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  1. My only worry is Oath won’t get Mark synergy.... weakening Slaves to Darkness hero synergy with Oath
  2. Can this bonus be used when you run to retreat? It seems to me it should, as retreating is just using a move or run action while within 3” of enemy unit. So run to retreat then turn around and charge. Make sense to me. Am I wrong?
  3. So this list has 136 wounds and a deep strike, it relies heavily on charge retreat charge and a fair dose of mortal wounds (battalion ability, hellfire sword artefact, Sayl), and rend (CLDM base attacks and CK’s on charge). Hopefully survivability (wounds, chaos shields) make up for lowish number of hit rolls. Idea is to buff a 15 man unit of CK with CSL then drop it deep with Sayl. The main force will be the remaining 15 man unit of CL with CLDM general while the two CC’s and second CLDM form objective and flanking parties as needed. Battalion ability and the two CLDM CA’s give you some pretty strong charge turns. As noted below, taking mark of Slaanesh might also be the way to go, permitting run/charge rerolls and granting CLDM ability to run and charge same turn. What do you think? EDIT: I confirmed I can take 2 of the same artefact (hellfire swords), so I would likely drop the helm of oppression for another hellfire sword. EDIT 2: I am considering Slaanesh over Khorne so CLDM can run and charge on same turn though outside of T1 I’m not sure how useful this would be. Note: this list doesn’t yet include any realm related effects. https://imgur.com/a/mciRgE8/ EDIT 3: List cliff notes Ruin Battallion CL on DM x2 Chariot 1x2 Knights 15x2 CL Sorc Sayl + Nightmaw Chaos Spawn with extra points
  4. Where can I find the most up to date skirmish rules? GHB218?
  5. Question: do the allegiance abilities exist in Azyr or BattleScribe? Or is the only way to get them through buying the tomb?
  6. What’s a good starter 1000pt CP list after the changes? I’ve got the desire to make plague-plague!!!
  7. Dang that really stinks. I’m new to AoS — what Skaven clan are you suggesting? Any rough list idea?
  8. Title says it all. I’m looking for a faction that can deny my opponent it’s critical buffs or abilities, forcing them to play my game instead of theirs.
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