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  1. What do you guys think about he new Skullgrinder? Seems to lack purpose if you ask me. But its not like he was common sight before.
  2. I find 1500 be the sweet spot for 2v2 games and triumph and treacher.
  3. Mighty lord of khorne conversion project for my ghur themed blades of khorne/StD army. Not really unique conversion since web is full of similar conversion, but still wanted to share it here.
  4. Doesn't hammer of sigmar need to spend cp and then succeed at 5+roll?
  5. Queston about the hammer of sigmar command ability. May i use multiple command poinst to try get dead unit back and would i get to roll that dice and then choose to use another command point to try to return them if i fail the roll?
  6. People shouldn't take articles about nerd culture too seriously, expecially when written by a person disconnected from that demographic. Also middle class? I make waaay under middle class income and still play this game, sure it might be month of noodles and porridge when i buy more that i should but still. They should consider following smoking can cost 5euros a day once you get it going and going to a bar can cost you 80-200euros for one evening of "fun". I think when one sees this as hobby and compares it to other expensive hobbies or activities, it wont look that expensive in the end.
  7. Anyone else find it funny that troggoths cost same as bullgors? Do the mortal wound ability of the bullgor make them in line damage wise with the troggoths or do troggoths just benefit from the new models GW wants to sell.
  8. Cmon man i already had my torch lighted up and i wast going to start foaming from my mouth and scream. Well maby next time.....
  9. Well that could still be used as aspiring deathbringer, for it has 32mm base. Of course outside some events the base sizes are not too strict. Most of the bloodbound heros have 40mm bases If you don't want to rebase that you could always glue that base to 40mm base and then base/convert it to look like she stands on small hill over a stormcast corpse. Would you have that skull kit from gw it could be made even look like pile of skulls by gluin them in the side of the smaller base atop of 40mm one. Just my 2cents
  10. Cool conversion on slaughter priest. What size base does it has? Slaughter priest seem to have 40mm bases on webstore.
  11. Basicly Mordheim wih aos miniatures, i remeber people playing catiously for risk of injury or permadeath on their character, that gave it intensity coupled with high customability and experience progression.
  12. We could always use primaris stormcast (slightly larger stormcasts with less options than regular, but still.better in every way) and Sigmar who would give rerolls to everyone near him..... Also why not just regular stormcasts but inside a stormcast, so double the fun, quadruple the monetary price! Everyone wins!
  13. Disspossessed! Huge blocks of shielded dwarves supported by huge blocks of shooting units.
  14. You mean Gavriel "someone hit my face with frying pan when I was baby" Sureheart He is the bulldog of Stormcasts. Or there might have been one too many hammer strikes during his forging.
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