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  1. Well that would be forgetting all the fluff about how good Nagash is at fighting with his Sword. Yet he was vanquished. Archaon also did out-magic and out-plot him, so he wins on the non fighty side of things too 😈
  2. Well, seeing how good the Chaos Maraudeurs are now, I am totally going to buy the double box of Splintered Fangs and convert them (with Hellstriders, Forsaken and Chaos chariot bits) to look like dismounted Hellstriders, then paint them in a sufficiently convincing Slaaneshy theme into 20 marked Maraudeurs.
  3. War of Sigmar, in the comments https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/4333
  4. Well why not, but why would Archaon need this guy for his grand counter Attack ? We get the impression that this old ally is a powerful thing or needed for the strike against Sigmar and Nagash both ...
  5. True ! Archaon : 160mm Katakros : 120mm ARCHAON WINS AGAIN
  6. Apparently there isn't any mention of the assault itself in the STD book..... Which could means the book was initially due before the OBR one. That's pretty crazy. But what I gather from the reading online is that Archaon is preparing a counter strike and before that is searching for an "old ally" (lol just like Nagash and Katakros ?) WHO ? BE'LAKOR ? Not really an ally...
  7. Well I'd say Nagash is superior in status (an ascended mortal that became a full fledged god after Apotheosis) to Archaon (demi god of Chaos). BUT he is still weaker in duel, as the Battle of Black Skies showed Archaon destroyed Nagash there and it took century for him to be corporeal again.
  8. "Unreleased" may mean the Warcry Spire Tyrants & 3 monsters / the new StD SC! ? Technically those aren't released yet (but next week end)....
  9. Archaon beats Sigmar (and his Pantheon), Sigmar (alone) beats Katakros. Simple as. But yeah I really can't wait to hear about that fluff part - from what I've gathered from the youtube reviews there isn't much about it in the book tho. GW leaves it for a forthcoming Supplement ? The rumored "Sieges" one maybe ?
  10. Sorry, he is not alone in this feeling, it was quite unpleasant to discuss with you (to think we are on a Hobby forum.... *sigh*) : Because you first were stating disrespectful and frankly off topic opinions on religion, then you argued in bad faith with xking, accusing him of selecting only some fluff elements to define what the setting is, while doing exactly the same thing by focusing only on the dark elements. And finally with me, by stating I can't come back on what xking said. You then proceed, again, to do just that. And I can do that because - unlike you - I already had those fluff discussions with him so I know his general opinion on the matter, and I add the opinion of the setting's authors. Please don't try to namedrop us, we are in the rumors thread, not on some literary circle. So let's try to behave differently and discuss in a civil manner in the right thread _____ Very interested to see the December's WD article on the Eightpoints ! Right in time for StD. The mini-game looks interesting too, strange how GW loves to focus on the Battlemage kit so much ....
  11. Neither do you. And what xking means, is that GW authors themselves insist that in comparison to other GW settings, AOS is less grimdark than, for example, WFB or 40k was/is. Even with the Soul Wars story arc. The Realmgate Wars, the new "multiracial" alliances made by Sigmar's forces and the enduring-against-all-odds Cities of Sigmar are proofs of that.
  12. As said in the article it's not new, it's from the old Everchosen Battletome, but yeah it's really good ! Archaon beats Katarkos hands down at that little "strategy" thing
  13. Okay. It's great. I'm in. The four "types" of allegiance abilities looks promising. Notably the Dark Prophecy ability from the old "Overlords of Chaos" battalion for the Everchosen. At least my disappointment with the SC! not heralding (yet....) multipart plastic kits is totally washed away by this article (how weak minded am I ). I love the look of that really, really modular and flexible of a faction ! No, seriously, the fact the Maraudeurs are still here made the prospect of conversions from the tons of Chaos kits existing or soon to be released way more entraining. Also the presence of the Chaos Monsters from the old range and Warcry ❤️
  14. Absolutely. I'm confident for the rules. The Endless Spells are good enough, and I still have a Chaos Dreeadhold Helfort to finish alongside Archaon and 6 Varanguard. I think I'll get a SC, the Spire Tyrants, the spells and I'll have enough to get a good looking up-to-date starting force. But I really wanted to go all out and buy like 3 boxes of warriors
  15. Well, yes. And that was bad, but at least they had the "Chosen" excuses, also their rules reflected that. We have none of it here, and the sad example of Shadowspear CSM next to new multipart CSM. By the same picture above we can see the old ass resin Chosen will also stay. A pity, really.
  16. My only complaint is precisely there isn't any "replacement in the wings". Really bad decision. In the picture posted by Charleston, right to the Chaos Lord, between the rocks and the blond Maraudeur Girl.
  17. The problem for me is not the mono pose design (ETB and all is great thing), it's the fact they'll keep the old kits in the range Imagine if they kept the old Chaos Space Marines squad kits alongside the new ones from Shadowspear ? It's the same problem here. 😡 Really, there is more and more a general range disparity in both 40k and AOS that does not look good at all on the battlefield. I hope it will be solved until The Old World arrives.
  18. The article is named "kit focus" so there also should be a "rules focus" coming along the way. But the explicit statement that the current knights (okay-ish) and warriors (too rank&fily for AOS) are staying are really driving me mad : I mean come on GW, why bother with new kits that will made your existing range totally out of place if they are to be stuck in the same poses and the same box forever ??? Really unhappy with this news !!! At least there is a new Spire Tyrants models (with shield and horned helmet) previewed
  19. Like this Sunday, so soon ? IIRC, the Preorder Preview for Necromunda was posted the 3rd November, for PreOrder the 9th, and release the 16th (it was in the leaked list), so it matches ! Thank you, made my day ❤️
  20. Given the picture of Mannfred on a dread abyssal, your first assumption MAKES TOTAL SENSE
  21. I wish we would get some official StD teasers right now but I guess until Monday (at best) we won't... And this week-end is the 40k Open Day (so we'll see more of the new Sisters, some more teases for further down the line Psychic Awakening books, and maybe something unexpected....). COME, ARCHAON
  22. Speaking of hints toward OBR, in Legions of Nagash there was already talk of particularly ancient and powerful constructs made by Nagash and protecting Nagashizzar. In the lore for the Soul Wars. I logically thought of old Tomb Kings fluff and of the Morghast, but seeing as OBR are a expansion of that theme.... All in all, recent-ish fluff is really a good indicator of what's to come (Emperor's Children, Gordrakk new weapon, etc.)
  23. Nowhere. Gordrakk wants to attack Azyr (but Nagash and Archaon too, I guess, so....), more precisely he wants to duel Sigmar as per a short story on WarCom. To achieve that, he got a Godbeast skull and built a huge siege engine, which he wants to test on the Free City of Excelsis in Ghur (first teased in Forbidden Power and the aforementioned short story, confirmed in the Orruk Warclans battletome).
  24. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/24/coming-soon-blood-of-baal-battleforces-and-beyond/ The Battleforces, as expected....
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