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  1. Hi guys If we wanna prouve the importance of AoS in the ETC, we need to show them that we have a community !!! So anyone that want to volunter for mercenary un other team is welcome and of course if you are enough for a whole team please contact us
  2. Hi all Sorry to bring that up again guys but the wording on bloodletters abilities is : If the hit roll of a hellblade is 6 or more, that blow inflict à mortal wound instead of its normal damage The instead is quite clear, you inflict the mortal wound when you should inflict the normal damage. But to inflict a normal damage you need to wound ergo you need to wound to inflict the mortal wound.
  3. Just to inform you guys : Q: Some abilities allow me to re-roll a successful (or unsuccessful) roll. When this is the case, is the success or failure based on the roll before or after any modifiers are applied? A: Re-rolls happen before any modifiers are applied, so the success or failure will always be based on the unmodified roll. From the rules errata
  4. Hi everyone, Firstable I want to apologize for my bad english (French baguette spotted) Secondable, I want to discuss once again about the kinband bonus, it will be long (sorry for that) and I don't claim to be right. But everytime I read an opinion on it, it’s just an interpretation of the rule and in my point of vue it more than just that. Just to be 100% clear here is the quote of the Legacy of the Lodge ability of the WARRIOR KINBAND : The wording is a bit unclear on “any Vulkite Berzerkers”, does it mean models or unit. Sincerely with just this rule it’s impossible to determinate with certitude the meanings of the authors. We can find in the other battalion or unit’s rules both interpretation. What I propose to you is not just an analysis of this sentence, but a thought of all the wordings of the battalions in the Fyreslayers BT, and maybe it will help us to understand the meaning here. For start let’s look the Oathbound Guardians ability on the LORDS OF THE LODGE : Here the wording has exactly the same problem, we can’t say if it is model or unit within 6” that can pile in twice. No help for us, but the answer of the kinband’s rule will apply on this battalion too. Next we have the Berserk Kindred ability of the Kinband : Here again the same wording, but we have a start of interpretation with the “of another unit of”. It is not just “within 5” of a unit of Vulkite”, it’s “another unit” meaning that the first reference “Vulkite Berzerkers from a Warrior Kinband” can mean the full unit and not just models. But I admit even if it is in favor of the unit interpretation of the wording it’s once again unclear. Last but not least we have the Bulwark of Molten Stone ability of the FORGE BRETHREN : Look at the wording “either the Auric Hearthguard themselves or another unit”. This is clear they use the “Auric Hearthguard” to mean unit and not just models In this ability there is no other possible interpretation they mean the auric unit or another unit. So when they say the name of the unit with maj on the name we can consider that they mean unit, we weren’t sure if it means unit or model on the LORDS OF THE LODGE or the WARRIOR KINBAND battalion, but in the FORGE BRETHREN it’s absolutely clear, it’s unit and not model. So when they wrote : Auric Hearthguard or Hearthguard Berzerkers or Vulkite Berzerkers in all battalions of the FS BT I guess they use the same wording for all Battalion and in all it mean unit and not models. It’s my interpretation and I’m sure some of you will not agree with me, but it consider this wording problem in the totality of the battalion and not just for one sentences. So maybe it’s easier to understand the meanings of the authors. Thank you for your patience and good thought ?
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