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  1. Thanks mate for clarifying that, I have missed it.
  2. For the honor! Finally we are great again and fortunately none of our leaders is of orange color! I plan to run Barak Ziflin: Ironclad with 20 thunderers and chemist - with skyport ability they should be position turn one for table control, chemist and thunderers debuff should give enough survavility. Balon hero with 6 endrinriggers to assist ironclad in CC and repair beast Frigate and 10 arkanauts - with fly high to take over any objective left unguarded. 10 arkanauts to sit on home objective. What do you think about idea? My concern is that we lack mortal wound protection and because build i 5 drops being charged turn one so not sure if I should include battalion to reduce drops.
  3. Mates any tips and tricks for games against Nagash? Spell portal is just devastating giving hand of dust approx range of 25 inches, number of -1 hit and -1 attack debuffs makes combat far less efficient. Maybe I am missing something in my tactics, looking forward your help.
  4. Those deadly girls looks live even better! While you experience power of SoS you will not want to resign from this unit. 6 inch pile in with ability to enter into combat gives such an incredibly variety of tricks. How do you plan to organize your force for 2K? I am playing 2 units of witch elves with bucklers and one SoS with double weapon. I am thinking whether reasonable would be to ad 140 point snakes unit?
  5. Just want to confirm that both Slaughter and Hag Queens go on a 25 mm base and avatar and medusa on 40 mm base?
  6. No it is even confirmed in core rules: "If a unit has an ability that affects friendly units that are within a certain distance of it, then the ability will also affect the unit itself."
  7. Mates what is your opinion on using Grapnel Launcher ability multiple times one after another? I have asked a question in rules section but maybe here more people can clarify it.
  8. Hi mates, I want to clarify rules about using grapnel luncher. Assume I have a unit of endrinriggers when 3 models are equipped with grapnel luncher. Can I target two different terrain feature one by one for instance: first shot - dice roll result 4+ so I immediately move up to 24 inches and them use remaining two to shot another one and move again in case of success. In my opinion as it is ability I do not have to choose targets at once and it is a single model ability so it should be used one by one. I find the wording different to skyhook where I can see that GW intention was for unit to move only once. Rules: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/endrinriggers_ENG.pdf Grapnel Launcher: An Endrinrigger with a Grapnel Launcher can fire it at the end of their shooting phase, after all other shooting has been resolved. Choose a terrain feature or a unit – friend or foe – with a Wounds characteristic of 10 or more within 24" and roll a dice. On a roll of 4 or more the grapnel has snagged on the target; immediately move this unit of Endrinriggers any distance directly towards the target. They must finish their move more than 3" from enemy models. Skyhook: If any enemy units suffer an unsaved wound from a Skyhook, those units are harpooned. The Endrinriggers can immediately move D6", as long as this move takes them closer to a harpooned unit.
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