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  1. The Angry Hobbit

    Tamurkhan army

    Hey guys here’s a list I’ve come up with for a competition in November just after some advice/pointers really here’s the list 👍 Points = 2250 Leaders: Tamurkhan (general) Kazyk Festus (don’t know what lores to take) Battleline: Plague toads x6 Plague toads x6 Plague Ogres x6 Plague Ogres x6 Other: Bile Troggoths x6 Total pts 2200
  2. The Angry Hobbit

    Latest brew

    This is my latest brew aiming for semi competitive not world number one 😛 any feedback welcome
  3. The Angry Hobbit

    Future Shadespire 🤔

    Yea I saw that I just thought it’d be kind of nice to have a couple of extra characters per warband just to add abit of diversity in the mirror matches at tournaments, I’m sure they have it all figured out though 😎
  4. The Angry Hobbit

    Future Shadespire 🤔

    Soooo forward thinking when they have all warbands out skaven etc will they just add more characters to those warbands or more warbands or both or what.....? 🤔🤔🤔
  5. The Angry Hobbit

    Events Oxfordshire

    Hey guys are the any sites that are posting events in the Oxfordshire area?
  6. The Angry Hobbit

    New list

    Hey guys really wanted a list that had tamurkhan in it somewhere what you reckon?
  7. The Angry Hobbit

    Nurgle help

    Hey guys as I’ve now discovered the AoS list builder isn’t very good I’d really like some help building a list the only ‘must have’ is tamurkhan as general other than that I’m open to any ideas. id like the list to be competitive but I’m not going for world number one lol. cheers
  8. The Angry Hobbit

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    This is my list I’m thinking of running what you think?
  9. The Angry Hobbit

    AoS Wish For 2018

    A battletome for Moonclan would pretty sweet 👌
  10. The Angry Hobbit


    Is Sayl the only wizard in Tamurkhan’s Horde or is there another option if you want to take the sons of the Maggot Lord? If there isn’t why is he the one if his ability is pretty much trash in that battalion?
  11. The Angry Hobbit

    Sons of the Maggot Lord any good?

    But is it completely unplayable though is it please don’t say it is lol
  12. The Angry Hobbit

    Sons of the Maggot Lord any good?

    Hey guys really want to play this battalion semi competitively (not aiming on world number one) but have been told it’s proper ******, is it really that bad?