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  1. I like it, but I'd like it more if we had more than three artifacts and command traits available as well as an actual spell lore.
  2. I really hope there is some update for Forge World.
  3. Wonder if Legion of Azgorh will get any forms of changes because of how lorewise and mechanically we're so tied to the Realm of Fire.
  4. I think we'll realistically see a revisit of Nurgle and Slaanesh before we get a new Chaos army, but I do think a Vampire army is likely. That said, I think Neferata should run it. For Destruction, I think they could do a Creatures of Chaos style army covering various new monsters who worship or embody various aspects of Gorkamorka, or an army of Elementals inspired on the old Incarnate Elementals from FW, the concept being primordial beings of the Realms aligning with Destruction to remove the unnatural (in their eyes) influence of Grand Alliances Death, Chaos, and Order.
  5. So my only issue is that Chaos Duardin already exist as a faction in my eyes, as the LoA. I'd rather GW and FW support their only Age of Sigmar Forgeworld army than put out a Chaos Duardin army.
  6. Legion of Azgorh player. All I want is an update. New artifacts, command traits, a spell lore, etc. Don't leave LoA feeling like it's stuck in AoS 1.0.
  7. I'll admit I've had a great deal of anxiety over Legion of Azgorh and their future. I love the army, but it feels almost like playing AoS 1.0 sometimes with how basic are Allegiance Abilities are. We have no spell lore, no unique terrain, no endless spells or equivalents, and barely any current lore. I'm afraid that they'll end up like getting more and more models gradually cut. There have been more Azgorh units lost than gained since Age of Sigmar released.
  8. I started in 2017 with the original AoS starter set. After some experimentation, I settled on my current army( Legion of Azgorh). I was introduced to the game by Total War: Warhammer.
  9. I'm intrigued by the title. "Forbidden Power" implies that whatever is at the core of this is something taboo or profane. There's also fairly obvious Sigmar/Azyr imagery. I'm curious as to what the "Power" is. Is Sigmar growing desperate enough to try and tap into elf souls? Will we see some high ranking Stormcast making a bargain or deal for a power source that can help the good fight, but only bring even more chaos (so hard to use that word in a neutral setting)? If I had to guess, what will happen is that someone on the side of Order is going to try and tap into something. They will seek a weapon, energy source, alliance, etc, to turn the tide. This will fail. The end result will be a new faction led by a notable figure. This could be Slaanesh, something to do with Death or Destruction, or even a malevolent Order faction.
  10. To be fair I'd completely forgotten the FEC battletome.
  11. What are the possibility of "do-over" battletomes? Where they go and rewrite, revise, etc some of the older books and AoS factions that haven't held up as well as newer factions.
  12. What if WH: Underworlds gets a mercenary system akin to Necromunda?
  13. A takeaway from this data is that 2018's battletomes have all been fairly strong, while also being diverse. I'm curious to see what Beasts of Chaos will do to the meta, and I won't doubt that you'll see Beastmen taking top tables at least here and there. It'll also be interesting to see what future armies do. One issue I see is power creep, but seeing armies like Sylvaneth, and even Bonesplitterz to some extent not looking too bad gives me hope that older armies will remain fully playable.
  14. I think a valid argument could be made that three heads was all they could realistically fit. The Archaon model remains one of the most detailed, one could say overwrought, models ever made. It is possible that a fourth head could have been impossible. I do have an alternative take. As shown with the Horned Rat-inspired tail, the head were not the only parts that were capable of being altered. If they wanted to include all the Chaos Gods, why not just adjust the body itself? A Khornate head, Slaaneshi forelimbs, Tzeentchian wings, etc.
  15. Conspiracy theory: Slaanesh indirectly influenced the Grots to become Mushrook addicts to provide extra power to her/him.
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