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  1. We joke, but there are WD rules for playing Aleguzzlers in WHU ....
  2. GREAT ! To me that's today's best news haha. I'd love to get some proper AOS humans like the poor Johan or the Crazy Mob from Mordheim that are not dead (the Order Barbarian tomb from the shattered dominion objectives kits or the zombie peasant held in the Lord Of Afflication's hand...). Not counting the brave Excelsior Warpriest that is Well that was an okay-day. Liked the cataphractii Word Bearers and the Harlequin the most I guess. Looking forward for the 18 of April !
  3. The Lore of Ice wasn't one of the 8 Wind of magics, more like Elemental energy (perhaps related to one of the Eight), so that's not very likely. BUT if this theme interests you in AOS, I recommend you check that Realmgate Wars novel set in Ghur, the Realm Of Beasts, were some Ice tribes exists..............
  4. First of all, I'm really loving the idea we'll get to see corners of the Old World not really explored in our modern times. Its a good way to bring fresh (icy ?) new things while release the Old World ! Those designs are nice. Nothing more to me.... ... But if, I said IF, this news about Kislev heralds the release of a KISLEV vs CHAOS WARRIORS / NORSCA starter box, then, then I will LOSE MY F****** MIND !!!! ❤️
  5. No ? The AOS1 core rules had to stay on four pages, and a commentary of those four pages (with charts and examples) was apparently scheduled to follow after the launch. The author cites the "How to start AOS" magazine to be close to their original goal. The 2nd ed. core rules are just like that : quite like the 4 pages original, but more detailed (and rightly tweaked here and there for more depth), and spread on 18 pages, with pictures and examples (and other infos like how AA work "centralized" in it). A bit like in the 40k 8th ed rulebook. And on top of that the FAQ/Designer's commentary system continues the idea...
  6. Yes, that's specifically the point I'd like someone to explain to me. Why was/is Merret so ill viewed ?
  7. Very interesting to learn that they had the three ways to play idea BEFORE the first launch of the game, so before the GHB. Also it addresses a lot of complains I had (about how the launch was handled in terms of marketing and rules design mostly), complains I went to the Design Team but was in fact the management's fault. Also, the other people leaving GW at the same time as Tom Kirby includes Alan Merret, right ?
  8. Great ! The Legion Of Tithe ? What is it ? (Have you a source please ?)
  9. But more Online Previews scheduled ! At least that. Between March and May we'll at least 4 of them which is a bit of a consolation for the cancellations.....
  10. Oh no, it's not only you. - There was many DoS arts in AOS1 (even in the Realmgate Wars books, in the old Disciples Of tzeentch Battletome also), they had models with AOSified paintschmes in the first Core Book and in the RGW campaign. And they even had a new plastic model with the Excelsior Warpriest in WHQ : Silver Tower. - There are many DoS arts in AOS2 (current Core Book, current Stromcast Battletome), also they features in many fluff stories (the Glymsforge booklet in Soul Wars, Forbidden Power, all those Black Library stories with Witch Hunters and the Order of Azyr !). They weren't totally culled from the Cities of Sigmar battletome too so they totally still exist in the current era. - Important point, the last bit in the current SCE BT's "chronology" (that section every books get that cover Age Of Myth, Chaos and Sigmar) is about the population of Azyrheim getting "devoted" by the god king's brand applied to them. The new Celestant prime artwork show Devoted with a strange metal brand on the forehead. And we know those "last entry" in the chronology section of battletomes are VERY often hinting at new things to come, so there are hope........
  11. The Resurrection crusades are already in full swing : it's the current Soul Wars Status Quo : Grand Alliance Death vs Stormcast and Free Cities in Shysih, or vs everybody else in the other Realms. Archaon knows where Slaanesh is and invaded Uhl-Gysh, but got thwarted by Katakros invasion of the Eightpoints. Archaon and Katakros are locked in a grinding fight there, so another Chaos vs Death Status Quo here. As Morathi (Dok) and Teclis (LRL) know, Slaanesh is stirring by everything happening around him/her, which increases the attacks on Hysh and Ulgu by Slaanesh followers (both Daemons - Hedonites - and Mortals) : we have a Slaanes new story arc here (with Sigvald in the Magnificent Mirror and Resehvious). ==> EDIT : Rumors from Warhammer Weekly* are : Slaanesh Mortals vs Daughters Of Khaine in a battlebox latter this year*. Increase in Greenskins raids are noted by all Grand Alliances. After the Stormvaultes exposure, Gordrakk gather a huge Waaagh! and is going to Excelsis. That is the current Status Quo / Story Arc for Order vs Destruction which will surly imply Orruks, probably Grots & Monsters too (including the new Sons Of Behemat ???) vs Sigmar forces, probably new Stormcast or new Devoted of Sigmar (?).... -- Armies teased in the fluff but not seen yet (not counting LR-L or SoB) : Order : Shadow Aleves Of Malerion Destruction : Grotbag Scuttler Death : Soulblight Vampires Chaos : Chaos Duardin / Furnace Kings Of Azgorh / etc.
  12. I have to say, even with today's reveals.... All my Lumineth hype was kind of ... softened by the fact (SPOILER FROM WRATH OF THE EVERCHOSEN) that :
  13. Will the Lumineth Bull only have two legs ??? Will Tyrion sit on it ???
  14. Necromunda ? Nah (I actually love the support the game is getting, just give me Plague Zombie and Mad Max dust riders !) But man where were you the day Ragnar, Ghazgkull AND FABIUS BILE came back together ?! And those Aelves look great. The full picture of the Stone mage saves it for me. Might even get the DoK to paint. To think Adepticon is in only two weeks.... 😍
  15. So the "Sunday preview" video said we will see the Lumineth Heroes tomorrow !!! Oh and apparently the new WHQ : BSF expansion with the ZOAT will come soon because the new WD includes rules for Zoat in Kill Team. And there will be reveal from the GAMA trade show for several games systems tomorrow evening too ❤️
  16. Thank you for the info ! Even if you are right about Tom - also our own Whitefang has already said as much here about Teclis' powers - yet he is also sometimes totally right. I would say that a potential Slaanesh mortals release is to be linked with the Magnificent Mirror story arc, i.e. some KO discovering Sigvald (?) soul inside a mirror near Shadespire, said mirror being then taken by Reshevious, the mortal Slaanesh lord on chariot who search Slaanesh with the Inhilus mutant. There are also frequent mentions of that other Slaanesh Lord in Stygxx who wants to mate with a demigoddess. Reshevious story is developed in the Malign Portents campaign book, in "The Scent" short story (which saw him fight in Ulgu so fits DoK*) and in the Hedonites battletome. Also we know that, at least for now, only Teclis and Morathi* take seriously the threat of Slaanesh escaping.
  17. Let's be serious here : the landscape in the artwork is clearly natural (without that massive flying city that is ) And I guess that's where the Black Library confusion came : when the Seeds of Hope map was published, GW only had generic artworks for the Free cities, so I guess they took this one for Greywater. Later a BL guy checked the Internet and found this one associated with Greywater, and then put it on the cover of Auction Of Blood. Also, note how they cut most of the part where we can see the city is flying. The artwork must have been chosen for an illustrative purpose, at least I'll trust a more recent, published campaign book over a quick campaign / FB post. And still, if you have a mention in the fluff of the city flying, I'll gladly take it. But given ALL the publications where Greywater is NOT described flying but lying in a swamp, and the more recent artworks (note the one I provided above was published simultaneously with the "official" artwork, so those two are coherent) we have, it's safer to expect the city is firmly on the ground. .... We could ask Phil Kelly 😛
  18. No, a canonnades cannot create mountain ranges and volcanoes like this. At the very worst it would soften the world around it. And the artwork shows lava flows and ruins, nothing like the muddy, polluted swamp described in the fluff. Also the flying city shown here looks generic : the industrial look of GF, and its walls with canons and Hurricanums, which are a defining aspects of the city, are totally absent of it, unlike this artwork of Greywater (Season Of War : Firestorm, p. 18, see the name on the left) : And no, the flying city image is not "generally used", it was just used once by Black library staff on a short story. And if you insist, please show me one (1) quotation from any of the source material cited above where it is said Greywater flies. Once again if we are talking about the wiki we need to be precise.
  19. I think the confusion comes from the fact Black Library used the generic, flying Free city artwork to illustrate a short story about Greywater : https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/quick-reads/auction-of-blood-ebook.html Note that the artwork (from the old Season Of War : seeds of hope booklet, which contains generic free cities artworks) is used in other publications about free cities, and as Auction Of Blood, is from early AOS1. But if you read AoB itself, never does it mention that GF flies. Neither in the fluff from Season Of War : Firestorm, the Core Book and Cities Of Sigmar (and if it did, it should be a main feature of the city, so mentioned often, which is never the case). From the fluff, the GF sewers are directly linked to the wild nature / industrial waste outside, with pipes, not lightning chains (see down). There are also some Malign Portents and Black Library short stories that describe the surrounding of the city, and in none of them does GF fly, but they mention a road going directly out of the city into the Ghoul Mere, and we know the city was in a swamp, which is at ground level (also, the official GF artwork, with its heraldic on the flags - the one in Season Of War : Firestorm and Cities Of Sigmar - shows canons firing horizontally, so they too must be at ground level) : https://malignportents.com/story/iron-and-oak/ https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/quick-reads/auction-of-blood-ebook.html https://www.blacklibrary.com/new-titles/featured/dark-harvest-mp3-2020.html And again, in the artwork of the flying city, the surrounding are mountains, ruins and volcanoes ; no swamps nor forests like in the aforementioned descriptions - the flying city is apparently in Aqshy, not Ghyran : TLDR : it is a generic Free City artwork, not Greywater Fastness (sorry to be "pedantic" but if it's for the wiki one must be precise ).
  20. I think we meant "doing it online" Though I still think it would be strange for GW to publish an article for an event that do not take place, nothing prevent them, technically, to post their preview article on WarCom as if nothing happened...
  21. This map is impressive. Really create something fantastic yet relatable. I am praying for the day 1. I can order it and hung it over my bed, 2. every single Realms get one like this !!! -- With the celestial regalia, heraldry and general colors used, it make think of medieval Spain, Portugal, Italy and Nord Africa biomes... I wish AOS would go toward an aesthetic inspired more of this style, the Gallagher sketches from WHQ : Shadow Over Hammerhal and the early John Blanche Stormcast concepts.........
  22. Great concept, thank you for sharing the intel ! I love how they try to implement new mechanisms with each new army. Hoping Nurgle do not prevent any preview or releases to reach us in time !
  23. Thats obviously NOT Greywater Fastness. Going from its artwork (with its heraldry) in CoS, its clear the city is bigger/larger than the one showed above, and the various descriptions of it never mention that it should "float". We even have stories about the quagmire and the sewer directly around it. Great artwork tho, just from a "generic" Free city.
  24. (I don't know why but some of your strips make me think of Dilbert by Scott Adams.....) And as I said, frankly, you nailed it. Please keep it up !
  25. Man. Those are GREAT. (IMO waaay better than the other one they stopped BTW, at least I prefer your humor...) You really nailed it ! Especially the faces. And the fact you get very well some fluffy bits (like the Warcry guy)
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