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  1. Alas I think we should not expect any "very comprehensive" thing for AoS GW & Cubicle 7 will keep things open, and I guess it's ok, if the fluff keep getting fleshed out as it is since Season Of War "Seeds Of Hope" and "Firestorm" (and the novels like City Of Secret, Spear Of Shadow, Hammerhal, etc.) A well developed setting would be nice, like a Great City dedicated to the RPG (or why not Hammerhal) - they did that in 4'k with the Dark Heresy Calixis sector. The timeline I'm not sure it's likely either - but they should introduce at least centuries in their timeline. Or expand the "Annals Celestis" thing they have for the Azyrites. I disagree on only one point : new deities wouldn't fit the established narrative of "gods or Incarnates form the World-that-was = pantheon of the Mortal realms". What could be done is to add more Godbeasts, or "Elemental" entities, like the Ur-Phoenix, which has aelven worshippers, or the Fulminax. We can all agree on one thing : it will bring more fluff and details to the AoS universe, and this is great !
  2. So, according to that Warhammer Community post with Ben, the new releases seminar at Blood & Glory is tomorrow evening ! Who's going ? Report please
  3. Is there another ? I think Killagore means this one. --- I wish to see a better representation of the AoS "cosmology", either trough lore, artwork or maps. I'm not saying it's bad as of now - there is just too much interpretations possible about how the eight Realms work, and I really like this setting and want to see more !
  4. For the concept last page, it's obviously not Blanche, but a nice attempt nonetheless ! I'm really looking forward for the Blood & Glory event this week end ; I hope we get news for Malign Portents & Nurlge (as rumored) but also about Shadespire & new Aelves of Ulgu... Anyway. I'm a bit jealous of Necromunda right now ; the WD leaks on War of Sigmar mention GW making minis of different background characters like Lamplighters and Beastmen Bounty Hunter ; I HOPE we'll get something similar for AoS one day, like the robed figures on that picture :
  5. I am SO looking forward to this ! Ben Johnson said on Warhammer live (about Firestorm) we'll get more news about Malign Portents., and perhaps Nurgle...
  6. No, Archaon does not speak in any audiobook yet. But Nagash was great ! And Sigmar speaks - it was quite well done actually (in Beasts Of Cartha, Knights Of Vengeance series).
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