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  1. I would suggest that most 'special models' are part of a minimum unit size, therefore you can bring back whatever you like whilst conforming to the minimum unit size i.e. you can bring back the champion, musician, other banner bearers first, but any further additions have to take you to the minimum unit size before any allowed additional specials are added.
  2. Whaaattt, its an absolute outrage!! Why if I ever get my hands on... ..meh😔
  3. Yes but we can drive the salt levels down with good tips and advice, experiences and actual bat-reps. The salty ones have had a shot across their bows from the Mods so lets get on and discuss what works! Glad you did so well in the tourney!
  4. Whenever actions take place 'At the start.. ' of any phase, if it is your turn, you choose the order of the actions.
  5. That could be brutal, and I just so happen to have 9. I really like the idea of Gorecleaver on the Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut with Goretide, roll 6's to w and its 6 damage per wound at -2 rend!
  6. I would like to see your and opponents list He had (and I don't know IDK that well) Seahorse King Tidecaster + Soulscryer Leviadon 9 Eels Morrsarr 6 Ishlaen Eels 6 Ishalen Eels Some battalion or other I think that was it, anyway it moved all over the place, the Morrsarr hit like bricks, the Ishlaen didn't appear to die easily and he was all over me like fish soup! I took: Skullfiend Tribe plus Skulltake Battalion 2 x Slaughterpriests Bloodstoker & Secrator Exalted Deathbringer Asp Deathbringer 3 x 10 Blood Warriors 2 x 5 Skuullreapers 2 Khorgaroths Bleeding Icon & Wrath Axe By T2 he was killing me at will, but then the Blood Warriors and Reapers began to take a toll, the Skull-helm, Asp champ and Bleeding Icon saw off the Ishlaen eels with poor Battleshock results and by end of game I had summoned 30 bloodletters and 5 fleshounds onto the table. I only lost because he had built up a good VP lead, and whilst my last charge of the game would have put me ahead, I failed it twice, so it finished 22-20 to the Eels. He used that list in the WHW GT in March this year and qualified for the next round, it isn't shabby, although he might drop the Leviadon for more Eels. Khorne are not push-overs, not by any stretch, only time will tell if they can compete at the top?
  7. Stuff I like: Valkia and the Bleeding Icon ( sounds like Nordic Noir!), what an awesome combo. We never had -1 to hit on our side and now we get two that can be used in combination! Blood Warriors now attrition even harder with punchy fist So far I prefer Goretide over Skullfiend, the re roll 1's to Wound near Objectives leans better to battlefield control than reroll 1's to hit near enemy heroes, plus the run and charge CA is really good. I didn't mind the 6's add 1 for damage but those armies with a ++ save, they tend to reduce it's effectiveness. A Bloodsecrator that can keep pace with 20/30/40 Reavers without having to take Gore Pilgrims - How good is that add in a Stoker, Bloodmad and Goretide and you've got Reavers going 16" Charging 2D6+4" with 4 attacks each - Yes I know you have to keep within 16" of Secrator but you can with careful positioning. Chuck a Skull Helm on an Aspiring Champion and summon the Bleeding Icon and watch 6 Eels disappear! That's 24 wounds for a failed battleshock test! That's a really useful combo. Skullrapers...nuff said Haven't played with my Mighty Skullcrushers yet, but I'm keep to try them - hello tarpit. Anti magic - Skulls, Altar, Secrator, numerous artifacts, Priests, etc etc And I haven't even got my Daemons out yet... This book has someway to go yet before I'm convinced its poor and I'll use my my tabletop experience to form my judgement on Khorne (geddit!)
  8. Having just read through 5-6 pages of doom and despair, I'm honestly like- man up you miserable sods! Moan, moan, moan....blah, blah, blah Played 5 games, won 3, took filthy IDK eel list to the absolute edge and only lost because of a failed charge T5! Khorne are better now, not worse, play some games instead of moaning about them, you're old tactics won't work because they are O-L-D! Don't even try! As for the guy who forgot Skullreapers cause MW on 6's...wake up dude, they hit like a ton of bricks. Got no time to moan, got skulls to take...
  9. The mortals have some wicked combos, yes 'wholly within' is a thing but it will be for everything as their books get updated. There are some truly horrendous combos in this book, I took a mix of bits last night and played a friends GT DoK list. 16-10 on VPs to Khorne, both armies butchered to pretty much heroes, except I had 8 blood tithe points when he called the game on Turn 4 going in to my turn! Early indications are - Khorne fu is strong!
  10. Khorne Monster Mash? LEADERS Bloodsecrator (140) Bloodstoker (80) Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (260) Collar of Khorne Skarbrand (400) Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (320) Crimson Crown UNITS 40 x Chaos Marauders (200) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) BEHEMOTHS Soul Grinder (260) BATTALIONS Council of Blood (150) TOTAL: 1950/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 2 WOUNDS: 128 The idea is sort of refused flank, with the Reavers/Marauders holding one side under the Bloodsecrator, fling the Soulgrinder like a nutter into the enemy, buffed for speed by the WoK BT and the Bloodstoker. Then follow up on the same flank with the Bloodthirsters and kind of munch toward the centre?
  11. Wilf is a dreamer, he often dreams of great things, like being raised on a pedestal above Barak Zilfin and cheered by an adoring crowd. Other times however, he dreams he is being chased by the Monstrous Great Storm Cat, destroyer of ships, wrecker of men, chief culprit of missing paint brushes, in the dream Wilf wishes it would just take nap, so he could scurry away... luckily for Wilf, tonight is the pedestal dream...
  12. Admiral (3rd Class) Wilf Dedengon and his fateful crew, nearly completion before they set sail on their first adventure in the skies above Kirtonia. In the background is his flagship the KV Insert Name Here....Wilf is still pondering the name. His 1st Mate, Barnaby, thinks it should be called something grand like 'KV Indefatigable', 'KV Victorious', or 'The Terror' however Wilf has something even scarier in mind, but is keeping it from the crew from the time being... The crew have heard reports that Wilf hasn't had the best record in The Kharadron Fleet School but so far he hasn't led them into danger, to be fair he hasn't led them anywhere yet but that's not going to stop him now! Wilf poses in his nearly finished Admiral's armour, while his crew pose for the aetherstermatic camera in their bright red tunics. "Red" exclaims Cedrych the Skypike wielder "I like Red, is it your favourite colour as well Admiral?" "Its so the blood doesn't show" replies Wilf cheerily. Barnaby sometimes wishes Wilf would speak less pragmatically....
  13. Nice story! We'll have to start a linked story thread over on the narrative section of TGA.
  14. i think if you are playing one off friendlies and you know what your opponent is bringing, the sword is a good choice for some match-ups. However I'd always take a bell in a tournament or league game, the mobility benefits cannot be under-estimated. If you are fortunate enough to have the +2" speed from the cycle, plus the bell, plus a Gnarlmaw, it causes all sorts of problems for your opponent!
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