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  1. For 30k/40k it was couple sets of Betrayal at Calth, so many marines to build at once. For AOS I bought the starter set and the khorne expansion, most of those got built on a rainy Sunday. Now painting on the other hand... I tend to get distracted by having like 50000000 projects.
  2. Afternoon everybody! Longtime hobbyist, on and off again player here. I am not sure who I am more loyal to Gork or Khorne(is he Mork in disguise?) I dabbled in fantasy years ago, rank and flank wasn't for me. I came back to painting and playing last year with 30k and kill team. From a hobbyist perspective Age of Sigmar is really compelling for me. It has lots of fantastic new kits to build and paint. It has also filled me hope for what Orkz and World Eater Beserkers can look like in 8th edition. I am painting my way threw some of the starter set and expansion boxes for khorne and Stormcast, they make for great fun and good break from my ever expanding my 30k/8th chaos armies. There may or may not lots of Orruks and Lizardmen on my shelf as well. Thanks Vineyz
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