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  1. Hey, all we released episode 5 early this month and also a short FAQ Review. Next week should be the Steelheart Episode followed by Enjoy and please send us feedback! Episode 5: First Shadespire Tournament Micro Episode: FAQ Review
  2. @Goblin-King How do you edit I can't seem to find the option. =/ @Pigbones You can click on any of the feed links below the play button =)
  3. Episode 4: Skeli bros is now out! http://claimthecitypodcast.com/2017/12/27/episode-4-sepulchral-guard-skelibros/
  4. @Red_Zeke If you want to check them out and stay up to date you can look at the post I recently posted or hit up our Facebook or Website
  5. Hello Friends! A group of buddies and I kept seeing people asking for a Shadespire Podcast so we decided to make one ourselves! I found out that some people here started a podcast too which is awesome! So far we have recorded 5 episodes which will be coming out over the holidays. In our first episodes, we cover; 1 - Who we are and why you should get into Shadespire. (something to send your friends) 2 - Blood Reavers - The Dangle Bros 3 - Orks! Dice For The Dice God 4 - Sepulchral Guard (releasing in December) 5 - Tournament Report (releasing in December) 6 - Steelheart (releasing in January) Claim The City Podcast Facebook Claim The City Website We are new to producing podcasts and would love your feedback and suggestions for topics! What can we do better? What do you like! What did we miss? Also if you are doing something cool in the community are grinding out a lot of tournaments and would like to be a guest on the show shoot me a message! =) Thank you and hope you enjoy! Kallen
  6. So most of our Claim the City Podcast group went down to this tournament to play. Two of them brought Orks and two brought Supulcheral Guard. The Guard players went 2-1 one losing to the other one and the other losing by a glory or two to Orks off of a misplay. All in all I think most of what people are saying is true in regards to having a good high floor and that leading them to perform better in tournaments. Ultimately though I think that it really comes down to player skill. We have an episode on the tournament that is being uploaded to itunes by the end of the month so if you want to hear thoughts directly from the players who played in the tournament you will get the opportunity. =)
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