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  1. Somewhat working. After all, Joe Krier did win Best Chaos by putting a chicken on a balewind vortex. Not very sporting. Mostly, I would have just liked to have known from the start that effectively 99% of your final standing would be based on pure battle points, rather than 50% 50% battle/soft scores I expected. I still had a great time, but I found myself somewhat caught off guard. Oh well, now I know.
  2. Nah. Fletch doesn't play games at all anymore really. And Ed does not participate in forums, misanthrope that he is.
  3. Yeah, most tables had SOME cover, but not really enough. Part of the issue is a lot of the terrain is in the 8th edition style. Low hills, small buildings, etc.
  4. Hey guys! So had a chance to recover from Adepticon and decompress and wanted to share my experiences. First off big thank you to Alex for running the Championship. I had a great time, and will definitely be attempting to return next year. I flew in on Wednesday, along with Ed Phillips, Michael Hengl, and Joseph Urban. We got to our hotel, got settled in, and headed to the venue. The registration line was a ridiculous mile long monstrosity (why isn't that all done digitally at this point? Adepticon should make an App. You check in on arrival, and it gives you your con passes on your phone, then those who registered to get stuff can go and pick it up. I'm sure there would be a few people needing to manually check in due to non-smart phones, but it would drastically increase the efficiency) so we skipped it and instead went to the GW Reveal. That's been covered in depth elsewhere, but I was blown away by the stuff they have coming up for AoS. By the time that was done the registration line had dwindled to a fraction of the size. Hopped in line, grabbed our badges, and proceeded to the bar, where beers and shots of Jameson flowed like... beers and shots of Jameson. Thursday, Fletcher Brown arrived and we made a trip to the liquor store. That evening we sat by the fire pit in the venue, drinking through half a handle of Jameson (there is a theme to the weekend!) and a ton of beers, while chatting with various gamers we've all known from over the years. I remember most of the evening, and remember being back at our hotel, but have zero memory of the walk from the Renaissance to our hotel. I'm just glad I didn't fall into the duck lake and freeze to death. Next day we all groggily got out of bed and made our way to the hall for the team tournament. Joseph and myself went 2-1 with our Khorne/Sylvaneth alliance, losing to 2 time LVO champion Andrew Standiferd's Stormcast. We finished 20th out of 121 teams. Not bad considering we put almost no thought into our lists and played 0 practice games. After the award ceremony, we had dinner and a few drinks, then decided to take it easy and head back to our hotel. Now comes the championship tournament. My list: Allegiance: Khorne Leaders Lord Of Khorne On Juggernaut (140) - General - Trait: Disciple of Khorne - Artefact: Gorecleaver Bloodsecrator (120) - Artefact: The Blood-forged Armour Bloodstoker (80) Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrathhammer (100) - Artefact: The Brazen Rune - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Battleline 5 x Blood Warriors (100) - Goreaxe & Gorefist 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (140) - Bloodglaives - Khorne Bloodbound Battleline (Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut General) 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (140) - Bloodglaives - Khorne Bloodbound Battleline (Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut General) 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (140) - Bloodglaives - Khorne Bloodbound Battleline (Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut General) Units 2 x Khorgoraths (160) 3 x Khorgoraths (240) Battalions Brass Stampede (180) Gore Pilgrims (180) Total: 1990 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 141 I placed 10th on battle points at LVO with the same list, and won "Best Renaissance" (AKA Best Overall, battle and soft scores combined), so was feeling pretty confident going into A-Con. I know my list is not at the very top of the power curve, and it struggles with some opponents, but I know it really well, and assuming I'm not making TOO many mistakes (read as: I'm not too drunk/tired/hungover) it has a chance against most comers. My first game was against Paul Dworschack-Kinter and his Stardrake Stormcast. He was a great guy, and ended up getting my favorite opponent for the weekend, but super new to the game. I think he said it was his 8th game ever. I helped him out as much as I could, letting him know what his target priorities should be, reminding him to move units to claim objectives, and of course letting him go back when he forgot stuff, but in the end my Khorne was too much for his Stormcasts, and I got a major victory. By the end of the game I was several beers and several glasses of my good friend Jacob Berry's lovely Japanese whiskey in, and while I maxed out, I failed basic arithmetic and only gave myself a 17 rather than an 18. Oh well. That one point wouldn't have actually increased my ranking at all, it would have just reduced Thomas Lyons by one (we tied for 7th place). My second game was against Tim Horwath and his Kharadron Overlords. Tim had a giant boat as his display board, and some well painted tech duardin. He finished deployment first, but I was careful with my deployment and ensured that he wouldn't be able to get any first round shots. The first couple of turns were both of us playing very conservative, him killing a couple small units on the edges, neither of us taking the objectives. Then I rushed forward, took all three objectives, and slammed into his lines. Things went down hill for the KO from then on. The highlight was him flying his big boat out to take an objective... and me promptly blood binding it to take it OFF the objective. Max point major win for the Blades. Tim was a fantastic opponent, super laid back and easy going, and I had a wonderful time playing him. My third game was against Ty Toepfur and his Legion of Nagash, lead by Arkhan the Black. Once again, good looking army (I'm going to stop saying this, the hobby standard at Adepticon was wonderful) made up of a 40 man Skeleton Unit, a 30 man Grave Guard unit, two 10 man skeletons, a unit of black knights, Arkhan, two necromancers, a mortis engine, and a Wight King, in the Deathmarch and Lords of Sacrament battalions. First turn he charged his black knights into a 2 man unit of Khorgoraths, underestimating them. The Khorgies wiped them out which, importantly, gave my brass stampede its +3 to runs and charges. I moved my line up, ready to hit his, and my general, whipped by the bloodstoker and with the Brass Stampede's bonus, got a 17inch charge, which let me go right past the skeletons and ht Arkhan the Black. If anyone saw my general put 11 wounds on glottkin in a single activation on the twitch, you can guess how well that went for for Arkhan. By the end of turn 2, Arkhan and the big unit of skeletons were dead, both necromancers were engaged with my general and below half wounds (I tried to kill them both and whiffed) the grave guard were well below half strength with limited ability to bring themselves back at that point, and most of my army was threatening his knife to the heart objectives. He conceded. Max point win for Khorne. Ty was another great opponent, and never got sour even as his lines collapsed. After the third game we grabbed dinner at the bar, had the other half of the handle of Jameson, as well as all the beers we had, as well as a different bottle of whiskey, as well as some fruity nonsense alcoholic beverages. We're not proud. Or maybe we are. Varies by the day. My fourth game was played on the twitch stream against Mathew Barker on Table 2 on the Twitch Stream. Poor Matthew was SUPER nervous about playing on the stream. I think it may have caused him to make a few mistakes, in addition to having shaking hands. Nonetheless, by the end of the game, with a major victory in my grasp and Nurgle on the run, Matthew made some very smart moves to keep me to a minor victory. He's a great guy, with a fun army. If anyone would like to see more about this game it's up on the Warhammer community Twitch. Going into the 5th round I was 4-0 and 5 points below max, wondering what I would face. Would it be a Vanguard Wing, a Change Host, 17 Million fire slayers, Ryan Nicol's Murderhost? I've played against all those armies in the past, many times, and had a loose plan for each of them. While some were definitely more problematic than others, I felt fairly confident. Instead, I got... Daughters of Khaine. Well ******. This would be my first game against the Daughters, and while I intend them to be my next army, so know there rules pretty well, I hadn't put a ton of thought into how I would go about facing them. Greg's list was basically two 30 strong units of witches with bladed bucklers, one 15 or 20 strong unit of Blood Sisters, a cauldron of blood, a Bloodwrack (his general), 2 hags, and Morathi. The prayer that allows witches to do mortals on 5+ back, along with the bladed bucklers, is an awesome prayer against my army's even when I'm killing him I'm killing myself. By the end of the game he had his characters, the cauldron, and ~10 models left in one unit of witches left. I had my characters left, -the bloodsecrator. It was a complete blood bath (which I'm sure pleased both our gods) and he pulled out a minor win, as he wasn't quite able to take all four objectives. There are some definite things I would do differently in the future against DoK. Also, would've been nice to have some cover on the table behind which I could hide my Bloodsecrator. In the end I went 4-1, with 3 major victories, a minor victory, and a minor loss. I placed 7th overall (tied with Thomas Lyons, we literally had the exact same scores in every category) and got 2nd Best Appearance, which was awesome. It was a mostly smooth show, and a ton of fun to play in. I had a blast, and basically only have one nitpicky critique of the show. Adepticon bills itself as a hobby event, and does so by indicating that 40% of your overall score comes from soft scores. I fully support this, as these are the types of events I would generally prefer to go to. That billing is a bit misleading, however. The paint score was checklist based, and 55 players (out of 165) got the max paint score. Basically a third of the field. The range for sports scores was, across the board, between 34 and 40. A 6 point variance. What that means is that, in practice, your overall placement is 99% battle points based. Nobody who placed above me had a lower battle point score than I did, and only two players who placed below me had a higher battle point score than I did. That is fine if that is your intent, but it is not what you've billed yourself to be. That being said, I had a great time, and want to reiterate that I thought Alex did a good job organizing the event. Thanks for reading!
  5. If you're going primarily mortal, I can't recommend the Khorne Lord on Juggernaut as a general enough. His command ability only works on mortals though, so his utility diminishes the more non-mortals you include in your list. Khorgoraths are amazing for their points. I run a unit of 2 and a unit of 3 and have been super happy with their performance. 1 Bloodsecrator is pretty much necessary to make Khorne work. I'm pretty sure all our units were priced on the assumption that they were being affected by the portal of skulls. Stokers are great. Added speed and increased effectiveness in combat is always good. Generally speaking, my experience is that with Khorne mortals you want to spend your hero slots on characters that increase the effectiveness of the rest of your army, not on characters that are individual combat monsters. For that reason, while I love the monster deterrent effect that the Mighty Lord has, I think he's a less good option than a bunch of other characters. That being said, if you'r not running gore pilgrims you probably will run less slaughter priests, and he is a good option as a 6th character, simply for that monster deterrent. Watch people not take their GUO anywhere near the objective in Duality of Death. I would leave the Skullcrushers at home unless you run the Brass Stampede (or the equivalent daemon battalion). Even with their GHB17 points drop they are rarely worth it. That being said, if you DO run the brass stampede they bring a LOT of added mobility and a minor but reliable mortal wound output to the army. If you run a ton of Bloodreavers I'd recommend getting a Warshrine. It has the totem keyword so adds an additional attack if within 12" of them, will have to prayers per turn, and adds a 6+ ward save, effectively meaning that big unit has 17% more wounds. If you run the Blood Warriors make sure you run them in units of 10 unless you're simply trying to fill out minimums for battle line or battalions. Their blood glaive (which you put on the champion) can only be taken in units of 10, so they get dramatically more effective at that size.
  6. I think it's just the buck teeth on the horses that suck. Otherwise I like them a lot. Can't wait to start my DoK army!
  7. My understanding (again, secondhand) is that the guy in question has a reputation as being a fun opponent and good sport, which of course is destroyed now, which leads me to believe that it was, indeed, the cash that drove him to behave the way he did. Also, that he is a young guy, and several thousand dollars when you're a young guy can seem like a LOT of money. I will say, and stand by, ****** cash prizes. I mean, I don't know that I'll be running any tourneys any time soon, but I love hobby focused tournaments, so I'm sure I''ll find tertiary value in it! I knew you guys where planning on implementing it, just not sure if you already had, or if it was yet to come. Thanks Garrett!
  8. I keep wanting to put my Malekith and his followers on round bases, but I refuse to work on an army that hasn't had a proper AoS release. Pretty much done with my Khorne, next army is Daughters of Khaine, for sure.
  9. It will likely end up costing me ~$800 between flight/hotel/registration/food/drinks to play in ACon this year. If you don't have a gaming group that price definitely increases significantly, as the hotel becomes exponentially more expensive.
  10. Sweet! I will actually probably be moving to the Midwest (Minneapolis) around that time frame, so if I'm out there (and it hasn't sold out in 3.7 minutes) I'll try to get out to it.
  11. I played in tourneys all over the country in 8th as well. The Midwest has always been somewhat insular from the other regions, because they tended not to travel outside their region. West Coast and Texas (especially Leadership 2 and the San Antonio and Houston gamers) had a ton of interaction, and the North East guys had some as well, but we rarely saw midwesterners out at tourneys outside their region. Not that they weren't lovely hosts when you traveled to their region. Paca was a blast and I miss going to it. (side note: I heard this year might have been the last Paca? That makes me sad.) From what I've heard the midwest opposition to ITC can be boiled down to a few points. 1) Cash prizes: Agree 100%. I think cash prizes bring out the worst in everyone (see: drama in 40k at Nova and LVO) and would do nothing but harm to a community that is still in its early growth stages. 2) Homogenization of Events: I understand this concern. Back when I ran Quake City Rumble, GW at one point tried to dictate the way we ran our event in order for us to be part of their tournament circuit and to receive support. I put my foot down and outright refused. Everyone should be able to run the tournament they want to run. My understanding of the 40k scene is that the vast majority of tourneys in the country use the ITC packet, which has specific house rules/scenarios/etc. (note: this is second hand info. I don't play 40k, so I don't know this to be true first hand.) 3) Lack of Soft Scores Support: Goes hand and hand with point 2 above. My understanding is that Garrett has already or will soon implement soft into BCP. I don't know whether these scores would also be applied to your ITC rankings (like Rankings HQ was, where just your Overall placement mattered) or if ITC will remain a ranking system for Best General awards. 4) Hyper-competitiveness: Concern that participating in a national ranking system will bring the WAAC out in players. Fair concern, but probably overstated. AoS is not 8th (which I for one am super glad about). I think the pitfalls it might fall into are different. Even at LVO, with its cutthroat lists, its 7 games, and the final and largest tourney of the ITC season, the stakes just didn't feel like they were as high in most games as they often did in 8th, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Part of that is we all have to be willing to help build the community we want. I had no problem telling my Changehost opponent after our game that I thought his list was abusive and not fun to play against, and to his credit he listened and responded thoughtfully. Now, and this is just my thoughts on the matter, I don't see why you couldn't use BCP as the powerful tool that it is (assuming it stays free to use, which Garrett has said is his intent), and then if things change down the road (if ITC starts offering a cash prize, starts putting out their own house rules/FAQ, etc.) pull your events from the circuit at that point. Worst case scenario you'd be back where you are now. Anyone who knows me knows that I love soft scores. I rely on my paint and my drunkenness to win things for me. So I love the hobby focused midwest events. The advantage of a national rankings system is that it can help to build a national community. It wasn't until Rankings HQ that I really got to know people from the scene outside California and Texas (we went way back from the Hillbilly Invitational days), and those relationships that we made in that time period were the most fun I ever had in 8th edition, so I'm grateful to it. Just my thoughts. Either way, looking forward to seeing a bunch of you at ACon!
  12. Thanks! I've been pretty happy with how my list has performed overall. I know its not top tier list, but I think it has the tools, when I'm not making mistakes, to deal with most comers. The balewind isn't banned at ACon, just modified so that it can't be within 7" of an objective. Gaunt Summoner does close to zero against my army (his spell is OKAY against the Khorgis because they have the monster keyword, but not nearly the rampant devastation it provides against hordes). That being said, GS/BWV is a crutch, and one I wouldn't be opposed to seeing removed from circulation. GW has tried to fix BWV twice now, once by adding points, and once by removing the ability for behemoths to mount it. It's still being exploited in a way that, IMO, breaks the game. I'd like to see it removed entirely from matched play. The recent FAQ on Vanguard Wing means I doubt we'll see much of them. And like I mentioned before, the changes to the changeling (heh) make the changehost SLIGHTLY less scary. That, in addition to the inclusion of soft scores to overall placement, means the ACon field will probably look far different from the LVO field.
  13. Hey, this is Mike, I was that 10th place Khorne player, and also won "Best Renaissance" (what once would have been known as Overall, soft scores and battle points combined). If you watched my twitch please excuse the several tactical mistakes I made and don't judge my overall abilities on it, it was game 7 and I was exhausted and filled with way too much Vegas buffet food and alcohol. Side note: 7 games is too many games. Especially in Vegas. I played: 1- Vanguard Wing 2- Non-Kunnin Ruk Bonesplitterz 3 - Ironjaws 4 - Skyre 5 - Kroaknado 6 - Changehost 7 - Fyreslayers I went 5-2 and my two losses came to the Bonesplitterz and the Changehost. With the Bonesplitterz I was simply caught off guard by several units I hadn't seen before, plus there was a bit of a communication barrier between my opponent and I. Not his fault by any means, but it made the game more difficult, and meant we didn't get to the end of the game, which is a big disadvantage to my army. It was my first game against the Changehost, and I think I played it fairly well. If either the change or the clarification to the Changeling's rules had happened I would have won that game. I did mention during the game, when I read that rule, that I thought the capitalization in Move under the Puckish Misdirection rule meant that it halved the move characteristic, not the results of die rolls, pile-ins, etc. Turns out I was right according to the most recent FAQ! Tony stated that the capitalization didn't matter, and as I'm not super competitive and had had already lost one game I decided it wasn't worth arguing. That being said, hats off to Tony Moore for being a gentleman to play against. Finally, and with apologies to my opponent, Khorne, played decently, shuts down Kroaknado entirely. First turn auto dispel from the Rune. If you get initiative you should have enough blood tithe every turn from there on out to auto-dispel, if not you hope the reroll from the Bloodsecrator forces him to fail his cast on the vortex (36" is a LONG way). Kroak never got up on his tornado in our game. Probably one of my top two opponents of the weekend though. He took what must have been a very frustrating hero phase every turn exceptionally well and was a delight to play against. All in all I had a blast at LVO, and would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about coming next year.
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