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  1. Hi guys how do you change your username on this site please?
  2. Did you use a template at all for cutting the greenstuff pelts shape? I dont mean the actual fur texture but the larger piece itself?
  3. Hi all, im a big fan of weaponry, especially medieval/dark age stuff and some if not most of the weapons in AoS are glorious. Personal preference is axes, much like Khorne, its my go to aesthetic. So with this in mind id like to get opinions on what isvthe most badass glorious and/beautiful axe AoS has to offer? I'll start with my favourite so far and thats the Great Axe of Khorne dual wielded by the Bloodthirster.
  4. thanks, this is great advice hwoever whats the benfit of injuring slaughterpriests to just heal themselves back up? Isnt the goal to kill units off ?
  5. So the only way I can see to summon something is via 8 tithe points? Is this accurate or am I missing something? Any ideas on how to make summoning a really viable tactic with a Gore Pilgrims oriented list? Im a noob so sorry for the questions.
  6. Thanks so much for this advice, luckily my purchases have been oriented towards this which is great news. Can I ask, in terms of summoning from the Wrath BloodThirster, how does this work in competitive play now? If I have a 2k list does it need to take account for potential summoned units points?
  7. Hi all, im late to the party but interested in starting both a mortals and daemon army but want to be clinical in my purchases and hobby time - too many examples of me spending fortunes on models/units that I never end up using. So with this said I want to buck my own trend and work out lists prior to purchasing so I would love your collective wisdom and input to suggest 2k lists? I quite like gore pilgrim and brass stampede for mortals and have 0 ideas around daemons. Any advice would be great cheers
  8. Do you still score perfect planning if models charge? No move action allowed by the card and a charge is a move and attack action so im guessing if you charge you dont score?
  9. Hi all, is there a rankings system for shadespire players similar to the ITC/ best coast pairings style?
  10. Id love to play 30 aurics but they just come on and disappear back off again in my experience to date, plus they need to be shooting at a unit with a hero within 5" to really get the benefit and its hard to get this done in a meaningful way. I'll still endeavour as I want to play them
  11. Hi alex can you confirm ive paid please? would've been via paypal - either mark carrigher or carrigher82
  12. I agree that VKs pts changes is ok, I can live with that, feels fair enough. Its when you couple this with hefty increases for smiter and smith, nerfing ash plume sigil (our only specific magic defence) and now making our already pretty useless command abilities 'wholly within', becoming even more useless. Fyreslayers are a horde, so wholly within rules hits hard. Im still optimistic, up your generalship and the army can still be decent. I hate whinging about changes I only wish that there was some give and take to changes, like ok nerfs on a lot of stuff but......and then offer a sweetener with it. The only times armies should get full nerfs and no upsides is when they're dominant in the meta and on top tables, Fyreslayers have never been either. Is there any chance that when the actual GHB is released this weekend their will be unforeseen upsides in their perhaps abilities/warscroll changes etc or do we now pretty much know all that's coming (or lacktherof) for fyreslayers?
  13. So the points nerfs seems heavy for an army with 0 magic when magic is now such a prominent. Maybe we'll find out some warscrolls and abilities have been updated this weekend to soften and explain the points hikes. I see a few people talking of jumping ship now but im determined to stick with the duardin.
  14. This is what I suspected, it's not the same stage...I.e. stage 1 is the armour save and battlesmith allowing the reroll, stage 2 is the appllication of the ward/invulnerable save which isn't the same as rerolling the armour save...it's just when I did this he was questioning it as in I was rerolling a reroll and it put me on the back foot as I didn't know for sure what the ruling now was.
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