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  1. Anybody got any advice for IJ going into Bonereapers? Been playing the book since it dropped and have had the most fun I’ve had playing in years, every game has been enjoyable, not felt up against it yet and I’ve got a solid win rate with them despite playing in a very competitive local meta. The only match up I despise right now is Bonereapers, if I’m not running a Mawkrusha with the -3 rend artefact I bounce off of everything and anything I touch. Mortek backed up by Katakros just stand staunch and blend whatever touches them and I’m yet to find an effective way of dealing with them, IJ smas
  2. It’s not a ‘fly’ ability though is it? It’s a redeploy, you set up the unit elsewhere on the table. I get that in your head it’s flying but when it comes to the rules there’s no reason you can’t use high fly if you can longer fly. It literally says “instead of a normal move” do x instead.
  3. It’s the forgeworld points that he was referring too. They came out after the GHB
  4. Why are skyfires still 200 points? All the Tzaangors at the moment are so lack luster for the price, really thought they would've done something with them this time around. I love my Tzaangors, I'm just bored of them being so meh.
  5. I know the GHB isn’t all about matched play. But as someone who plays more competitively I always feel like the GHB outside of the new battle plans is always a bit of a let down. I think in the current age there is no excuse at all for taking nine months to publish a points change, I don’t even think twice a year is good enough personally, they could easily do regular points updates to address key offenders like every other game on the planet.
  6. First off I’d take these a pinch of salt. If these are the changes I’ll be pretty disappointed, doesn’t really change anything apart from the few lists with 4 million ardboys. Think the Maw-Krusha could drop a few points honestly when you compare it frostlords and the like, brutes could drop a little more just to make them more attractive.
  7. *looks at Maw-Krusha and cries* Seriously though, more expensive than a Frostlord on Stonehorn, less killy, less survivable. Geedubs are just a bit all over the place when it comes to pointing behemoths.
  8. Sorry I think you misunderstood me slightly. These points won’t be in the ghb, they’ll be released in a separate faq. That’s why should take them with a hefty pinch of salt. We never really get leaks from errata's or faqs, this just looks like someone’s wish list to me.
  9. I’d take those point drops with a pinch of salt personally. These would be in the faq post release. I wouldn’t start planning around them until the faq drops
  10. The unit is called Tzaangor Enlightened, the “on discs of Tzeentch” is sub text on the warscroll. There was a faq a while back that said you ignore sub texts for battalions. It’s like with KO the Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit can go in any battalion the regular Endrinmaster can go in. The Enlightened on disc can go in the witchfyre battalion no problem at all.
  11. But that’s the great thing about language right? They constantly evolve, I’m from a physics background and people constantly misuse scientific terminology on a dailybasis. Doesn’t mean they’re using the word incorrectly though, words can have multiple definitions and those definitions sometimes change over time. Because @Sleboda understands origin of the word doesn’t make everyone else’s use of the word incorrect, it’s just nit-picking for the sake of it.
  12. I fail to see that happening. Both Tzeentch and KO are devastating at 18”. They deep strike 9” away. Unless you’ve done literally no screening whatsoever then it’s not happening, hell Tzeentch only get one teleport now.
  13. I like brutes too, they look one million times better than ardboys which is way I run them, I don’t think they’re unplayable at all and I have lots of success with them. However I’m also aware that this is the internet and apparently I’m not allowed to say I like brutes.
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