi all.

    Was wondering, now that all the decks are out for the First Wave how are you guys fairing with Sepulcher Guard? Is the Objective Holding deck still the best way to play them?

    Been struggling of late with my guard. Looking for some fresh ideas. Would love to see some deck builds that has been consistently  successful for you.


  4. Hi guys. I have a question. Not sure where the right place is to post it, but it involves the undead so here goes.

    Lets say there are four enemies. Your Harvester charges in and is adjacent to all four enemies. So he does his attack against all four. You don't push them they stay where the are. Card phase you play Great Strength on The Harvester. Then you play the ploy ready for action. Which says "Play this after you upgrade a fighter in the action phase. They can make a move or attack action" Does this mean you get your attacks against everyone again if you choose to attack?

  5. In the FAQ it states that if you roll a crit for blessed armour you get to heal. If you have three defence dice and you roll crits for all three you heal 3 wounds.

    Does this apply to the shadeglass weapons as well. For example: Shadeglass darts. you have 3 attack dice, you roll 2 crits. Does that mean 2 extra damage?

  6. I have a Question about March of the Dead that came up last night.

    I had 7 skeletons on the field (First phase ), I moved 5 of them. At the end of the first phase I wanted to score 2 Glory points for March of the Dead. My opponent said that I could not because I had to move all 7 of my surviving fighters. Can someone tell me if this is correct. Do you need to move all your surviving fighters or just 5 out of your warband?

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