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  1. I see FOMO invokes often, but I don't quite understand it. Why do you feel so compelled to buy? Maybe I'm not getting it as someone with far less expendable cash than others, but it just seems confusing to me.
  2. In what possible way do you see this decision as being of benefit? What possible damage to their finances was free warscrolls doing? Games Workshop is very successful as you point out, and I'd be shocked if the existence of digital documents and free unit info hurt them in any form or fashion. Clearly people here aren't just demanding free goods without cause. I'd wager just about anyone active on a Warhammer forum would likely be someone who owns books and models from them. GW has already taken quite a lot of cash from people. We are people who have invested time, effort, and money into not just a board game but a hobby, a social experience, an artistic endeavor. I'd argue we are just as much investors as any stock owner is. If people want something that eases play and increases accessibility, how is that wrong? Why is accessibility bad? Why are we not justified in seeking changes that make the hobby more open for casual people and those on the fence?
  3. Kruleboyz will absolutely have ways to increase mobility, although I'm not sure why this one's movement is 5" and not 6" like the Dankhold.
  4. Why did it not list Beasts of Chaos along with every other Chaos army?
  5. 50? I checked a currency converter and it said £30 is around $41 or so. If that is GW prices before third party discount, wouldn't you only be paying 36 or so?
  6. Imagine what Warhammer culture would be like if we said "oh great ANOTHER Ork/Orruk nob or boss"
  7. So White Dwarf is going to be the way to update armies that aren't on the near-term Battletome schedule. Sons of Behemat was representative of this then. With respect to the next book, I think the Chaoe BT is either Khorne, Beasts, or maybe Nurgle.
  8. Not a bad way to minimize some wounds for when you use Scions of the Storm. Suppose a 5+ ward would have already been too much on a faction that is already a little hardy.
  9. Start Collecting OBR should be the Liege-Kavalos/Zandtos kit, a set of Kavalos, and then Mortek Guard. Start Collecting Gutbusters should be a partial repackage of Feast of Bones, with Tyrant, Ironblaster/Scrap Launcher, Leadbelchers, and Gluttons. Start Collecting Bonesplitterz should be a Savage Big Boss, Wurrgog, Savage Orruks set, and Savage Boarboys set.
  10. My first thought was Khorne-marked marauders, but then I remembered those already exist. If it isn't Khornegors I'd venture it is a more tribal Khorne unit, perhaps a Khorne marked version of say, a Darkoath Chieftain or Warqueen. A marauder hero for Khorne.
  11. Give us a plastic Beastlord with loadout options!
  12. I'd be curious to see the efficacy of an all-gryph list.
  13. On an upbeat note, on some level this delay does give people more time to finish hobby stuff and buy books or models they want before prepping their hobby spaces and wallets for the deluge of Stormcast and Orruks a few weeks or so down the road. Especially for people who haven't finishes up their Dominion minis yet. Returning to the ostensible point of the thread, I wanted to know if anyone has tried to look through the Corebook to see if any potential shift in lore is mentioned for the Chaos factions, anything pointing to the one army getting the release later this year.
  14. I guess that is sort of an answer. They're still dealing with covid-related issues. I just would prefer that be mentioned in a Warhammer Community article and not a social media comment section.
  15. So I know the likely and assumed culprit of this is the need to tie into W+ and the new Age of Sigmar app, but is there a chance of supply issues with regards to the physical materials required for things to be made?
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