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  1. Absolutely this. Ultimately if you didn't have a minority out in the community who leaked rules or tried to profit off GW's designs we'd likely still be in a situation where units would appear in books before they actually appeared physically. What I will say to this is that this isn't specific to GW. It's pretty common practice to keep future releases & special offers secret until you release them. Ultimately GW (and all businesses) want you to spend the maximum amount of money with them - it's a win win solution from a business perspective. You either buy the first release an
  2. I think that GW have really suffered due to numerous external (and some internal) factors, from the pandemic to shipping issues & trade deals. I can remember way back that there was a hope to be able to release "one off" models. So completely out of the blue we get a brand new character for an army. Where things have gone awry is that the release schedule is completely up the swanny so we're getting those models appear within less than a year of the relevant army release. That said, even before the pandemic there were a few questionable decisions made behind the scenes and I've had a f
  3. Yup, the pause in releases is fairly welcome. Sadly I've not gained much additional time to hobby over the past year yet I appear to have gained additional hobby to do 🀣 I know one thing my local group has found over the years is that if you collect more than one system the release schedule is pretty relentless. One rumour I did hear is that GW are in the process of implementing a new ERP system (in simple terms a warehousing system that handles stuff like stock control) and there were a few grots in the gears which resulted in some third parties not getting their preorders on time last
  4. OK, bit of an update having read a bit more of the rules. First off I don't think running a game with anything other than 4 characters will work. The whole game mechanics are based upon 4 unique characters being played and I think you'll be fighting with the rules quite frequently. That's not to say it isn't possible, but I'd likely want to play an entire campaign before I attempted to make such drastic changes. What you're suggesting could work although it does risk skewing a campaign a bit. What you have is 4 different missions (Journeys). 3 of these are "normal" journeys that you
  5. Cursed City uses the highest character level to work out how many enemies are placed on the board, so character level disparity will ultimately make quite a bit of difference if you're looking at more than a couple of levels different. Nothing in the box caters for more than 4 characters, however you could quite easily just increase the number of enemies generated by +25% for each character. You do have two issues in doing this for a party of 7 - firstly you would need to increase the number of miniatures you have available - so for 7 characters you'd want 21 skeletons for example (12 +
  6. The answer you don't want to hear is no - or at least not without quite a bit of work. As Sharkbelly says the "success roll" mechanic in Cursed City uses D6, D8 & D12 dice that have some single pip and some double pip on faces to determine if something has succeeded or critically succeeded (each dice shape has a different colour). Enemies have an AI system where you roll to see what they do each activation. Heroes also level up between games, gaining additional abilities which wouldn't translate directly onto Silver Tower heroes. You probably could use Cursed City heroes in Silver
  7. I'm fortunate in that I've got my copy of the game now and have been reading through the rules and putting models together (the bats require the most amount of tidying up due to tiny claws and wings). Myself and a group of friends intend to try and play some games over Zoom at some point (current plan is the bank holiday weekend), so my comments are based upon theoretical rather than practical. The enemy spawns appear to vary depending upon the mission/quest you're undertaking. For The Hunt quests they spawn at a Lychgate furthest away from the player party for example. Kiting enem
  8. Bit late to the party with my comment here (sorry). The painting guides are purposely basic because they assume the reader is brand new to the hobby and only owns the items that have come through the magazine. As more paints are added, they revisit older models - so once you get Reikland Fleshshade they show you how to wash all that gold you've done and so on. I'd say the guides we're getting now are on par with the current WHTV videos. If you use them your army won't set the world alight, but you will have a very solid tabletop army there. Although the actual structure of the 'magazi
  9. +++ MOD HAT +++ Back on track folks rather than going off on tangents about sculpted armour
  10. Sorry, didn't spot you'd replied! Confirmation was made during the New Years Open Day last year. In the AoS seminar, the design team were asked about involvement with The Old World and the answer given was that they know the same (possibly even less) than us and they're looking forward to it too. This was backed up by fact some of them were lurking at the back of the hall when Specialist Games did their seminar 😊. To my eternal annoyance I didn't even think about asking about scale until I was on my way home.
  11. We're unlikely to see this happen. It's been confirmed that the main AoS studio don't have any knowledge on what's being done in The Old World, so the likelihood of having joint releases is super low. Humbly going to disagree with this one. With the right rule set the actual scale of your miniatures is secondary. You could very easily run a system which is 10mm and 25mm - one uses cm for measuring and the other uses inches.
  12. As a completely random and off the cuff question - if you could have one brand new miniature or unit designed for an AoS army, what would it be? Do you want to see a vampire riding a giant bat? A unit of seahorse riding Idoneth? A Duardin Cogfort? Brand new ideas for existing armies please!
  13. +++ MOD HAT +++ Right, time to nudge this thread back on target. Please can we move back onto rumours/reveals and associated discussion folks.
  14. Read this and couldn't help but say, 3 years is a drop in the ocean... I can remember I had to wait 3 editions of 40k for a Space Wolves Codex πŸ˜‰ I do agree though, I'd love Khorne to get a bit of attention - nice centrepiece model that's not a bloodthirster and make them actually scary on the tabletop
  15. I think some of the reason behind Fyreslayers is that for years people had been crying out for a full Trollslayer army (in plastic) for WHFB. They arrived in the tumultuous early stages of the mortal realms being born and people didn't really know what was going on, let alone what to do with a load of half naked duardin who hammered runes into their flesh. Going a little off tangent, I'd love to see smaller games become more popular so that some of the forces with smaller ranges actually get to see the field a bit more. Of course that would also need a bit of work as I don't think all b
  16. +++ MOD HAT +++ Can I please remind everybody that we have a no leaked picture policy on TGA as per our Forum Rules. I've just spent far too long tidying this up... For new members who haven't read them or older members who need a reminder, here are those rules:
  17. Largely think similar to many of you. I think the dead part of the reveal is going to be a Deadwalker update, so zombies etc. It would be amazing to have vampires there too as they did with one of the old Vampire Count Warhammer Armies books (Vlad?), but personally I'd rather have an entire Soulblight update so you can actually run a proper vampire contingent to an army. This weekend may only be an Underworlds/Warcry warband though. Divine I do think Warhammer Quest is going to be redone at some point, I'm not convinced that we'll get that revealed this weekend though.
  18. +++ MOD HAT +++ Think we've veered pretty substantially off track now folks (the discussion on high vs low fantasy could actually go on for years). Not necessarily convinced there's much more discussion left to be had on the original subject either. I have noticed a number of newer members contributing to this thread too, which is great! Just incase you've not read it, here's a link to our TGA and You post where we clarify the base rules we expect members to follow such as being pleasant to other members etc.
  19. All the VAT rules are in a bit of a state of flux and many changed at the end of December. When posting something to outside the UK a company now appears to be allowed to declare it zero VAT. This is something most third-parties have never had to deal with because GW's T&C prevents them selling outside the EU I'm not sure how GW is going to be handling it. It may be they can use distribution centres so that they charge at the local tax rate rather than it being a customs tax? I'm sure I read they have something in N. Ireland which they may be using to facilitate this?
  20. Ouch, that's pretty rough! Have seen this before where companies basically pretend to have a presence in another country with a fancy website and charging the local currency, but it just gets shipped direct from wherever in the world they are. Lol, that's not necessarily a bad thing πŸ˜‚ I stopped when I discovered I had so much Arcadia Quest & Rivet Wars that it wouldn't even fit under the spare bed...
  21. Agreed. There's so many moving parts, knowledge of the actual legislation, the technical part of doing it on the website and like you say there's additional paperwork to do, which varies depending on how orders are being sent. I'm fairly sure that things will settle down, but unlikely to get there for a little bit.
  22. I believe that a UK company selling to the EU shouldn't be charging the UK 20% VAT - instead you'll get a customs tax bill for your respective country. In theory that should mean your order only increases by 1%. However the rules are very complicated and many smaller companies won't have the expertise/time to get this sorted and implemented, so you may well find yourself paying UK VAT and import duties too.
  23. Not going to lie I came very close to locking this thread as we're going over old ground again here and feeling a bit moany. Comparing AoS to 40k, especially during a 40k new edition year is always going to show that AoS has had less releases. The 40k community were having exactly the same discussions during 2018 when 2nd edition AoS came out. It's nothing to do with being neglected at all - the fact we've had any releases during a global pandemic when manufacturing & distribution is well up the spout is remarkable!
  24. I'm 99% sure TOW will have a brand new ruleset written from the ground up in the same way Specialist Games did on the current version of Necromunda. A few "nods" towards the old system and maintaining the same "feel", but a new system implementing new ideas. Some of that is because the excellent community here is very good at flagging those posts up to the mods to sort out πŸ˜‰ I'd agree on this, but I also think that it did encourage more hobby where it was easy to kitbash some units from left overs. I've a feeling that some ideas have been moved down the line a bit. I'
  25. +++ MOD HAT +++ And please can we get back to rumours...
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