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  1. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Hi guys, looking at a progressive list I can start at 1000 and move upwards so I put together some list based on the minis I have and some input from here, 1000 actually is a blatent copy 😁 Looking for some feedback before I start my first couple of games...
  2. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    Wts all my hobby gear

    Are there bases for the troggoths?
  3. So if you haven't seen it there is a new Aquaman 5min trailer out now Now after seeing this I'm thinking 2 things 1. I cant believe Aquaman looks like it will be my favourite DC movie yet (tell me that 3 years ago and I wouldn't have believed you) 2. More importantly, anyone else getting the Idoneth Deepkin itch watching this?? They have an incredible asthenic anyway but watching this really brings it to life. The one thing that has always held me back from Deepkin is the lack of a Start Collecting box, I get why they don't do them with new releases (although I'd love to see the impact of Beastmen as even though they were old minis a lot of the take up where I am is down to building an army with reletive ease) however it stopped myself and a few others I know taking the dive in... See what I did there 🤓 So the point of this thread is does anyone else think GW would make a killing if they coincided a release of a Idoneth Deepkin Start Collecting box with the release of the new Aquaman film?
  4. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Great shout, we've only just started playing objectives and stuff so hadn't been on my mind. Blocks or Iron do tend to be very slow 😀
  5. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Hey guys, wanted to try and make use of the Blackshard Warhost, a block of iron with high bravey of 8 (with standard + warhost) that dishes out wounds whilst it's defending itself with spiteshields, ignores the first wound it takes cause we're ard as fu... and rerolling hit rolls of 1's (warhost) with maybe adding 1 to wounds rolls too (for 1 unit with the Castellan command ability) Do around this block of iron which includes the standard and Castellan I have the Fireglaves to either shoot into whatever its fighting or defend the flanks, a Demonsmith hanging out with the deathrocket diving it 4 attacks instead of 3 hopefully firing on squads of more than 5 to get the 3's and 3's to hit and wound. I also gave the Demonsmith Soulsnare Shackles to put around the artillery piece and slow down anything coming too close. All the while Draz makes the awesome bravery 8 a plan B but mainly to fly around the enemy lines and snipe what he needs to or cause enough cause for the block or Iron to make it up to the lines
  6. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    @Noomanator how have you found that 1000pt list? I like the look of it very much (not just because it includes all models I already own 🙄)
  7. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    Herdstone question....

    Hey guys, Apologies in advance if this has been addressed elsewhere but I couldn't see it. The new Herdstone has popped up at the local store and with potentially a conundrum. The Herdstone gives -1 to armour saves in its little growing bubble however the Nighthaunt are not affected by modifiers either positive or negative so the conversation has come up. For me the Nighthanut aren't modified by the HS rule as it cancels it out but Beastmen player thinks not... have GW officially talked about this anywhere? Just for clarity I am not a Nighthanut player (Waaaagh!!)
  8. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    Selling Ironjawz/Trade for FEC

    **updated also would trade for Flesh eater Courts**
  9. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    Selling Ironjawz/Trade for FEC

    Hey guys Picked these up in January to take part in Malign Portents but never got around to finishing them, I'm in the tricky situation now where the aren't completed and I'm not going to game much with them. So I was considering selling them and thought I'd put it our there incase anyone was interested? PM me if you are...
  10. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    Wanted: Ironjawz

  11. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Thinking of mixing up the Execution Herd with allies Leaders Taur'ruk (General - Grotesque, Armour of Bazherak the cruel) Shar'tor Demonsmith The Changling (Ally) Units Bull Centaur Renders Bull Centaur Renders Bull Centaur Renders 10 Fireglaves 10 Fireglaves 10 Fireglaves Warmachines Magma Cannon Magma Cannon Battalion Execution Herd Endless Spells Soulsnare Shackles 1980pts 1CP Thinking Magma cannons will be setup with the Demonsmith and Fireglaves in the middle and either sides to shoot anything the wants to charge into the cannons The Changling then has a rule where he can be placed anywhere in the enemy army line and half the movement of a unit within 9", thinking can place him next to any fast moving units again that are going to charge the cannons Execution Herd then to be the mobile marksman they are born to be Has anybody used the Changling before?
  12. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    The Rumour Thread

    There can't be any doubt it's the same face sculpt just reused - nothing against that
  13. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    I not one to get my hopes up for Chaos Dwarfs, not because I'm being negative just so used to nothing for an army for 15+ years does that to you, but damn! These endless spells are a lovely nod back to the old days of fantasy battle... Purple Sun. That find that @KevenM posted is the most hopeful that I've ever been this may be something new for us ... However it's hard to escape that the head is a plastic minotaur, it looks to be GW plastic kit like the other spells and Darkoath are on the cards. My money would go on them (but my heart says CHAOS DWARFS PLEEEEEEASE!) Also has anyone found out why @Ben was asking us about the Skullcraker yet....
  14. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    I'd certainly go for a Skullcraker (tell them everybody wants it back Ben 😀) always on my list of to buys but not a chance now unless get lucky on eBay or such They remind me so much of the old Whirlwinds and Tenderisers of old, GW did a great job of adapting those and the dreaded Earthshaker I like the idea of running execution herd, may play about with a list or two to post tomorrow
  15. TeddyMadeMeDoIt

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    With all the spirit like things they are doing with Nighthaunts it would be great to see a Shaman like the Forgeworld mini