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  1. I think it’s looking pretty good. Sadly until more cards come out there’s not a lot of variety for deck archetypes.
  2. I feel like Garrek’s Reavers are really good at dying. Got to play another two games today as the Reavers vs Stormcast. Won one, lost one. In the game I won, all my modes died, but I managed to score Khorne Cares Not and Denial (baited the stormcasts away from my zone) in the last phase to clinch the victory. Its just a casual comment, but I’m almost thinking that, as the Reavers, you shouldn’t care so much about winning fights. You’re outmatched, at least against the stormcasts. Just remember, it’s all about glory, and even if your warband is strewn across the stones of Shadespire in a mangled heap, Khorne Cares Not from whence the blood flows, only that it does, without cease.
  3. Ehh... if it was just a casual game I would play with a person who is using proxies, but I wouldn’t really be super excited about it. There’s a pretty stark difference between Tzangors and Khorne imo, so it would feel weird. At the end of the day though, it’s your stuff, so unless you were planning on doing it competitively, I would just do whatever feels right and talk it over with your local gaming group.
  4. That's (theoretically) what the other easy scoring objectives are for. When the Hold Objective X works out in my favor, great, extra advantage, but when not, I'm still able to score multiple easy objectives to get the upgrades rolling. Still, I'm interested in seeing the common consensus among Shadespire players as the community grows.
  5. Sprint was, surprisingly, more of an escape tool/guaranteed support movement/conquest move. It is one of the first cards that’ll be put on the chopping block, but since movement is so powerful, and being able to potentially move 10 hexes seemed so strong, I figured I’d try it out and see how well it could work.
  6. The purpose behind three instead of 5 is to include other, more aggression minded objectives in my deck. Since two Objectives (minimum) will be placed by your opponent, often in difficult to acquire situations, I took the risk of not getting the objectives I need in order to avoid being guaranteed less “dead” Cards when the game has swung into full on aggression mode.
  7. True to the title, I thought it’d be fun to discuss what archetype you’ve made with your deck, including the cards you put in and your logic behind those choices. For example, my Garrek’s Reavers deck consists of: Objectives: 1 Glory: It Begins Blood for the Blood God Hold Objective 1 Hold Objective 2 Hold Objective 5 Coward! A Worthy Skull 2 Glory: Let the Blood Flow Khorne Cares Not 3 Glory: Denial 5 Glory: Annihilation 6 Glory: Khorne’s Champion Power Cards: Ploys: Khorne Calls Rebirth in Blood Blood Offering Sidestep Fueled by Slaughter Skulls for the Skull Throne! Blood Rain Confusion Desecrate Final Blow Upgrades: Frenzy Great Strength Deadly Spin (Targor) Wicked Blade (Arnulf) Great Fortitude Blood Slick (Garrek) Unstoppable Charge (Saek) Great Speed Whirlwind of Death (Karsus) Berserk Charge (Saek) The purpose behind this deck is to aim for causing as much bloodshed as possible, both among the enemy warband and my own. Because of this, I eschew many defensive cards (taking only Blood Rain, Bloodslick and Great Fortitude, which will be useful for keeping the chosen champion alive) and focus on offensive, aggressive objectives. Specifically, my objectives are split into a few categories: Easy to Score, Ultimate Goal, and Contingency Plan. The 1 Glory Objectives are easy to complete and allow quick upgrades to help bolster the forces. The Ultimate Goal objectives, Annihilation and Khorne’s Champion, are big, risky objectives that I tried to build the deck around. Cards like Blood Offering, Rebirth in Blood, Final Blow, etc. feed into that goal. Finally, the Contingency Plan objectives are there for when things go wrong. Khorne Cares Not and Denial can be scored even if the entire warband is wiped out, and the Hold Objective Cards provide some variety/back up when things go south. For the ploys, I tried to find options that would work well with my goals (Rebirth in Blood and Khorne’s Champion are obvious, but if it ever gets pulled off it’ll be so cool). Since movement is such a strong aspect of the Bloodreaver’s game (and a powerful component of Shadespire in general) I included numerous movement focused ploys to help the Reavers keep their enemies in an advantageous position. That’s about all I feel like writing for now, but if you want to share your own deck lists (or comment on this one) feel free to do so.
  8. It’s alright, I was in a bad mood when I posted (Blood Bowl online can be a terrible experience, mostly because of the community) so I was more abrasive than necessary. I’m sincerely hoping I’ll be able to get a number of games in this week to solidify more tactics, so if new ideas come to mind I’ll be sure to put them up.
  9. They are really nice, and it feels better shuffling them too. I’m all for people buying the official sleeves, cause that increases the chance we’ll see a release of special sleeves for all the warbands.
  10. Not to be rude, but I feel like you’re going to be set in your ways no matter what unless someone gives you a flowchart to win. By your logic, getting the opponents objectives is difficult, but then you say splitting up to hold multiple objectives means the slower Stormcasts will be able to easily kill you. The fact that you have multiple models means you can, for example, use two activations to take two Reavers to one objective, use two activations to move two Reavers to another, and (if you have a movement card like Sidestep) slide the final one over to a third. Also considering they have fairly easy Glory points to get early on (make three charges, one person from each warband died) you can start putting out the upgrades and that’s when they shine. Bloodbound are more difficult than Steelheart’s, but to say that 5 bad games = imbalanced warbands is just silly.
  11. I bought the official sleeves. Overpriced for sure, but still a really nice quality and the art is cool. I’ll probably just get a case for my other cards and switch them out of the sleeves as need be.
  12. No, healing potion wouldn’t change the fact that they suffered damage. Funnily enough, though, if your whole warband is dead before a phase begins, you could score it, because none of them would be taking damage that phase.
  13. Edit! So I found the answer. Page 13 of the Rulebook says “If a fighter is Inspired as a result of an action, the fighter becomes inspired after that action is complete.” Which would mean that the entirity of the attack action would have to be complete, including the failure, so Brightshield wouldn’t be able to react to it.
  14. The more I play with Steelheart (and Shadespire in general, but especially with Steelheart’s Champions) the more I see Charge as a risky action. Completely removing tactical possibilities from a character for the entire phase (in the event of an early charge) is a big deal. I imagine the more experienced players become, the less charging we’ll see. Dont get me wrong, it still has uses for sure, it’s just the drawback is bigger than I originally thought.
  15. Sepulchral Warden is going to be a high priority target, I’d sacrifice a Stormcast to take him out early on, so keep him safe. It seems like they really will benefit from holding objectives. Being able to cover so much ground via numbers while also having slow movement means they probably want to play defensively, and movement increase cards are going to be extremely important. I’d be careful about throwing away Petitioners as resurrection fodder. An Inspired Petitioner may not be worth giving up a Glory Point, especially when they could be providing assists or holding backfield objectives. Just random thoughts, I’m looking forward to playing with them.
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