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  1. If i have more then one priest (3) can they all pray the same prayer in the same phase? All so need to know where i can find the Rule of One in the books.
  2. Love this army love to see them on the field.
  3. Easele n

    Infinite attacks

    I found it. The Rules of One. Pg. 76 of the New GHB 2017 thanks everyone.
  4. Easele n

    Infinite attacks

    So i read the GHB and it dosent say that i "cant" keep the chain going as long as i keep get 6 or more and the "more" is adding any modifiers to it.
  5. Easele n

    Infinite attacks

    So I was reading stormcast battletome book. Page 99 Prayers of Stormhosts (Bless Weapons)--In your hero phase, you can declare that this model is going to pray for sigmar to bless the weapons of his chosen warriors. If you do so, pick the priest or a unit with 12" of them and roll a dice. On a roll of 4 or more the prayer is heard - until your next hero phase, for that hit rolls of 6 or more for that unit, you can immediately roll another attack. Now that we know that. Set up with up with. Lord-Celestant (General) Retributors (x's)(2A, 3+h, 3+w, -1r, 2d) Lord-Relictor Now with the celestant giving +1 to hit 9" around him. And a set Retributors have Blast to Ash on hits 6 or more inflict 2 mortal wounds. With the buff of the Relictor (bless weapons). Will the buff keep the going "if" all my dice love me. But that would make it so that if i get 5ups making to a 6 because of the +1 to hit. that is an auto 2mw. And scince it is a 6 now will it keep going?
  6. Hello everyone. I need help with my army and advice, tips. I know that there are so many ways to play. And it all depends on the person. So the last few games i played i Turtle all the way and it did not help. I have been feeling it has been holding me back. So i need advice on what to do. I am open to all suggestions. This is my first army and i love the Stormcast. My army Roster: Lord-Celestant On Dracoth Knight-Venator(with Realmhunter's Bow) Knight-Vexillor (with Meteoric Standard) Lord-Celestant Lord-Relictor Lord-Veritant (with Gryph-Hound ) 2x Liberators (warhammer & Shields) 2x Judicators (Skybolt bow & Shockbolt bow) Paladin Retributors Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers
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