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  1. Man the boat thing looks awesome haha undead pirates would be cool indeed!
  2. I like the new model leaked, but I thought orks were traditionally green? But seriously, kudos to GW for this sculpt. It looks just right to be a daemon of Slaanesh.
  3. It could also be the fact that since Spanish versions offer less fluff and are often plagued with errors people just don't bother with them and instead buy the English ones. That could explain less sales of translated tomes. If they are going to release cut tomes they might as well not release them. It's honestly insulting to receive the battletome in your native language only to find you bought an incomplete and error-filled product. Plus, it leads to endless discussions about rules since often even warscroll cards will be wrong.
  4. Does Neffs command ability stack with itself? Looking at the wording I'd say no, am I correct?
  5. If I told you how many times it's been an issue with my local playing group... having to argue with rules lawyers about RAW/RAI in both the spanish and the english versions of the rules is tiresome. In the last tourney I entered the two players playing the final couldn't come to an agreement at a certain point and the game was paused for like 10 min while they looked up the FAQS and rulebooks in both languages
  6. Tell me about it, rules in spanish are often flat out wrong or misleading. The latest books came out with tons of errors and in some cases even missing warscroll abilities and command abilities for certain units. It's gotten to the point where I don't even bother with the spanish versions and instead buy and look up everything in english. They really need to step it up.
  7. Doppelganger Cloak seems like the best artefact for any list running multiple dragons, be it a Legion of Blood list or the dreaded Order Dragon-Spam list. It's so good to just charge carelessly into units with both of them and having the opponent not be able to react until you have already stomped the defending units.
  8. I'll consider it then! You definitely didn't come as that much of a downer, I just wanted to clarify some of my own fears surrounding Nagash To change topics and tone: Were that many endless spells useful? I'm still testing them, since I haven't had much time to play these days, but only one at a time, so I'm not sure how super useful they are when they come down in later turns, specially spells like the Shackles. EDIT: I guess them being so cheap makes them easy to justify to round up to 1900 points.
  9. Thank you for your insight, I'm really considering not buying Nagash just because I'm pretty sure he will get nerfed and many people around me have already told me they won't play me if I bring him on the table, so I was looking at Arkhan as a possible replacement, albeit a flawed one since he doesn't do nearly as much as Nagash. I don't really go to Major Events for now, but the competitive side of me would like to go to one someday; I may have to look at other armies then and leave Death at home.
  10. As LLV says, don't you think viable lists using Arkhan could arise? What route would you take if you were to build such lists?
  11. What about Soulsnare as an endless spell? With how fast the meta seems to be anything to stop charges seems really valuable to me. Would you still play First Cohort? I'm not really liking the Morghast to be honest, I'd much rather have something else.
  12. I see lots of people putting grimghast on their lists, are they that good or is it just the novelty aspect of them?
  13. Congrats! Your good showings on tournaments seem to continue! I haven't had much time to experiment with AOS 2.0 myself, but from what I've seen from the other Death players in the area 2x40 skeletons work like a charm in most lists. The one I saw having the most success had Arkhan and his battalion + 2x40 skeletons as a core, so that's an interesting approach I'd like to test myself whenever I finally have enough time to actually play What was your list? I'm assuming it was the one with the 30 direwolves, Arkhan and Vhordrai?
  14. What do you guys think about replacing Skellies with Chainrasps in Legion of Sacrament lists? They move faster and fly, so they are potentially better at capping objectives, they have better rend protection, and they replenish just as fast, the only downside being that skellies would generally be considered killier overall. I feel in a list with bigger hammers they can effectively push skellies out. I was thinking along the lines of going for Arkhan+Vhordrai/VLOZD/Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist+2 necros and 2 units of 40 rasps as a core for a generalist legion of sacrament list to expand from.
  15. Do we know if we have to adhere to specific realms if we want to use specific Free Cities? Like having to use the Realm of Fire if you play with Tempest's Eye.
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