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  1. You know that you only roll the number of hits, not wounds? You still need to roll a to-wound dice. Also ballista has rend -2 but only 1 Damage, so i think its not op. Still, Ballista is way too cheap for what she does.
  2. You might take a look in the free cities (firestorm) discussion. Choosing Hallowhard as your city gives you a +1 to binding for free additional to the order alliance abilitys.
  3. Short Story: Wenn are going to Play a Path to Glory Campain, so i startet to build an Warband using the Rules in the KO Battletome. Later i hot the Path to Glory Rulebook from a friend, who do you think got a new warband table? Of course, the KO! I think their is no single page of rules in the KO Battletome, which isn't changed or replaced by now. If I would buy the Book today, I would want my money back.
  4. I think they changed it so you don't have a 36" move behind enemy lines to charge heroes or take objektives easy. The rule makes sense due the unit doesen't fly high above the enemy like in movement, they harpoon a straight lint THROU the enemy (as long as they don't harpoon a mountain as i mentioned earlyer). On the other hand, if we use the grapnel on our own ships, we should be able to fly above the enemy units... But most important of all, using the grapnel is not a movement, thats why it is discribed seperatly, i think no normal movement rules are used (i.e. you can not run).
  5. Another question: can they shoot their grapnel launcher after retreading in movement phase? Because it's not traditional shooting, it is no missle weapon, it's more like an ability. (sry for double-post, don't know how to delete an post)
  6. I don't think it wil work this way, even if they can fly, they have to move a direct line to the grapnelled terain or model. so as long as you don't have an terrain on top of a mountain (wich is not the mountain itself, because if youaim for the mountain, you have to use the closest point from it), it won't work. Also, if the flying negates the 3", why would the mention it? Tell me if i'm wrong, but aren't even non-flying models allowed to move closer than 3" to an enemy model, as long as they don't end their move within 3"?
  7. Yeah, we need so much to make Kharadrons great again! Like new Battlelines, like "Battleline if", maybe make endrinrigger battleline if a endrinmaster is our general, skywardens as battleline would be a great reason to play them over riggers, and thunderes should be battleline to play a fluffy grundstock corp. Also using the "new" garrison rules (althou they are old as aos itself, just beeing part of scenery warscrolls instead of core rules) for airships and shoot the enemy from top of the deck and slay them in combat with our long spikey skypikes. Treat our ships as the mobile fortresses that they should be! But all this is just "i wish we had..." and will probably never happen, sadly. Hope dies last, but instead of thinking of "what could be", maybe we should focus on what we have, and try to do the best of it. Like, for example, our possibility to make all our heroes spellbinder +1, ally with the new stormcast mages and combine our firepower with endless spells, or using a lord ordinator to boost a horde of now cheap gunhauler; using the new realm abilitys and artefacts or just looking forward to play the new special skybattle battleplans. I'm new here and this is one of my first posts, but i read the old Kharadron Thread for couple of days and just want to say: Stop thinking about things we don't have, stay focused, honour the Kodex. Look out for the possibilitys and always try to maximise the Profit! We are cloud riding sky pirate dwarfs with big ass guns, we will find a way to victory! Let's go fishing !
  8. I'm pretty sure the pickaxe will get a errata wich sais, that it counts as the movement of the unit. Or do you know a unit that can shock on 9" and still move after all? It would be way to hard if you could move and charge after settimg the unit up on 9"
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