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  1. Royal menagerie? It's in the Battletome.
  2. Honestly, I'd always just assumed that a spell didn't count as successfully cast if it was unbound. The more you know, I guess.
  3. If I had to guess I’d say the new keywords are the FEC equivalent of SUMMONABLE. Just for FEC it will be multi tier.
  4. Until we see the actual mechanics and numbers I don’t think it’s possible to say anything substantive about how it’ll work in practice.
  5. Basically yeah. FEC lack for rend outside of Vhargulfs and Behemoths, so with a general like that you're best off just trying to tarpit them.
  6. Yeah, battleshock when outside of the Herdstone range is clearly an intentional weakness of the army.
  7. The impression I got is that she's been a powerful Nighthaunt queen for a very long time, but was only made into a Mortarch after the Necroquake. Indeed, part of why Nagash chose her is that she retained enough sense of self to exert rulership over other Nighthaunt. Since what Nagash wanted was a Mortarch who could unite the random and disorganised hosts of haunts risen up by the Necroquake into ordered processions that could attack strategically.
  8. 4 Ghoul Kings is still probably only worthwhile if you're running Malign Sorcery, since otherwise there's just not enough spells to make use of the variety. But having 5 wizards on the table is pretty nice if you've got Endless Spells and a Realm Lore to pick from.
  9. Burning the trait? Majestic Horror isn't limited to once per battle. If your general has multiple Command Abilities that summon, they can use Majestic Horror to pump all of them. It's the Command Abilities themselves that are limited use, not the boost.
  10. I'm wondering whether it would actually be viable to run Royal Family (boosted with majestic Horror) and Ghoul Patrol in the same army for a huge surge of first turn summoning and magical dominance through sheer number of wizards. Probably not, but it'd be worth seeing if you could use the horrors/flayers and 10-ghoul units you can chain summon as distractions long enough to build your Ghoul Patrol units to an appreciable size.
  11. On the plus side, collecting FEC got me to embrace kitbashing models out of spare bits, because damn if I'm using a regular ghoul torso for my courtier and fielding my units under strength. Maybe if I delude myself hard enough, I'll see a 2E Flesh Eater Courts battletome complete with a new model release for actual courtiers.
  12. FAQ says "unless noted otherwise", the text for At The Double specifically notes that it happens *after* the roll.
  13. The Soulblight Faction write up is in Legions of Nagash. The fact it isn't in the new GHB just means it's not been changed.
  14. Well in fairness, Tzeentch probably had a hand in this too, judging by the fiction that's been released so far.
  15. What's the exact wording on the new MH?
  16. The main weakness of chain summoning as a strategy (aside from the fact we don't know precisely what's been changed about the relevant Command Abilities and Traits yet) is that summoned units are at minimum size and there's no way to boost their numbers beyond that, which means they're always going to be in danger of getting wiped before you can heal them. Gonna be relying a whole lot on suicide charges.
  17. Of the damage spells I can see Aethervoid Pendulum being useful. At caster value 6 is reliable enough that a casting-focused army won't have trouble getting it off, it's got a predictable course so you don't have to worry about your opponent getting control of it and you can set it up to clear enemy units off of objectives or other valuable map space. Finally, if it's dispelled that's arguably to your advantage as you can just cast it again and you get a "free" move on the turn you cast it to lob it at an enemy.
  18. Inqy

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Grimghasts seem like they're designed for use with the Mounted Knight of Shrouds command ability. Being able to make two attacks with the deathknell ups the damage potential considerably.
  19. Inqy

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Rumour going round the net is that the deathbell can do mortal wounds to nearby units when it kills things, but in the demogame they got killed off before it could get used. If so Grimghasts might be viable, particularly if buffed by heroes.
  20. Interesting, so Slaanesh actually has an advantage against elite armies with multi-wound units like Stormcasts, as opposed to armies that field hordes of single wound troops?
  21. I'd call Age of Sigmar Howardian rather than Lovecraftian. The Mortal Realms always had a Conan-like vibe in how it treated cosmic horrors.
  22. It would make more sense if it was for all of Death, but only for units 'wholly within' the range, since they've already said they want to extend the range of a lot of powers but only have it apply to units/models wholly within range.
  23. Everything? Wouldn't that make all the other delusions redundant? (Since they're all reroll 1's of some variety.) Have they come up with a completely new table of delusions or just folded them all into a single power? Edit: Sorry, I'm an idiot, you just meant it let's you reroll charge/run in general right? Odd one to choose to buff if so as it's already the most generally useful of the delusions. *shrugs* Raising the cost of ghoul king on foot makes sense, not just cause he's now a really cheap source of extra ghouls but because as the cheapest wizards they've also been inherently buffed
  24. Is that confirmed? I kind of hope not, as taking the King on a Gheist up means he can’t be taken as an ally anymore. If it was accompanied by a lowering of Crypt Ghouls and Horrors point costs it wouldn’t be too bad as they’re already overcosted. The cost of regeneration really should be on the heroes rather than the units though. FEC points values have always been a bit odd really, and their odd battleline rules meant their GHB entries came off as a bit of an afterthought rather than a part of a plan.
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