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  1. Umm, not sure how helpful this will be but i'll give it a shot. Basically what i've found with airbrushing is you can get huge, huge contrast very easily that would be ridiculously difficult with a regular brush, i'm sure you're aware of that right now. A technique you could give a go, that really helps paintjobs pop, especially on big monsters like thanquol, is called pre-shading, it's tough to describe but you basically fill in the shadows and highlights in black & white, then you take a heavily diluted paint, in the case you mentioned would be bugmans glow, probably 5 parts water to 1 part paint, and spray it so thinly over the pre-shading (called a candy coat), that the highlighting and shading you laid down in black and white shows through and creates a very natural contrast, If you want help with airbrushing on things like zenithall highlighting, I would 100% suggest you go to Youtube and look up a guy called Next Level Painting and scroll through his videos. On alternative paint schemes, the obvious one would be a lighter pallid tone, instead of bugmans glow you could swap out for Rakarth flesh, instead of cadian fleshtone use... pallid wych flesh annnnnnd for extreme highlights go up to pure white. Washing would be reikland fleshshade diluted with medium 2 to 1, gives it a bit of warmth. Anyway.. check out next level paintings videos for help with pre-shading and zenithal highlighting, he's also ill bet, done a ton of monster videos if you want inspiration.
  2. I know this sounds ridiculously obvious, but from the sounds of your original post, half the problem is you seem to be touching the model a bunch and paint is wearing off? that demotivates you? so you could always just varnish the model right after you finish so once its done.. its done, Or if the issue is you're touching the model while you paint it.. you can always pin the bottom of the foot/base to something you can hold onto easily while you work on it. For example, im super lazy? i just clip excess plastic sprue the model came on, glue it to the bottom of the foot prior priming, so i can use it like a handle, once done painting you snap off the excess sprue, do a once over with a hobby knife the bottom of the foot, so its nice and flat again and its ready to be based. I think um, just painting the same thing over and over can get super dull also, what I try to do is reward yourself every so often between troops, and maybe a single HQ unit or whatever thats a one off model, something more interesting that you'd have more fun painting. Then go back to the basic troops once you're a bit more happy. Also it sounds like you suffer from the same thing as a lot of painters, that you go overboard detailing rank and file and it just draaaaags on, i've actually no idea how to solve this one actually as I suffer the same affliction. Sadly.
  3. Ya, fair play sir, those are looking... pretty darn awesome.
  4. Oh wow, I really like the latest guy, you're like an evil genius with this stuff. I really like how you've painted the old age warlord as well as the conversion, great stuff.
  5. Hey, they're really fun. I rather like how you've painted the first guy actually, with the all over fur look across the face, same with your newly posted warlord. The green glow on your warlord works nicely too.
  6. Is his old points cost in the 2016 handbook? I'm aware he's not in the 2017 version, Just asking, as it would be nice for friendly games, if I could ask opponents if I could use Queeks old warscroll + points.
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