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  1. I agree. But it seems that with their production issues, GW have a very ... disturbed release schedule (like why was MP and Death Guard teased sooo long in advances, to then takes ages to get released like the Myphitic Blight-Haulers for DG ? Anyway, GW now wants to releases more infos, but is stretching the thing a little bit ; Seven days of Nurgle, then MP, the WHW Open days, the preview seminar at the LV open end January, then a new MP countdown reveal in February (with some Shadespire), then the AOS open day in March.... Yet it seems that the majority of the big releases is scheduled for this summer and not before....
  2. My hope is that LoN is like the Traitor Legions supplement ; we got it and some months later we got Death Guard, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, and now Thousands Sons (yeah that's 40k Chaos but Death could see a little something like this with Shadespire and Malign Portents).
  3. I think you are right about "as likely to come out as before". The GHB 2017 allegiance for Nighthaunt / not for Deathrattle is still IMO an hint of what is to come... (at last it worked for Maggotkin). As I said, I think LoN is really a "Traitor Legions" style book, before we got true factions releases (and NEW MODELS).
  4. Well I'm not sure about that at all... We have a rumor of TWO new Aelves armies for this Spring... But what I could see is : - A Legion of Archaon battletome, with Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness, and possibly new Barbarians Darkoath with characters. - A Children of the Great Horned Rat battletome with all the Skavens clans (maybe Pestilens too as Flesh-eater Courts seems to be in LoN also). - Something like that for Free People, or Duardin or (existing) Aelves-only.
  5. Very nice box design... (from "Garro" on FB)
  6. I'm pretty excited. I'm just afraid there won't be new models (bar the Knight of Shrouds) with this Battletome. I can't wait for January 26th-28th and the "very special preview seminar" we'll got there......
  7. Did you people see that ? Apparently : someone predicted rightly (in November) the Deamons release both 40k and AOS in January, and the Adeptus Custodes release in February. That's what he say for the following months : two new Aelves armies in April-May !
  8. Not so sure : "There will be big things coming both for the narrative of the setting and for matched play gamers". https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/31/breaking-news-studio-preview-from-the-nova-open/ GW teased many times the Matched Play part of Malign Portents, I guess it will be meaningful for the game and here to stay (when it's here, that is --)
  9. So the "A whole lot of gold" from the next WD is 99.99% sure Adeptus Custodes codex (we'll see tomorrow, but there is picture of new terminators on War Of Sigmar). In February we'll also see two new Shadepsire teams (Skavens and Fyreslayers, also from WOS) Is there still room for Malign Portents related AOS models release between now and the 17th of February ?
  10. You said it better than us. I think this could be done by novels and in the Malign portents campaign book - there is no absolute need of a second edition to do that, but then the MP presentation on the website and on WarCom means huge changes to me, and the direct mention of (and links to) the Storm of Sigmar Starter set make me think we'll see a second edition rulebook (and set) with soft rebooked fluff and maybe rules (not the core rules, juste the way they work, explained like in the Getting started to AOS magazine, etc.)
  11. Listen you grot ! The Skirmish book and Pantheon are not "stormcast novels" , the AOS main book may be, but not only, and was mainly accompanying the starer set, so had to present the stormcast and khorne first. Anyway you are right about this, it's a "let's try again to launch this game" attempt - which is really cool if it means more support for all factions (YEAH MOONCLAN TOO) - and could totally coincide with a new "edition" of AOS (game wise), i.e. could either happens with a new rulebook, or in the Malign Portents campaign book. TLDR : Bring it on !
  12. By reboot people means (IMO) that we'll get some kind of "AOS - second edition" this summer, with or after the global campaign. So more a reboot of the game than of the story (who is now more flesh ed out and coherent than ever). Which would means : new starter set ( ) and a new AOS main book, with more background / world building, and the presence of the three ways to play directly in it. The GHB (also coming around the summer) would then resemble more Chapter approved for 40k, i.e. regular points adjustments, new "mini" expansions and battle plans, etc. (also remember, the WarCom article about the "new system" for the FAQ also mentioned AOS soon getting something similar). Note that the Malign portents campaign books may do just that, at least fluff wise. EDIT : Perhaps @JReynolds (does not) want to answer this, but as I said elsewhere, I think we waited 2.5 years to know more about the Mortal Realms, because it really took GW years to figure it out themselves ! Indeed, at AOS launch there was IMO different opinions on the nature of the Eight Realms (and on AOS itself...) between the designers, and the original point of the new setting was to have 1. a new, 2. high fantasy, 3. giant setting for their new game, so IMO they just didn't settle the debate at that time. It was only last year, with All-gate and Season Of War, that they really completed the concept we have now. (And we saw a first draft of this proper cosmology in the fluff introduction of the Skirmish book, hints in Shadepspire, etc.).
  13. Me too ! I think Darkoath Mauraudeurs could be the "missing link" between traditional Marauders and Chaos Warriors, in term of stature and armor wearing (and by their look in the artwork it's kinda the case) - that's if GW don't want to squat Chaos Maurauders / Chaos Warriors after a potential new Darkoath faction comes replacing / completing the Slaves To Darkness.
  14. Thanks Tonhel ! I really, really hope this means new Darkoath Maraudeurs and Sceneries - we know at least the Astro-tower is coming back with a new name (and maybe Moonclan / Gitmob mix new Grots ?) I don't know what Start collecting to paint now.... I would continue my Nurgle Daemons, but the power of Nagash, and the Undivided grace of those Darkoath (if more come) - potentially added to my small Everchosen contingent - are reaaaaally tempting me. Guess I'll wait February
  15. Or you could just have them as 6 normal Skeletons and 1 King ? I agree for the zombie and hounds, but the corpse cart is IMO amazing ! It should have been a Deathmages unit (and the Mortis, a proper Nighthaunt unit !). BTW what I also love with the Malign Portents background is the Innerland Marches of Shyish map ; it gave us the location of Shadespire and of Gothizzar ! It's great because GW is piecing together its lore. EDIT : re reading the MP website and the WarCom announcement article, I also think that this summer, after all the Spring releases and the global campaign, we'll see Age Of Sigmar, Second Edition.
  16. You are skeptic I know there is marketing speech on their social media pages, but I never saw them directly lying. And "There will be models" (I have read more of this kind of answers from them regarding MP those past weeks, so it's not a "today's backpedaling" thing) and "there is plenty more to show" on a comment asking precisely for Death models = IMO 100% confirmed. I could be wrong, and then I would be really disappointed. But I am confident. And for the skellies I would say both, but before : do you have the Sepulchral Guard ? Mostest important big to have regarding AOS skeletons
  17. I just want to say 2 things. 1. This website is all I have been waiting for since AOS launch. Imagine if it had been handled like the 40k 7th to 8th transition. But I'm glad we now have it. 2. With the Maggotkin release around the corner, a Battletome + New models announcement was unlikely. Instead we got : - 4 Heroes (for each GA), - 1 Campaign book (for Narrative and Matched plays), - Rereleased thematic sceneries, - Global campaign website, with awesome background, timeline, artworks, videos (the Mortal Realms explanation is incredibly good), - Also free wallpapers and BL short stories. - NEW MODELS 100% CONFIRMED (see the AOS Facebook page). With all the focus on Shyish and Nagash, I'm almost certain we'll see a new Death Battletome between February and January (if we follow the hints in the background and in the GHB17 - i.e. the lack of Allegiance Abilities - it's gonna be Deathrattle).
  18. Realmstones are solidified magic found in some places of every Mortal realms ; it's like Warpstone (which still exists BTW) but for pure and "nurtural" magic given form ; like glowing fiery stones for Aqshy magic, emerald stones in Ghyran, etc.
  19. Well if what GW reveals tomorrow is really BIG, they could build up the hype and narrative (like they did with Dark Imperium and 40k 8th) until February, when it all will apparently be actually released (after end January ; Nurgle and Daemons, and maybe some more 40k codex). And even if I also think we won't see everything tomorrow, GW has already changed the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar logo on their website.... https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Warhammer
  20. Because of the Warqueen' speech : " ... she seen the rise of shadows bearing rusted blades. Of dead men that walk and hunger for heart's blood Rally the tribes! Gather the hosts! The dark waists of Shyish will echo with the war howls of a thousands clans! Follow me into battle my brothers and sisters! Follow me into the Realm of Death!! " (thx @Skarlocin the MP thread). Also, today's RE use the word "cryptic" ! You know, like a Deathrattle in a crypt ! Well okay It's not much. But the Age of hope is not dead yet !
  21. Yeah ! Also the Warqueen speech in the last MP video really makes me think of an expended Deathrattle (and Darkoath) factions .....
  22. New Video ! To me, it could really hints at new Deathrattle and Darkoath factions !
  23. Yeah ! (well not tomorrow but Thursday ...) But which Open day ? I hope if we get more news in two days, there will be more reveals this Saturday For Warhammer live, here is the program ; there is an "inside the studio" show at 4pm..... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/01/02/week-warhammer-live-7/
  24. So thx @RuneBrush we know the AOS Open Day is the 3rd of March. Do you think we'll see anything for AOS / Malign portents (1 day and half left !!) in the New Year Open day this Saturday ? I'm not familiar with this kind of thing so it may only be a small event, with a look at 2017 and nothing else (which is still nice).
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