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  1. My thoughts are to find a new group. I wouldn't want to play with anyone that thought flipping a board is in the spirit of the game or the intention of the rules.
  2. Thanks for your reply. It's actually also explicitly in the FAQs so I should have checked there. What about damage: if a fighter is driven back by an attack, they'd take a wound. But what if there is then a reaction card that causes them to be moved again. Is that a further wound?
  3. Shattering Terrain is also activated by a Charge, right? It doesn't say it is on the card but it doesn't make sense that it isn't!
  4. That's correct. But as someone mentioned above, you have to play Shattering Terrain before the Activation you intended to play Triumphant Roar starts, and that might not be immediately obvious from the Facebook post.
  5. Because the current warbands, decks and boards are linked to the city of Shadespire. I usually think of games as being more defined by their fluff, rather than by their crunch. So, in this case, I was saying you can't change the fluff and call it Shadespire. I think you're saying the format and rules can be ported to a new setting, with new warbands, decks and boards. Or, to give another example, they could have called "Necromunda: Underhive" "Underhive: Necromunda" and later released "Underhive: Armageddon" with the same crunch but new Houses, minis and tactics cards. Having now read the rest of the thread that makes a lot of sense, but I wasn't looking at it from the crunch/system first perspective when I posted
  6. I had thought this too. I thought Warhammer Underworlds was maybe "the system" and Shadespire was "the release." Since the website is https://warhammerunderworlds.com/ rather than Shadespire.com that made sense. But, actually, changing the setting will change the whole game. We also know that the planned expansion packs (total of 8 warbands) will complete the deck. We also know some cards are Shadespire related. I think there is a chance that we'll see a second box containing two warbands (the other Khorne and other Stormcast) and more boards and this could be called Warhammer Underworlds: Retribution (or something) but it'll still be based in Shadespire. Failing that, I think we might see more Warhammer Underworlds: (insert game name) to sort of unify a brand. Like a Mordhiem re-release might come under Warhammer Underworlds. Finally, I don't think we should underestimate how much flux there is at GW at the moment and there might not actually be a very clear plan!
  7. dtw

    legal boards?

    To expand a bit more: The rule says "completed hexes connecting the boards." Since the edges have whole hexes and half hexes along each edge, it's the halves that are completed when connected that count. I think it's odd, though, that the rules are explained like this rather than saying, "short sides must always be connected like this" and giving the example image that's in the rules already.
  8. Skaven video says "Coming 2018" at the end https://youtu.be/LbaxfuknZWE?t=25s
  9. Crit damage only applies to Attack actions with a "rule" for Crit damage, right? Not all Attack actions can add extra damage, right?
  10. I have a question/clarification. When a ploy card says: "On the first Attack action of the next activation" We have played that as the next activation, regardless of WHOSE activation it is. That means you have to play a card that buffs a friendly fighter's Attack in the power phase of the preceding activation (i.e. opponent in two player game). If you play it in the power phase of your own activation, the next activation will be an opponent's, so it's unlikely (impossible) the first Attack will be your own. The rules are quite clear about clearing cards at the end of the activation so this is the only way that makes sense to us.
  11. Since the Deathrattle have the resurrection mechanic, it doesn't seem impossible that the Skaven might have some reinforcement mechanic. 2 of these 5 could simple be "Clan Rat", 1 wound wonders, which can be replaced at the start of each turn. Leaving two "Stormvermin" and the leader as the rats to upgrade. I saw this image on the WU Facebook page and even with increased speed it's hard not to compare them to the Reavers. They must have some whacky mechanics. Surely?
  12. Ah, right, I thought to check that too but forgot.
  13. Does anyone in the community take paid commissions? If so, could you let me know where I can contact you about it, assuming that OK under forums rules!
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