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  1. I tryed it against Fyreslayer Vulkyte..... 240 attacks (2x120 with feeding frenzy) killed only 3 Berserker.... I hope it was just my opponent 's lucky day
  2. If you got a friend for divide the Carrion Empire box, 2 of it and a start collecting are amazing for a 1000 point list.... Maybe 1 Carrion and 1 start collecting can be worth....
  3. A possible list can be this one... You must take: 1x pack of flayers for courtiers 1x varghulf 1x endless 1x throne
  4. You got good stuff, but you really need some courtiers for reanimate your knights.....
  5. A GkoTg cost 400 points..... Same cost of 10 stormcast's evocators, and they deal more damage and have double of the dragon health....
  6. In this case is the intere unit wich can attack first... you can't split the unit attack in different moment
  7. Depends on the meta..... Against stormcast, with units wich save 2+, rerolling 1, flayers are better for mortal Wounds and rend - 1...... Against nighthaunt or other units with a normal save (4+ or higher) horrors are more better
  8. I think wich the best Court if you will go to play an Gkot, is Gristlegore... The trait wich give your general the possibility to attack always first is amazing! And you can do it also in the opponent turn! Deadwatch was my favorite battalion, but 1 unit with 6 guys and 2 with 3 guys I think was very low health total.... The opponent can easily delete your unit in a one shot attak.... What do you think?
  9. I think because the changeling Can cast the Loc spells on the top of the vortex..... But i still don't Like It. A gaunt summoner with chaos familiar is better for me.
  10. Yes i think It too! I musn't declare if the Point are for vortex or for blue..... i Can chose It in base of the situation! I Just have to Buy other blue horrors because I have only 20 models
  11. Because i use 1 vortex for the herald and 1 for the gaunt summoner. I Think these is Very strong... 4 spell on 36" range. But i'm new on these mechanics
  12. Hi! I've try these list on 1000 Point, And i Like It. 1× lord of change (General, tzeentch's inferno, magical supremacy) 1x gaunt summoner with chaos familiars (bolt of tzeentch) 1x blue scribe (unchecked mutation) 10x pink horror (treason of tzeentch ) 10× marauder oh chaos (tzeentch'a mark) 10x blue horror 10x blue horror 10× brimstone 10x brimstone 100 reserve Point for a balewind vortex On 2k Point i've try these list: Changehost battalion 1x lord of change (General, magical supremacy, tzeentch's inferno) 1× kairos (tzeentch's inferno) 1x gaunt summoner and chaos familiars (bolt of tzeentch) 1x herald of tzeentch (unchecked mutation) 1× blue scribe (bolt of tzeentch) 10x pink horror (treason of tzeentch) 10x pink horror (treason of tzeentch) 10x marauder of chaos (tzeentch's mark) 10x blue horror 10x blue horror 3x screamer 3x screamer 200 Point reserve (2 vortex) What you Think about It? Ty all, Manuel
  13. And what about Take the objective?
  14. Hy! A question for you I don't understand at all the Changeling. Can he Take or contest an objective when he is in stealth? If an enemy unit go near him (Like 2"), the changelling must pile and attak him? I Think the answers are: yes for the first questione and no for the second. .... But a My fiend don't belive in that Ty for help a noob, Manuel
  15. Hy all!!! Sorry guys But i have a question .... why the Faith master cost so Mutch? He isn't a wizard and therse aren't many MORTAL units for his command ability. Therse's somefing i don't See? Ty all for the help!
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