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  1. jake3991

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Hello all I'm a new sylvaneth player and had a quick question! Does anyone have some documentation (FAQ etc) on movement through wyldwoods? Specifically around the trees, can you not finish a move on a tree?
  2. jake3991

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Anyone know if you can take additional woods in your army list? It has a points cost in GHB 18' it just happens to be zero. In the past you could bring extra to set up before the battle started for something like 40 points.
  3. jake3991

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    I've been list building lately, I'd love some feedback! Battlesmith Runesmitterx3 3x30 Vulkites 2xHelstrom rocket battery, allies ironweld arsenal It's your pretty standard fyreslayers tricks just with some ranged output allied in!
  4. jake3991

    Command Ability Limitations

    With the introduction of command points in AoS 2.0 I am scratching my head at a few things and was hoping for some community clarification! 1. A command ability can be used in the same turn more than one time as long as the player has the required CP. This seems a bit nuts right? Stacking the same buff or triggering the same ability over and over unless the command ability specifically prohibits it? Is this really the case (rule of one?)? 2. Different heros might have access to the same command ability (the 3 generics for example) but the ability can get used more than once on the table in the same turn by different heros? For example you could inspiring presence two different units with two different heros? Just wanted to make sure I have things straight here! Thanks for any help!
  5. jake3991

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Any word on vanguard wing?
  6. jake3991

    Nagash 2000 Point List

    I think really what I am after here is a viable death list, Nagash seems like a great model but I do see the mobility limitations pointed out. What do some of the higher performing death lists look like? I could sub nagash for Arkhan the black and just do as many skellies as possible with 2 mourngols, take a look below. Still has some mobility issues but combines some solid chaf with 2 of a seriously hard hitting model (mourngol). The crypt gouls were chosen because they are exactly 200 points. Arkahn the black-320 Wight King-120 Skelliesx40-280 skelliesx40-280 Crypt goulsx20-200 Mourngol-400 Mourngol-400
  7. jake3991

    Nagash 2000 Point List

    I'm considering this as I have pretty much all of it on the shelf ready to go. So far I have this as the building block using the death GA alliance. Nagash-800 Wight King-120 Necromancer-110 40 Skellies-280 40 Skellies-280 10 zombies-60 This leaves 350 points left over, right now I have some ideas. As you can see above I have some solid tarpit units that can be heavily buffed out so they can dish out some serious hurt. What I think I'm missing is a heavy hitter that can move very fast and take an objective. It's also important to note that any of the things I've come up with below combined with the necromancers spell(attack twice) would be pretty devastating. Take a look at my ideas below Option A-6 crypt flayers (320 points). A solid option, very quick and effective in combat, could make short work of a small unit holding an objective, another heavy hitter tied up with the skellies or even something bigger like a maw krusha. Also it's 6 models so definitely good for grabbing an objective. Option B- Zombie dragon (320 points). Another great option, while it has the same mobility and damage output of the crypt flayers it is only one model so that could be an issue if I'm using it to snag an objective while the skellies tarpit. Option C- Restructure to fit a mourngul or necrosphinx. That could be tough as I'm already taking nagash at 800 points. Option D- Some Idea you have! Thanks for looking! I'd love to hear your thoughts, the intention of this list is competitive/tournament play. I'd love to hear success/failure stories about nagash in tournament play.
  8. jake3991

    Ironjawz 1250 Tournament list

    I'd say the gloves are completely off. While the Maw Krusha is great, my only concern is major tarpit armies that can be built at this points level (a mass of deathrattle, tomb kings, etc.). Have you ever run the Maw Krusha at this points level?
  9. jake3991

    Ironjawz 1250 Tournament list

    Hey guys theres a 1250 tournament coming up and I wanted to bring my ironjawz! Looking to get some feedback on the list I have here, I've got some points to spare and I'm not sure what to take or if I should rework it so I can fit in something else. I can't quite fit in a war chanter with the current load out as it puts me 10 points over. I have thought about potential opponents and I think that this much heavy infantry is going to be seriously painful for anyone at this point level. Let me know what you think!! Megaboss-140 Ardboyz x10-180 Brutes x10-360 Brutes x10-360 Gore gruntas x2-140 Total 1180
  10. jake3991

    Trying to Pick An Army!

    So I used to play Fantasy and I have recently returned to gaming to find Age Of Sigmar in full swing at my local store. I have an awesome tomb kings army but would love to start a new army from the destruction grand alliance! I plan on doing tournaments/competitive play, I've done a ton of research and settled on two ideas. Most of the info I was able to find online seemed to be pre-generals handbook 2017 which seemed to have changed quite a bit as far as points costs, so I'm not sure if the lists I've cooked up are still a good idea for a tournament list. Both lists are written for 2000 points, let me know what you think! Any input is great! Also what is the feeling on destruction? How does it tend to do? I List 1: Mixed Destruction This one has got some awesome monsters and a solid blocking force of gross with some basic battlelines to grab objectives and the like. The grot unit with the fanatics is definitely no joke but my major concern here is depth, if I lost one of the monsters to early it could be all over. It definitely revolves around the 3 monsters and I'm not so sure that after the 2017 points increase this still makes sense. Frostlord on stonehorn-460 Huskard on thudertusk (x2)-760 Moonclan Grots, mob of 60-360 Savage Oruuks, 10-120 Savage Oruuks, 10-120 Grot Fanatics, 6-200 List 2: Ironjawz I really like this one but I am concerned with lack of mobility and I'm not so sure how this would do against a kurnoth hunter heavy list or the flesh eater courts I played against the other night. Megaboss on Maw-Krusha-460 Warchanter-80 Warchanter-80 Shaman-120 Ardboys, 10-180 Ardboys, 10-180 Brutes, 10-360 Brutes, 10- 360 Gore gruntas, 3-140