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  1. The battalion is in the Beasts of Chaos book. It gives the Khorne keyword to beasts in that battalion. PMing you w details shortly (i meant 'it would be a massive bonus to have their units in the reminder app/site') and there are bonuses.
  2. Fantastic! Is it possible to add the Brass Despoilers battalion in there? MASSIVE bonus for their units (Doombull of Khorne, etc)
  3. Hey All, I've been dipping my feet into the other factions of chaos; Khorne and BoC. I've come up with this list. goals: Fun. Low model count (compared to my 60+ nurgle lists), potential high damage, fast (i'll settle for fast-ish), can win 2-3 of 5 games. I'd love to hear some input and ideas on the artifacts (I have access to three!) as well as what synergies work and what traps to avoid. Thanks! There's not a lot of models in the list, and would struggle to fight for objectives, but my HOPE is that they can punch into the hordes well. IT'll struggle vs some lists for sure. Bestigors are my chaff clearers/ objective stealers. Gorebulls have Greataxes, with access to Khornate buffs, that's a lot of High rend attacks coming down. Some thoughts were: Ditch the wrath mongers for Valkia, change Gorebulls to Bestigors, drop the command point + skulls and get more bodies. Drop command point/ change bulls to Bestigors for some cheap ungors. Worth noting that I have a LOT of the old metal Khornegors. heh. Thanks for any advice.
  4. There's an annual price increase, if I recall correctly.
  5. Hey there. Welcome back. There's a lot of bodies. I don't see a lot of punch in them. The two units of Bestigors will be your heavy lifters, the bullgors your 'oh-god-i-hope-this-works'. Ungors are fantastic. You're going to need a few more heavy hitters. Or just go for 'bodies everywhere' speedbump & Objective grab. (cogs should help) the chariots: Split them up. they're cheap, yes, but if all four get charged, not great. Individually, they're good at so many things. Some may make the charge, others may not, but they can do more solo than together. Good luck.
  6. When you stack most any armies vs those power houses (most of listed armies just got hefty adjustments ) the vast majority of AOS armies suffer. The Legion probably fares better than most non-power game/lists. Subjectively, its pretty unfair to stack most armies vs. those and a few other game breakers (ie old Skryer) Time and time again, we see odd/ off beat lists take first in GT/RTs. Not every time, but quite often. Well played lists can beat the power lists, its an uphill battle, but it can be done. We've all fought against a power list (FEC, etc) at mid tables and wondered "Why am I playing this?" They got beat, and are pushed off top tables and forced to play my nurgle scrubs. LoA has amazing options, some are less than optimal, but nearly everything can be played. It may not go 5-0, but it can do well. Enjoy!
  7. Hooray! Close shave for the ol' skullcracker. It would have been rough to lose one of our top (or the top) melee units we have. @spenson i see what you're saying, but I have to disagree with you on some of the points. There's a lot of armies that are 'top tier!' and can do well easily, We've seen (in this board even) the Legion do well in tournaments. Point reductions would yhave been nice, sure. There are some that had hikes (FEC/ Daughters etc) and even stayed the same too (destruction). Legion still brings some of the best shooting and reliably punchy units for a darn good price. Time to assemble the Skull cracker!
  8. "I didn't ask how big the room is, I said 'i cast fireball'."
  9. I think @Televiper11 is saying , is that w/o the Chaos Sorc. Lord, he can't buff the unit the way the list was designed around. Without any allies, it'd be near impossible to. Mystic shield doesn't exactly work on Kdaai. Only having endless spells and ash storm would be limiting. It very much feels as these are omissions. (whew)
  10. When including a Beast of Chaos hero - Doombull in this case (via Brass Despoilers battalion) , how do you select the artefact? Do they choose from the BoC book? Warscroll gives them the options of : Saughterhost, ghb items, and if selected, a realm artefact. Thanks!
  11. Oof. While I'm hoping it's a misprint / omission, its something that I've been dreading. The cast is broken and they don't make it anymore. That being said, there's a ton in circulation and probably more conversions. If emails don't work, an online petition could add that small note in the FAQ. Cross your fingers.
  12. Speaking of ungor chaff... How have people's experiences with ungor raiders been? First glace, a little pricier than their less mobile counterparts, but seem amazing screeners. While not having played them, it seems that they could potentially grab/ screen an objective first turn. More importantly, the potential to screen alphastrike armies is fantastic. That and in the pest. battalion, exploding goats. Am I setting the bar too high for these guys?
  13. - Artefact: The Witherstave Gutrot Spume (140)Festus the Leechlord (140)- Lore of Malignance: Blades of PutrefactionGreat Bray Shaman (100)- Allies10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)4 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (400)30 x Bestigors (300)- AlliesBalewind Vortex (40)Wildfire Taurus (80)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 163 That looks like a really fun list. One you could take to an event and more than break even with. Glad it went well and your friend had fun. Thoughts on the bestigors with your list? I'm eying up the Blightlords as well. What are some ways to buff them? I'm thinking the rusty-item-dohickey on the LoA. How was it keeping the Harbinger in range of them? Blades, while obvious, is not the end all be all for them. I feel that "Gift of Corruption" could be amazing on them.
  14. The Beast of Nurgle will most likely become one of the best chaff/ misdirection units in the game. Or, at the very least, one of the best Maggotkin has access to. For the new points, it has a phenomenal wounds, save (5+/5++), ability to deal mortal wounds*, and fantastic mobility. Having one or two of these can pin down a unit by clipping the edge or just dive into the fray of an ongoing melee. Retreating and charging in massed combats can provide amazing results. If I'm reading it correctly, more than one Beast can affect the combat. situation: Your bestigors are fighting two enemy units, with an enemy buffing character in the mix. Two beasts charge in, then retreat. (if in range) each unit is rolled for 2 times (one for each beast) on a 4+ they each take d3. Potentially taking 2d3 per unit Beasts then charge in again, tying them up for another round. Or charge another unit, preventing a third enemy unit from coming in. This gives the ability to retreat on their turn, starting process all over again. It's not game breaking, but a solid stone around the enemy's ankle. added bonus: Most Maggotkin players have several heroes, the buff to the BoN damage is nice. It doesn't make them formidable, but can add some punch. They're more expensive than spawn, but far more mobile, and reliable in that mobility.
  15. I'm not sure the point drop would warrant a massive list based on them. If only 20 point drop, they're still in need of a lot of support. And yes, 100% agree, they're amazing miniatures. Most of our buff/synergy comes from less mobile units. Only the harbinger with his move could maybe keep up with them, but with increase of their battalion, I'm not even sure that. I'd love to see these armies on the table. I'd like to play a LOW model count army once. heh.
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