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  1. Friend screen shotted it from official gw Facebook page and sent it to me, hes in russia currently
  2. Anyone else notice ko tome is now last chance to buy! New tome incoming!
  3. Can i get your guys feed back on this list? Ive played 3 games with it, beating gut busters and Lon then getting smashed by sylvaneth. 1950 points, 3 drops, 2 battalions, starting command points on turn 1 is 4 Bloodsecrator (Darkfeast) 40man bloodreavers 10man bloodreavers 10 man blood reavers Bloodstoker Slaughterpriest (Tyrants of blood) Wok blood thirster Skarbrand Insensate rage bloodthirster Tribe reapers of vengeance From aquishy giving thermal rider cloak to bloodsecrator for plus 4 movement and fly Crown artifact allowing wok thirster to let him use command ability for free once per combat phase Then mandatory reapers artifact on insensate rage thirster Prayer sacrifice one that gives blood tithe points. Getting to 5 or six command points turn 2 then getting 3 thirsters stuck in combat spending 2 command points using wok command ability 3 times cuz once was free from Crown allowing all 3 to reroll all failed hits. Then spending 3 more points for a total of 5 allowing all to fight twice on a row 1 after each other. This leaves 1 command point to spend on whatever seen fit........sometimes making sure 40 man screen avoids battleshock sometimes makingbsure screen moves 16 inch after being whipped to ge5 into position, sometimes rerolling a charge..... I did 80 plus mortal wounds with it over the course of the game vs death........was simply amazing. Though ibwas rolling 6s for days. Anyway just wanted to hear your guys thoughts about the crazy glass cannon ive come up with. Even if its not top tier.....it's a blast when all the combos work and its total carnage everywhere. At least you know it makes khorne happy.
  4. Praying like a slaughter priest your correct
  5. Join the great campaign to make the greatest khorgorath of khorne viable in tournament play!
  6. Now that im looking forgeworld sqigs got an update with gloomspite. If the great khorgorath of khorne skaarac doesnt get key word KORGORATH added to his warscroll to benifit from "for the brass citadel" I will be boycotting all forgeworld purchases from this battle tome onward. Why would I by the big dragon knowing he will be nerfed to being underpowered for point cost and will not get updates in future tomes like our buddy skaarac.
  7. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-IT/Skaarac-the-Bloodborn "The great khorgorath of khorne" is missing khorgorath keyword from warscroll! For the brass citadel targets khorgoraths. Whats everyone's thoughts? Will they remove great khorgorath of khorne from his name? Will they add khorgorath keyword to his warscroll? Will they do nothing and let our beloved great khorgorath of khorne just be forgotten about, because we all know if he doesn't get that keyword he wont see use in this new battletome!
  8. Yo, anybody out there with any power! Whos head do I gotta bring to skull throne to get khorgorath added the great khorgorath of khornes SKAARACS warscroll?
  9. Can some one please tell gw that making khorgoraths fun and usable with for the brass citadel means they need to give khornes greatest khorgorath Scaarac The Bloodborne the khorgorath keyword! If this does not happen I Will be more angry than the Blood God himself. Scaarac is hot garbage and allowing him to reroll all is failed hits and wounds would make him fieldable again and could big if COULD lead to some competitive khorgorath lists that look diverse and have a cool center piece vs just having 6 of the same khorgoraths running around. For the love if khorne add khorgorath to scaaracs warscroll gw.
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