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  1. I'm going to guess that this guy might be a Mortarch or something like that.
  2. Considering there are references to Sigmar by other names in the video, the Soul-thief is pretty much Sigmar.
  3. I would put my money on a Soulblight or Deathrattle army or something that deal with both.
  4. Yeah, but that does not excuse the amount of stuff that GW ripped off for Warhammer Fantasy.
  5. They ripped that off of Tolkien. That whole Dwarf vs Elves vs Humans thing is from Toklien works in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.
  6. The new death battletome will be skellies, but they are in kilts.
  7. When I meant by the reflection of Azyr is what Stormcast look and come from for the most part. Stormcast, despite where they came from they go to Azyr and get transformed into something that can only come from that place. So maybe not that the Stormcast are a reflection of Azyrian culture, but what artwork we have of the city shows there is a small thematic connection to it because for the most part Azyr is represented by Heavans, Storms, and so on.
  8. The problem is that we have a weird definition of what a regular human is in the mortal realms. What some people refer as a regular human is something like a foot soldier from the Empire for the most part, but that only works with the background of the Old World because it fits the theme of that world and so on. When we get to Age of Sigmar however, things have change when it comes with technology, resources, and culture. Azyr is not the Empire and we get ideas of what that culture is from the artwork and models that we have seen so far. The Stormcasts for all intense and purposes is a reflection of what Azyrian culture might be. GW is clearly anchored to the Empire models at this point and I doubt not a lot will change.
  9. I'm surprised this thread got bumped. Again, this does not solve the problems that I have with the freeguild. This just covers it up and makes more like the Imperial Guard that some many people want than it's own thing. Basically want people want out of the Freeguild is their glorious humans holding back the dark and all of that nonsense. They want Empire 2.0 or Fantasy Imperial Guard, which I think it is the wrong direction. I think it needs more races in that army and showing that the Free Peoples is more than humans doing stuff.
  10. Is anybody going to spoiler what the deal is with Teclis in Forbidden Power? : (
  11. The art for the city art for the mortal realms is top notch. It really makes AOS as a fantasy setting.
  12. Some concept art for Excelsis from May White Dwarf. https://twitter.com/AoS_Shorts/status/1124214286325170176
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