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  1. These are awesome whats your skin recipe?
  2. I agree with this, however I would contend that the hellstorm rocket battery combined with a lord ordinator is just crazy. Take four of them for maximum effectiveness. My reasoning here is comparable damage output and range as well as not needing line of sight to shoot. This not only maintains your damage output but it mitigates any bad matchups (sylveneth or a terrain heavy table). Love seeing mixed order!
  3. Looking for some feed back on a list idea given the new points! The idea here is to use the grims as they are, a very tough to kill unit combined with Arkhan casting soul cage as the included night haunt wizard will be nearby at all times. Prince Vhordrai is always great as well, however I could turn him into a standard vampire lord on zombie dragon and pick up the extra command point. Any thoughts are appreciated especially if you have experience with something similar! Allegiance: Death Warscroll Builder on www.warhammer-community.com LEADERS The Briar Queen (150) Prince Vhordrai (480) Arkhan the Black Mortarch of Sacrament (340) UNITS 30 x Grimghast Reapers (420) 30 x Grimghast Reapers (420) 10 x Zombies (60) 10 x Zombies (60) 10 x Zombies (60)
  4. Hope they iron this one out quick, I agree its very confusing.
  5. Good call! Damn, trying so hard to make bow hunters work!
  6. Everqueen- 1 drop 6 hunters- 1 drop Arch rev- 1 drop Forest folk (3 units of dryads and 1 wraith) - 1 drop Total: 4 drops
  7. @AaronWilson Please tell us how your game goes! I'd love to use bow hunters myself but am struggling to make them worth their points, perhaps heartwood is the way to go with them. I also love the MSU build with the dryads. I am currently contemplating a slightly different build, check it out below! Glade: winterleaf Everqueen branchwraith: acorn of the ages Arch-rev: winter leaf artifact, general 30x dryads 20x dryads 10x dryads forest folk 6 hunters with sycthes endless spell, spite hive Pretty straight forward plan, alpha if your opponent has set up poorly and if they have set up nice and defensively go for a beta strike which might be even better. This list is only 4 drops so only a couple of armies will under drop it, it could be great to threaten the alpha and then give them the first turn if it means they burn an entire turn doing next to nothing due to their defensive deployment. While allariele went up in points the idea of casting throne of vines followed by the spite swarm endless spell is a great combo. I also like that her 16'' move with fly means that a teleport is not required to get her where she needs to go, with spite hive it's an even bigger move/charge. I'm also a huge fan of big dryad units in winterleaf with the arch revenant plus the ever queen, alot of attacks potentially re -olling 1s and exploding 6s. The other thing I'm quite happy about is the arch-revanats command ability being used in the combat phase, that way if you fail your charges you can save the command points. Play testing to follow I will report back! Any comments are appreciated!
  8. No sweat! did not want you to lose out on that extra attack!
  9. Yeah just wanted to see if @Zanzou had some knowledge on the archie we did not!
  10. Can you provide an FAQ/rules citation for this? You'll find that is is command traits that do not effect mounts NOT command abilities.
  11. I have to say, I still think Allariele is relevant here. She has 3 casts, give here throne of vines and she can definitively pump out one of the move buff endless spells. Plus with her solid combat ability and some combat buffs (winterleaf, archie, etc.) she can still be an amazing center piece!
  12. I will say I'm optimistic, but after reading over the new book it seems like a completely different army. Don't even know where to start for list building and in game strategy!
  13. The battalion vanguard justicar conclave might offer a good route. It not only contains the units of interest (raptors and aetherwings) but it reduces drops and re rolls 1s!
  14. My apologies, I found a very detailed thread covering this, link below.
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