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  1. Tailessine

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Lots of people planning Rockgut rather than Fellwater, but the Fellwater warscroll does seem better for the price in almost all situations. Rule of cool? I do wish these had been balanced more as the Rockgut troll models are awesome..perhaps 3 attacks for them would have done it?
  2. Tailessine

    Stormcast Eternals or Beastclaw Raiders?

    And a thundertusk heavy list is more shooty than get-in-your-face
  3. Tailessine

    The most disgusting warscroll in the world

    Just one observation though....how in the name of sigmar can the rider actually reach anything with his axe?
  4. Yeah KO ships at least get a prize for unfluffiest warscrolls, as they prevent (when being remotely competitive) the faction being the shipborne, mobile, heavy hitting force they are meant to be.
  5. How about liberators? In that sequitors have an identical purpose but are just a teeny bit more points efficient...
  6. Tailessine

    The Rumour Thread

    I do wish Seraphon had had a warband- they have a huge range but their saurus warriors are so old. A warband of say 4/5 easily convertible new saurus with features more like the oldblood on carnosaur would gave allowed you to build a seraphon army with just new decent miniatures.... Oh well. PS although there are no aelf warbands per se, tree revenants at least look pretty damn aelvish to me!
  7. Tailessine

    The Rumour Thread

    Could this mean a troggoth army in AOS? Exciting times
  8. Tailessine

    The Rumour Thread

    Following on from the painting quality discussion, the endless spells are from a chinese manufacturer, unlike the usual miniature range, and so you could expect the final product to differ - the unpainted plastic certainly looks less detailed and is a different colour too
  9. Tailessine

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    Idoneth Leviadon! The army i am planning will need at least 2, as fluffwise their howdahs are used to transport namarti squads to keep up with the Akhelians. Plus it has about the most dangerous bite in the game and looks amazing. Ironjawz megaboss is my other choice, he is the epitome of orkiness.
  10. Tailessine

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    Thanks! Like i said i never really thought about it until randomnly reading the description on the GW website. Obviously there are impacts to everything in modern living but fur does seem to be a common issue for many people- thanks to all the links so far to alternative brushes. Now, i wonder if enough interest could lead to GW eventually selling some for their fine brush sizes? They are the top of the league for miniature painting so if anyone could pioneer top quality artificial brushes it would be them.
  11. Tailessine

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-h3g-gb&hl=en-ZA&ei=ysk7W4KjCdKZgQaht6uYCw&q=windsor+newton+weasel&oq=windsor+newton+weasel&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.3..0i13j0i13i10j0i8i13i10i30l3.12541.20342..20783...2....132.1331.10j4......0....1.........35i39j33i21j0i22i10i30j0i22i30j0i20i263j0i10j0i13i30j33i160.jr2zZLmfxgw. Long link but in a nutshell these kaplinsky brushes are not from farmed sable, but from wild trapped asian animals. Unfortunately although slightly more ethical still leads to a dead animal
  12. Tailessine

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    Yeah thanks- their NextGen brushes could really fit the bill!
  13. Tailessine

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    Yeah you are right- i guess i was looking for a catchy title! I am vegetarian actually but would not condone extremism. On the subject of more ethical brushes though i wonder if there are any decent ones- i got my last from Hobbycraft!
  14. Hi everybody Im only a basic painter but last week decided to treat myself to a proper fine paintbrush from GW in order to do the new male Knight Incantor justice (stunning model). While browsing the descriptions i noticed that many of their brushes are made of 'sable.' not knowing what on earth that was had a quick google and basically it is a member of the weasel family, usually now farmed for its fur. Its soft, dense fur makes a good brush which explains its use but i had always assumed (if i had thought about it) that brushes nowadays were synthetic. Now, i dont need to buy it but it has kind of ruined the hobby a bit for me, knowing that a rather cute animal was probably senselessy killed to paint all the awesome miniatures i usually love to oogle. Love to know if anyone else is bothered by this?
  15. Tailessine

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Wow great models- flying wraith guy especially. Lady Olynders damage output is obscene. Do love Nagashs 'ironic punishment' mentality. I think i would probably become a wraith, sitting on a pile of cake, but having not been given a mouth....