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  1. Hope that wasn't the game with my Wanderers. I thought we discussed the terrain before the game started?
  2. The Irish/Pictish-influences are quite subtle in the completed models and in the WiP shots we've seen so far but the concept art had quite a lot. The Mearach (the large hag) will have two attendants and a cauldron and will be modelled dropping arcane gubbins into the cauldron. Talking to Trish and the other FW designers, the Fimir are returning to their original 3rd ed. incarnations where they are heavily influenced by the Irish fomor from the Second Battle of Moytura and the Book of Invasions tales. The Picitish elements are there to add something a little different to the more normal Celtic element as that's often been found alongside Wood Elf and to some extent the Sylvenneth. FW are also emphasising the matriarchal society of the Fimir with the female hags being larger, magical and more powerful than the males who do the fighting (and dying). Personally, I'm very excited by the whole range. Now bring back the Zoats...
  3. It's a deamon prince. Spoke to the designer and it has a lot of design queues based on Khornate daemons like a bloodletter spine, Jugger-style helmet etc. The fimir bits are gorgeous and the concept sketches for the Mereach and attendants together with the cauldron combined with all the Irish / Pictish - inspired designs will look awesome when they are done. The fimir bits we saw this weekend are the initial models so FW can judge the popularity of the range before embarking on a full army. it was a good event overall for the first AoS Open Day. Some areas of development but overall, enjoyable. The Seeds of Hope event today was fun. Thanks to James on this forum for our first game between Skaven and Wanderers. A re-match is needed in the future, I think.
  4. Yep, signed up as well. Going to try and get more of Seraphon sorted but will bring along the Wanderers to fill in the numbers.
  5. I've found 24 plastic Dryads unbuilt in a box. Do I dare to add the Sylvenneth to my AoS forces..?
  6. I haven't got any immediate questions but just wanted to say thank you for sharing what you have so far. It all sounds very promising though.
  7. I've only just got into AoS in the last couple of months after a long period of working on 30k. However, I'm still working on the same principle I was when I started - building towards set formations. When the points appear, units / heroes I take may have to be tweaked, but our gaming group has already briefly discussed just continuing as we were as we prefer the more narrative style of play. Either method is valid and we only have a few more weeks to wait (hopefully).
  8. Wanderers. Only because I can't get my Seraphon finished in time to a standard that I would be happy with.
  9. Having just started playing a few games of AoS, I thought I'd ask a question based on people's opinions. The rules state that you measure from a point on your model to a point on the opposing model. The SCGT states you measure from base to base. Which do people prefer and why? I will state that in the games that I have played, our group has always measure from the base as we felt it was the fairest option and gave more equality to people. Also because we are used to measuring from bases on all the other games (GW and not) that we play.
  10. Just been looking at the Bloodclaw Starhost Battalion in the GA: Order book and it refers to picking three heroes from a set list. One of the options is a Scar-Veteran but there doesn't seem to be any Warscroll for that hero in either the Battletome, the GA book or on the website. Looking through other forums and at the Carnosaur set which gives the option for a Scar-Veteran on foot if you build the Troglodon, it appears as if the Scar-Veterans (other than the Cold One or Carnosaur mounted versions) were replaced by Oldbloods. So, the questions I'm asking are: 1) Should (is) there a Warscroll for Scar-Veterans other than the mounted versions, or do we use the Oldblood Warscroll instead? 2) Do you think it's acceptable to replaced the Scar-Veteran option in the Bloodclaw Starhost with an Oldblood?
  11. I would guess a part of it is from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" which features Ariel who is a air spirit. GW do tend to use several hidden classical references.
  12. I'm a long time Wood Elf player (since 3rd ed WFB) so have a quite a collection - sadly a lot of which is still unbuilt. However, I have enough to put together a decent force using the Warscrolls in the Order book. I haven't had a game yet but I'm focusing on the time-honoured WE tradition of lots of bows from the Glade Guard with some fast moving cavalry in the form of the Wild Riders. I will probably use either a Waywatcher or Wayfinder as my general as I prefer their Command Abilities. Really looking forward to giving them a go. Looks like a typical WE force though as in they can dish it out as long as the opponent doesn't push back.
  13. Hi, Heard about this forum from a friend and mentions in a podcast. I'm from Bedfordshire and been playing GW and historical wargames for 25+ years. Recently started getting into AoS as a break from Horus Heresy and a supplement to other games I play less often. Firstly by using my old WFB armies but now planning a brand-new Seraphon force. I consider myself to be much more of a narrative / scenario player rather than tournament.
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