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  1. Oh well I think you're right (Maybe the only difference is that WHU warbands were always envisioned as different versions of the same baseline units and Heroes - with a few exceptions - while Warcry are Skirmish-focused gangs of individual warriors. Like the Traitor Guardsmen got 40k rules with WHQ Blackstone Fortress, but didn't got thrown into the new Chaos Space Marines codex or in Vigilus Ablaze).
  2. I'm sure StD/Darkoath/Everchosen is happening sometimes in 2019 (and that it's NOT Warcry, i.e. a distinct, Skirmish-focused IP, see above). Because : 1. It's an important army. At WHFest they said Archaon is preparing to fight back Sigmar and Nagash. The Darkoath get mentions in the fluff and new artworks since Malign Portents book and short stories, in AOS2 Core Book, and in new Battletomes (lastly Hedonites). Based on that, there should be a new Maraudeurs kit - i.e. the Darkoath, similar to the WHU Godsworn, the Warqueen and the Chieftain - (like we saw ghosts in MP lore and arts that ended up being Chainrasps) -, and a new Chaos Warriors / Chosen / Varanguard of foot kit (we even saw a close looking Rumor Engine). 2. The Darkoath (who have StD keyword) got the same treatment as Stormcast (Sacrosanct), Nighthaunt and Gloomspite Gitz : a Malign Portents Harbinger, a WHU Warbands, and the last three got a full army release and a new Battletome. StD will maybe get a smaller release (Barbarians, New Warriors, 1-2 Heroes, maybe a big kit like an AOSified Chaos Mammoth), and the current StD/Everchosen range (chariots, war-shrine, chimera, sorcerer and lord on foot and on manticore, chaos knights, marauders riders, Varanguard, Archaon and Gaunt Summoner) + scenery and endless spells of course. -- A few hints : https://malignportents.com/story/the-scent/ Hedonites Of Slaanesh Battletome, page 25.
  3. Warcry gangs will have warscrolls for AOS on the launch (GW said that already), but those war bands cannot be the meat and bread of the StD/Darkoath/Everchosen updates : 1. they are non-standard in size (usually 5, 10, 20 models) and also under strength, see the WHU warbands in Battletomes , 2. they are not homogenous in terms of options (there are too many, a pain in the a to play in a large scale game), and 3. they are all equivalent (i.e. half naked light infantry barbarians) in terms of "tactical" fonctions - it would be like GW releasing 6 Liberators boxes with a few armor design differences and call it "a range update".
  4. I think it's the Starter Set indeed, so all in the box (the scenery are fine for AOS proper or even AOS Skirmish!). Also, one of the designer said that after the initial Chaos release, and with a new IP to explore, the game would likely expand (like Necromunda and Mordheim were focused on one area/theme, and then got expanded). And yeah, I understand the idea of wanting rules for almost everybody, but as I say, the way GW think their games, you'll have to choose between a rich world to explore in particular, alas with less options compared to the main game (like Necromunda), or a general rule system but with few depth in terms of new models / narrative / world building (like Kill Team). I prefer the first option even if I like both.
  5. No. Also your name is ChaosLord. To be serious, Warhammer Battle Skirmish was less flavorful in terms of models, narrative and setting than Mordheim, even if they shared a similar rule concept. In the same way, Kill Team is also less interesting than Necromunda in terms of models, fluff and setting (even if I prefer Kill Team's rules than Necromunda ones !) Of course, universal rules for a skirmish game that everybody can use are really cool, and more open to everybody. But the problem is that you have to balance openness and generality with, lets say, creativity and narrative focus : I do prefer to have boxes of new models in a interesting setting (be it Necromunda, Mordheim or Warcry), than general rules for all, but no new miniatures / no developing the existing lore / no exploring a certain theme and area of the setting. -- I also want to repost this, it looks so promising :
  6. It's great ! Really I was a bit let down with the WHF AOS reveals (even if the whole event was quite good, and the preview was not that bad considering Sylvaneth and Dominion of Sigmar shown the week before) but with the Cubicle7 article about Soulbound and the artworks, the picture of the Warcry board, and now Forbidden Power, rules, fluff, endless spells and scenery and of course MORE artworks about Sigmar's Cities (cf. the Behind the scene video), I'm again a bit too much excited. Also from the video and the other rumors, it's clear to me (lol) that the fluff advancing is teasing : 1. Teclis army coming (either Aelf soup or new Light Aelves design) and : 2. a new Death army coming too - between Lethis being next to a lake and the Bone tentacles Rumor engine, it's possible the new Death army will be somewhat nautical ... ?
  7. Interesting, I think the UK Games Expo will mostly be for Warhammer Underworlds Season 3, and Warcry. I think we'll see Teclis armies, this summer probably, but going by the sources above, and the Hedonite book (the fact the writers insist only Teclis, and not Tyrion or Malerion, answers Morathi warning against Slaanesh), I think it will just be a mixed "Aelf soup" tome, with a few adjustment to make it look properly AOS. Maybe a few Heroes and Teclis himself.
  8. Yes, the Dramatis Personae is really diverse - Devoted and Freeguild are featured too !
  9. Glorious. GW I want to you to give us scenery that look like that instead of ruins, please ! Also, cool Azyrite citizen and creatures ❤️
  10. The arts are GREAT, the title too, thanks a lot for the news ! For your #MortalRealmMondays, I think we all would like to see other artworks and maps, also fluff about that new Aqshian city ! And release date in one year approximately, aka Spring 2020
  11. Well no worries for the art ! I asked because, on the known cover, Grenier draw characters looking really like their existing models (like the Warpriest), so if you tell me on the other artworks there was a demi gryph knight and a fire mage, maybe they were AOSified design (and not identical to their exact, current models from WFB) ?? Anyway, looking forward to Soulbound !!
  12. Excellent ! Thanks a lot @Whitefang ! Do you know if the artworks for the new books previewed were also done by Grenier (i.e. the one who did the known artwork with nagash face and the lady knight questor) ? The Free People appearance is interesting (but make sense for a more grounded RPG)... EDIT : did they articulate a date... ?
  13. At least we know it's not "named characters" because of the different weapons options ! I think StD will be more "hordes of Darkoath" focused, because all those Warcry warbands are clearly Skirmish-size designed, with different weapons, profiles, monsters, leaders in the same very small unit (7-10 guys apparently) - IMO it would be quite difficult to play with so many different profiles in one small infantry unit (versus, say, Stormcast, with 5 guy, 1 big weapon and 1 leader punkt schuss).
  14. That's brilliant. Brillant I say ! Pictures from Garro on Facebook.
  15. Yes. Unless GW is really Chaotic (-.-), this year's next Chaos Battletome is either Slaves To Darkness, or Tzeentch. Mayyyyyyyyyyyyybe Slaanesh Mortals...
  16. VV about today's AOS preview live right now :
  17. What about Tzeentch for Chaos ? Don't forget the UK games expo in two weeks (maybe Kill Team : Inquisition and WHU : Season 3).
  18. Did you preorder through GW online or another store ? Because FLGS around the world apparently got loads of boxes...
  19. Uh. As much as I LOVE those worldbuilding details like new aspects of Chaos and strange creatures... ........... I am hugely disappointed.
  20. I wonder if we'll see more of Forbidden power. I mean we saw the book, the endless spells AND the scenery. GW themselves said it, since the Australian Preview Forbidden Power is already "fully revealed" :
  21. Weeeeell (replace the marine by a stormcast and done we are !) :
  22. Lot's of new scenery pictures here ! (Sylvaneth and Dominion of Sigmar) https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3837
  23. yeah me too, and the video is quite promising for hordes units !
  24. No, it has changed. There wasn't any Horus Heresy preview on Saturday, initialy :
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