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  1. I would weather it down. I don't know if it would war against the rest of the groups paint scheme, but I would like to see some bluish patina, like way watered down temple guard blue etc. I think it would the model really pop.
  2. Ah man, I hate these. Because they are so awesome that now I want a goblin army. Why would you do this to me? :(((
  3. Very cool stuff, especially the nautical nurgle dudes. I've been working on a nautical nurgle mortals army for a few months now myself, and I gotta say it is completely thanks to you and that crab-dude!
  4. These are awesome! I think I saw a pic of your ice-base prototype a while back, somewhere on the internet. had to save it for inspiration. Mind sharing the recipe again?
  5. Damn that was fast! I love the the balance of the colors, especially the purple hits the eye just perfectly!
  6. oooooh can't wait to see these things painted!
  7. what's that one facehugger-squig?
  8. Just paint them a glowy green and say they're nighthaunt
  9. I have a mind of starting a nautical themed nurgle mortals warband for skirmish, could you tell me what you used for the coral/seaweed hanging from the mortarchs back? caribou moss or something similar?
  10. Ok, wow. That revenant is perfect, the color scheme is just brilliant. I need moar, now!
  11. I dont even have any nighthaunt yet but I know the feeling. I have a Nagash that I haven't even opened from the box yet because it feels like I should plan the color scheme etc according to the army that's going to accompany him. I do have a small army of flesh-eater courts, but those guys don't exactly mix well with nagash anymore. So I thought I would start a ghost-posse for the good ol' nagash, but now it feels that either it's an army+nagash full of glowy green guys, or then everything is just painted to somehow fit the big ol' god of death.
  12. Slowly working on my "prototype stormfiends", still a ton of stuff to add to them. Kind of struggling with possible leg plating. They will be the gautfyre team, so they needed flames, lots of 'em. Ignore the decade old paints etc Then a not-so-wip plague priest that still needs some water effects added. Funnily my only pestilens dude. The horns were added by the guy who sold it to me, but I liked them and so I kept them on.
  13. oh man I love moonclan, especially with lots of squigs, and these are awesome! really nice work on the flag, can't wait to see more!
  14. Dang, I love these! Amazing work!
  15. Slowly waking up from my winter nap, I've been trying to get some color on my scratch-built skryre army standard. Still gotta redo some details, add water effects, and light effects. oh and random glowing runes for the flag. Aaand probably something else once I notice what's missing.
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