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  1. So had frist game ogors last night vs Cities of Sigmar (hallowheart). Ended in a draw, but was a very fun game and learning experience. ironguts for the win, sole survivors and turned a close defeat into a draw. Also @Jabbuk If it helps here is my unpainted and unfinished Slaughtermaster I made from mostly Glutton parts, Leadble herhead and gaint skull from the Skull set (not great photo)
  2. Quick question. Might have Ogors game soon against cites of Sigmar. First time with Ogors. Likely top face Gotrek Gurnson (maybe 2000 points). So I'm thinking of hurling chaff at him to slow him down. Either Frostsabers (40k Fernis wolves) or Gnopblars I actually can make 20 from Ogor units I have but for more, I'm using my blood reavers (left over form original AOS battle box) as "counts as". What would people recommend? I feel Gnobalrs would be good but slow and Frostrsbaers need a hunter to really work (which I haven't got a nice conversion for yet)
  3. I haven't got a photo yet but if it helps. @Jabbuk I used one of the big skulls form the citidal skull set (one the gaint human skulls) as a mask and it left only the mouth exposed (use the no facial hair leadblecher head). Use that on a glutton body with cleaver from the Mourfangriders (the weapon the leader has) and used greenstuff to make a apron, that atcually turned into lots of green stuff for like skins/furs skirt look.
  4. Thank you @Kramer Looks good but I think the Mawpotbis too big for me personally. Also thanks for Glutton advice since I'm building a big 12 Ogor unit that be a better. Thankfully I think most people are fine dying mixed weapons as ,"Counts as" @Mutton pingpong ball not s bad idea. Their cheap so worth a try.
  5. Hello there. I always wanted to do an Ogor army and with feast of bones (need to get rid of Bonereapers) and some other purchases. Im really enjoying making them and they look really fuin to play. Coming form Slannesh and Stromcast/DOK it be fun to run smaller numebrs lots of wounds. I would like some advice though 1) Any good ideas what I can use to help make a Sluaghtermaster conversion? I don't wanna make that resin model looks far too fragile. And I'm tyring to find a nice Claudron or somthing I could use with a converted Glutton model. Was maybe thinking the Gloomspite spell one, maybe even get Butcher seme spider grot attendants (say buitcher ate their gaint spider now grots follow them) 2) Rules question making a big unit of Gluttoins do I give them the Ironfists or double wepaons? With Bonerepaers out looks like in my are atheir gonna be alot good-save armies. So maybe mortal wounds are useful.
  6. Hey. So my first 2000pts list I'm aiming for., that isnt snake list. Temple: Hagg Nar LEADERS Slaughter Queen on Cauldron Of Blood (330) - General - Command Trait : Devoted Desciples - Artefact : Iron Circlet - Prayer : Blessing of Khaine Hag Queen (60) - Prayer : Catechism of Murder Bloodwrack Medusa (140) - Artefact : Shadow Stone - Lore of Shadows : Mindrazor Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) - Lore of Shadows : The Withering UNITS 30 x WitchAelves (270) - Pairs of Sacrificial Knives 20 x Sisters Of Slaughter (240) - Barbed Whips and Sacrificial Knives 20 x Witch Aelves (200) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80) 5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80) BATTALIONS Cauldron Guard (120) What do people reckon of this as a starting list? I'm also thinking of a similar list but with Draichi Ganeth and Slaughter Troupe. Drop the Witches with shields for 10 Sisters and throw in a Hag Queen, swap the lifetakers for Heartrenders and thrown in an extra hag Queen. The issue with this second list is it's a pretty complicated list to start playing with.
  7. HI, So new year I collected up quite an army models to build. Still got a bit of the BF box and I got a lot of Witch Aelevs boxes for cheap. Problems is I need some tips on what to build them as. I already have 20 Witches with Bucklers. I have 6 boxes left to make, I wanna make Sisters of Slaughter as well, be a nice change form Witches. I'm thinking 30 Witches with daggers and 20 Sisters with bucklers. But what should I do with the last box? Either raise the Buckler witches to 30 or raise the Sisters to 30? Also Sisters I'm more tempted by Bucklers but are the knives worth it, shorter range but an extra attack isn't to be ignored. But raising that +6 to a +5 and a possible mortal wound is good as well. Final question, but what Battalions should I aim for, I got enough to make the Temple Nest. But I'm thinking eietrh Claudorn guard or Slaughter Troupe? The latter means I have to actually build a second unit of Sisters but that won't be too hard. Claudorngaurd feels more useful, I know Lifetakers aren't amazing but that +1 to charge means they can tie up enemy units and heroes better.
  8. Thanks for advice. Incase of the rune. For some reason, I was thinking of a it gave you +1 to casting. Maybe I'm getting mixed up with Idoneth traits and stuff. Yeah on points, tragically if I remove the Heart renders I'm literally at 990, 10 points less I cou,d have 10 more Witches. However 10 more Witches are quite expensive money wise. Infact I did the maths for a starting 2000 points of DOK buying Morathi (Espically from a good retailer), is actually cheaper than buying models to fill in the 480 point gap. Weird. But yeah in furture I can mess about with lists more. Just hope Blood stalkers become better priced somwhen. Love the models though. I did also have the idea of dropping Heart renders, throwing in an endless spell and using spare points to make Slaughter Queen on the Cauldron. Maybe I could use the jaws, mostly becuase "nom, nom, nom" is funny, but the bravery debuff and Mindrazor could work nicely together.
  9. Hi all. So I mentioned in past I'm debating Idoneth or DOK. I tried some Idoneth models and really struggled(I HATE those new flying stands) so as I play about and see if I like them I order the DOK battletome and some witch elves to see how I do. If I do decide to go DOK I created a 2000 point army I want to aim for. The main focus is on Snake ladies because 1) money cheaper and 2) less repetitive models compared to 30+ witch elves. Plus snakes mean I can try nice scales patterns. Anywhere here is the list idea. Allegiance: Daughters Of Khaine Mortal Realm: Ghyran Temple: Hagg Nar Bloodwrack Medusa (140) - General - Command Trait: Devoted Desciples - Artefact : Rune of Ulgu - Mindrazor - Lore of Shadows : Mindrazor Hag Queen on Cauldron Of Blood (300) - Artefact : Iron Circlet - Prayer : Blessing of Khaine Hag Queen (60) - Prayer : Catechism of Murder Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) - Lore of Shadows : The Withering 20 x Witch Aelves (200) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 5 x Blood Sisters (140) 5 x Blood Sisters (140) 5 x Blood Stalkers (160) 5 x Blood Stalkers (160) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) BATTALIONS Temple Nest (130) I do have the Malign sorcery stuff so I could drop the Heartrenders for an endless spell. Like the Geminis, then I have the points to upgrade the Hagqueen on Cauldron to a Slaughter queen on Cauldron. I could also drop Morathi, but her model looks amazing and honestly one of the main sellers of DOK for me. So I wanna use her in-game. Plus It's an army of snake people, you cannot do that and not field the GIANT medusa lady it just feels wrong. How dose this feel for a fun, friendly but semi-useful list.
  10. Airbrush nice idea. I don't have one. And I live in a rented place, so Airbrushing is not good for me. Unless I can use it outside. Though I collect Infinity as well and they recommend an airbrush so I will have multiple uses. I like the idea with the Khinerai, I mad esomeStormcast Prosecutes and had the fragile issue, scenery weights would actually help. Thanks.
  11. The painting might not be too bad then, thanks. Yeha I I wanna go snake heavy. that might help. I havent rlelay magnertsied beofre. But I thought I would have too. It's an expsnive set to buy multples of. Using magents and pinning though is a good advice. Thanks. What sorta magnets would you reconmend? I got some 1mm ones but found they might be too small for Mairnes and the like, they might be better for Elf sized models.
  12. Hi Thinking of picking up AOS again after a while off. Main army Stormcast but with the Christmas boxes really tempted by the Idoneth and DOK boxes. Really tempted by DOK beucase1) Snake ladies are rlelay cool. 2) I like the Glass cannon melee army with a really nice support hero's (that isn't Khrone) and 3) the models look amazing, and could have some nice conversion options. An example I've used some of the Medusia for my Durkhari. My main worry though is that the models could be super fragile. The Kinerai look amazing but super fragile. Morthiai is an amazing model but I'm worried about the wings on other her small and big forms. Also as someone who struggles with painting, I've heard bad thinks about painting DOK, I understand a lot of exposed skin and tiny details. Though the snakes could be very nice to paint. You could go more colourful with the tails and do for real-life snake colours. So I wanted to ask, is there any advice or tips you can give. to help me justify DOK over Idoneth. I know that DOK is rumoured to be due a nerf in January (correct me if wrong), but I don't care, I'm not great at strategy and my lucks never that good. I play an army because it's fun and looks good.
  13. Hi. Picking up on AOS again after a long time off. Main army is Stormcast, love the Idoneth models and lore. But never got the models. With new job and the Battleforce coming out I'm thinking of either getting the Idoneth or the Duaghters of Khaine. I would like advice on why Idoneth over DOK. Like if anyone willing to say, how hard is stuff like the King's and the Eidolonls to make? I'm a bit worried by how fragile the look, the horses tentacles and the Eidolonl's cloak. I did years ago try to make with-aelfs and really struggled but that was years ago, and I've gotten better. Still they look very fiddly. Hopefully Idoneth are easier. Hell I love the Morthai model but it looks so fragile. Are Idoneth cheaper to buy. The DOK is better value but let's be honest after that, thier a VERY expensive army money wise. Well o.k Idoneth aren't much better but at least the eels make it a bit cheaper. Last thing are Idoneth more, customisable in thier lists? Everyone who takes Duaghters takes massive blobs. I know the meta was for a while take swarms of eels but the Namatri are still viable aren't they?
  14. Hi all Returning Sylvaneth player. Gonna hope to get an army up and running. I picked up a box of Kurnoth Hunters, My second box. I made my first with Greatbows. I'm not sure what to give the second unit. Swords or Sycthes? I was thinking Swords as they have more attacks and reliable damage. Whilst the Sycthes could do more damage they aren't as reliable and fewer attacks. But that 2" range seems useful. I main aim for the second user is to use them as a summon for Alarielle, when I get her. If not then use them as a second big damage unit on the table. What do people think?
  15. Hi So I building up my Stormcast, I finally got a box of Evocators, I love the models. I'm sure someone has asked this before but, Whats better gameplay wise Grandstaves, Swords and staves or a mix of both? I know the best answer is whatever you like the look of. And the grand staves do look really cool. I can't quite decide. Gameplay wise I think Grandstaves look more useful vs lightly armoured troops or multi-wound troops. Being able to one shot a chaos warrior or the like is useful. But minus 1 attack and rend looks big to me.
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