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  1. I feel like I have a Schrodinger army right now. No idea what is still usable or not. Honestly if this is the way they are going to treat us I'm just going to say ****** it and sell my army. 40k is more popular in the area and magic is something I want to get back into more.
  2. Cause they have screwed me out of two armies already. So I'm not going to be buying another army from them.
  3. Sure and GW lost a rather large sale to me because they screwed me. Instead Ill go to their competitors to buy things like Paints, Models, and the like. The Non-GW stores in my area don't care if I'm using non-gw models as long as they look close and are roughly the same size. Is this going to hurt there bottom line any? I doubt their are enough players not on the GW Kool-aid train to make a difference but why should I support a company that has stabbed me in the back twice.
  4. Yeah I have been thinking about getting SoB army. But after GW screwed me on my Elysians and My AoS armies I think I will just buy the Raging heroes models instead.
  5. You know I just realized I had 2 armies squatted in about a years time. My Order Draconis now and my Elysians last year. That's kinda depressing.
  6. Sigh this is such a cluster ******. Honestly the "Best" time if GW wanted to can these units was back in when AoS 2.0 came out. People would have been mad but would have taken it as growing pains of a developing game. It wouldn't have even been as bad if they did it during one of the GHBs. But they did it in the worst way possible. By creating high expectations with the cities of sigmar book then sneakily eliminating a huge chunk of units vastly increased the malcontent with GWs actions. Now they are letting players stew in the betrayal while focusing on 40k means no one is going to give the new book a fair shake and its going to have to be Well "Above-average" to pacify these players. I get that GW wants players to buy new models that is understandable. They are a business. But the method should be by creating models that makes me want to buy them not saying I can't play with my current models anymore. I mean think about it this way. If they had made DoK, Idoneth, or Sylvaneth have some really good units to ally in with the old aelf line people would have picked them up so supplement their own forces. Then slowly grown their new "allies" into an army of their own. This would have engendered good will towards GW by those players for giving them models to play with and feeling at least included. To really hammer if home if they wanted. Make a couple of "Alliance warscrolls" that feature a new unit with an old one from a different range to really help push it. I mean this isn't rocket science.
  7. Well if this is true. I might have to go burn down all the GW stores within 100 miles. As this would mean my ENTIRE ARMY just got squatted. Yeah I am beyond pissed at this point.
  8. Shrug. Maybe. I have tested on TTS though and can quite easily set up terrain choices where Sylvaneth wont get to play terrain either anywhere or anywhere important.
  9. Shrug is what it is. Maybe cause our group is light on terrain and plays without the terrain rules(Not counting faction terrain rules)?
  10. Then they aren't slinging spells at me and the Bolt throwers chew up what they are buffing or whatever characters they have leading the charge.
  11. My anti-magic is to kill the casters. And if needed the Dragonblades and DL lord can hit any position on the map so I don't really see your point in that regard. My game plan as I said before Turn 1 Decapitation of Heros and Casters. Turn 2 Finish what remains then start body blowing any other critical units as well as the Objective holders. Turn 3+ by this time Whats left of the Arkanaut Companies should be able to at least grab The center objective while the OD pushes into their backline hopefully. I get that the name of the game for Order has been lately "well we can't kill them so Lets just try to hold objectives" I'm trying to get back to winning by saying Yeah lets just you know play the game again like killing units is important. It could be that due to my local area I am underestimating the amount of spell slinging damage I would take turn 1 into my back line but I'm not hugely concerned about it at the moment.
  12. The crews can be targeted by Shooting attacks just not spells. Which I find to be very reasonable imo.
  13. Seems like reasonable suggestions. Right now my local meta doesn't have much for first turn charges. I'm more worried about Character sniping that the moment (Big reason of why I have the Huricanum) It has been ruled in my area that Bolt throwers & Crew for the the purpose of spells and abilities count as 1 unit. And I disagreed completely on the Balistae. Without being able to deepstrike them I going to be having to use their long range mode more often then not and they are much worse at ranges 18.1" and beyond. Even at 18" and less the The Bolt Thrower is more accurate hiting 4s rather then 5s. And with the command ability of the seawarden its just hands down better all around. In SCE army year the CB gets a good bit better being able to deepstrike in and the LO right on top of what you want but here I don't think it is advantageous.
  14. New GHB Order Allegiance: Order - Mortal Realm: Ulgu LEADERS Dragonlord (380) - Shield & Dragon Lance - Artefact : Doppelganger Cloak Seawarden on Foot (100) - General - Command Trait : Strategic Genius Tenebrael Shard (120) - Artefact : Sword of Judgement UNITS 5 x Dragon Blades (120) 5 x Dragon Blades (120) 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3 x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3 x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3 x Light Skyhooks BEHEMOTHS Celestial Hurricanum (300) WAR MACHINES Highborn Repeater Bolt Thrower (120) Highborn Repeater Bolt Thrower (120) Highborn Repeater Bolt Thrower (120) Battalion: Dragonlord Host (140) 2000 points. 10 Drops. The Dragonlord host is the hammer. This list acutally hopes to try and peal off as many supporting characters as possible. With 36" range and 3 CP on the first turn. My thought is if all the Repeaters have good targets trigger the Seawarden command effect 3 times so each of the bolt throwers should be hitting on 3s and 4s thanks to the huricanum and wounding on 2s thanks to the Seawarden with Rerolls to both. with 12 shots at Ap -1 on a 4+ hero thats on average going to be 5.8 wounds on a hero. Leave the big monster characters to the Arkanauts mostly. Tenbral takes out whatever is most needed to be sure to die. I'm hoping this set up in an optimal run will kill 3 to 4 characters with a decapitation strike on first turn then deliver the body blow the 2nd turn with the Dragonlord host. So looks good on paper need to test it. Might swap the shield for the horn since the Dragonlord has the Cloak.
  15. You know this would be easier to believe that you actually read what I wrote if you bothered to get my name right. Considering you have gotten it wrong multiple times
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