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  1. Found this drawing on reddit today, i'm loving it !
  2. I like knights a lot, and love the colorful look of bretonnian armies. Too bad i'm late in the party. Since you know they are discontinued and i'm not gonna ruin myself on ebay. But i'm looking for new models to see i can make my own army of colorful knights. They dont have to be alive tho, so maybe pick some Black Knights and paint them in bretonnian fashion ? I dont know Like an army of dead knights who comes back to fight some glorious battle for eternity. For ze Lady ! Too bad stormcast dont have horse with nice robe, and i dont know how to sculpt so cant custom much the palladors mount. I'm pretty much a beginner in miniatures so converstion are out of my reach for now. But if i can do stuff like that that would be perfect (well i still have the problem to found mounts)
  3. I like the Darkoath esthetic a lot, but man the old marauders models arent really good ... It would be weird having on the table those 2 superb minis and then a bunch of hairless monkeys
  4. I like this new model a lot ! The logo teaser was just meh, kinda useless. I mean we already have a teaser for Malign Portant, it feel pretty much the same. 20sec of nothing
  5. Thanks Zetsu for the value comparison
  6. I'm really not in a hurry or anything, i mean i still have the 51 minis from the Silver Tower to paint. Plus i'm fine playing Skirmish at the moment with the few models i have. I really like the two Aelves models in the Silver Tower box, if they want to releases new Aelves army like this figures, i'm in for AoS ! I'm really interested by Soulblight too, so looking forward the new Death thematic campaign as well
  7. Hey if they go with a new Rulebook, do you think they will release a new Starter Set ? I'm new to this hobby and only have the Skirmishbook & Storm of Sigmar the little box with a bunch of stormcast and bloodbound to play with (plus Silver Tower which i got in sale). So i'm hesitating to buy the Starter, especially if they would release a new box in 2018
  8. One of the best battlereport i ever read/saw, please keep up the good work, really awesome work !
  9. Awesome work man, keep up the good work, cant wait to see it painted !
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