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  1. A few games in with these guys now and while I'm digging them on the whole there is something lacking & I can't put my finger on it. I don't play competitively so can't speak to them on that front, however they seem like a weaker Stormcast. There is no doubt I need to tweak my deck & likely need to adjust my play style but am hoping the new Ork warband brings me what I need!
  2. I can't recall in which thread it was posted but someone had mocked up a warband of Elves about a year ago, they looked quite awesome. Sorry wracked my brain & can't find them, hopefully someone else remembers them or the poster reads this. Please post everything (cards & mini's) when done. Thorgrim, Rexor & Thulsa Doom would be awesome.
  3. I have a question that I couldn't find a answer to, can a player who's warband is taken out of action still play "environment" changing ploy's (like earthquake?) or does he need to have skin in the game to be able to do so?
  4. Maybe I missed something in reading this through, but if it reads as this "This fighter is considered to have an additional supporting fighter when they are holding an objective" you are not starting with 0 as the one fighter is holding an objective so therefor you have 1 fighter in play you get to add a "second". I read it as I get a additional fighter in a supporting role.
  5. Very true about art & true, not what I was going for but can easily see what you've said....I may run with that!?
  6. There was some sure but watching what others were doing made it pass by quickly. As I said we're not playing competitively so it didn't bother anyone + beer is good. All told the game took a little over 2 hrs which equates to roughly 15min per person, about the same per person as a 2 player game.
  7. Hey folks has anyone else tried games of more than 4 players? The group I play with have had it a few times (one 5 player game & one 8 player game) & I have to say it is a ton of fun. The 8 player game was last night & while we played a very basic layout of the boards it proved massive fun for all, & everyone could have squared off against every warband if you chose to do so, movement didn't seem to hamper anyone. We were discussing why not have two 4 player games at the beginning but was quickly squashed for the 8 player. We are looking at having some set rules for a 3 game tourney of 8 players type of thing with a "buy in" each game if you get eliminated + other things. Anyway just wanted to put it out there if you get the chance to play a higher than 4 person game definitely give it a go. Should add we are not a competitive group just folks having fun after work.
  8. A little late to the party but had a busy last couple of days. It's a start on my Chosen Axes & part of this months painting contract
  9. I shall pledge 1 Shadespire warband, The Chosen Axes to be completed & hopefully finish off my Megaboss.
  10. This has been launched in the US & because of responses to them they have expanded world wide faster than they planned, will it have something in your area....???? but if you find a store tell them to connect to it, I believe its free. I came by this from watching Tabletop Minions https://iamgamefor.com/
  11. Hey Okonomiyakimarine (dig the name man!) I'm not sure if you're familiar with Heavy Metal magazine or the movie spin off's, but one of my favourite artists is Richard Corben & his use of colour, kinda inspired by him with the skull.
  12. This mega boss is my swap in for Gurzag in my tribe for Shadespire, still have lots to do but am digging this model tons!
  13. Thanks for the advice gents (& ladies if present) !
  14. Finally I have something to post although I'm rather ticked off about the finish. Fairly new to painting (less than a year) & starting to get the hang of wet blending only to have Purity Seal completely void the effect, oh well lesson learned. Does anyone have a good alternative for a matt sealer, hard to see but there is a "frosted" look
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