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  1. The blue shield was a base of necron abyss (I'm not sure what its new name is) a wash of nuln oil on the bottom half, vallejo air french blue, vallejo air light sea blue being mixed in until the highlight. Then i just used a blue wash in the cracks. I've tried a similar thing on a black knight horses rags and it didn't quite get the same result.
  2. Great shout! I'll be giving that a go!
  3. Thank you :). My biggest concern is finding some way to make models stand out. What are the things to consider to make it pop?
  4. Hi everyone! Just had a thought about starting a deathrattle as my second army. Considering i rushed my first army I'm really thinking about taking my time with this one and make it look nice. I know its just a skeleton warrior and pretty straightforward to do, but would anyone like to give me some advice/guidance on how to go on with the rest of the army. Thanks again!
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