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  1. TheWolf

    January 2

    Today I finished the Branchwraith off and began to lay down the base coat for my Treelord Ancient. On top of that, I began painting some test Blood Angels with a drybrush scheme, to try and get it as close as possible to my current scheme. It was a success!
  2. TheWolf

    January 1

    Started work on my converted Branchwraith. Have it almost all the way painted; just have to finish off the base.
  3. TheWolf

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Spellweaver +20 Waywatcher +20 Eternal Guard -10 Sisters of the Watch -40 Wild Riders -20 Wildwood Rangers -40 Battalion -40
  4. TheWolf

    Using Battle Companies in AoS

    That's kind of what I meant, sorry. Pick an AoS unit and find a profile to match it.
  5. TheWolf

    Using Battle Companies in AoS

    I have been thinking about the same thing. My gut feeling is the easiest way to do this is to use the Middle Earth rules, creating profiles for AoS models in that game system.
  6. TheWolf

    Wave 2 Confirmed

    Games Workshop have announced Wave 2 of the warbands: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/03/22/breaking-news-major-revealsgw-homepage-post-1/ It looks like 557 cards in the next set, which is 120 more than current. I assume this means we will get a core set again and 8 additional warbands.
  7. TheWolf

    Game Theory

    This is a topic I have been thinking about since Shadespire came out. As a Magic: the Gathering player, we are aware of game theory ideas such as mana curves and such. I'm wondering if the same sorts of theories can be applied to decks in Shadespire. In particular, I have been wondering about "objective curves" and do overs. Objective Curves - in Magic, the concept of mana curves is simple - don't play too many high mana cost cards or you won't be able to play them. I think the same thing can apply to your Objective deck; if you play too many high Glory Points objectives, they will be harder to score. This in turn limits your ability to play upgrades. Now, this doesn't translate directly over from Magic, as you can gain Glory by killing opposing fighters, but I think it is still an interesting concept. One thing I have been trying in my decks is to build an Objective deck with the following "curve": 5-7 1 Glory Point objectives 3-5 2 Glory Point objectives 1-3 3+ Glory Point objectives It has been working well so far, for me at least. Do Overs - the other thing I want to talk about is Do Overs. In Magic, we have mulligans, where you shuffle your opening hand back into your deck and draw a new hand, but with 1 card less. It's generally accepted that if you have a hand of all lands or no lands it is an instant mulligan. Now, I haven't thought through this one as much, but, I would assume a hand of all upgrades is an instant Do Over? On the flip side, I don't think an hand of no upgrades is a Do Over, I think it is something you would probably keep. Ideally, you want a hand of 2-3 Ploys and 2-3 Upgrades. I think (though not positive on this) that a hand of 4 upgrades and 1 ploy may also be a Do Over. This is a theory I need to test more. Anyway, these are just some thoughts I've had. Anyone else thought of anything similar?
  8. TheWolf

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Thanks. Pretty much stuck to the game plan - capture objectives, protect the Warden, and used Daemonic Weapon and Heroslayer on Petitioners to turn them into decent fighters. I had the most problems with Khorne which was the closest match.
  9. TheWolf

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Played my first organised play event today, winning using the guard. I used the "Area Control" deck posted on the website with a few tweaks, including putting in Heroslayer. Card worked well on the petitioners, and I managed to one-shot some Stormcast on two different occasions. Played against 2 Stormcast opponents and one Khorne
  10. TheWolf

    Conceding a game in Tournament Play

    Thanks, but does that also apply for Shadespire?
  11. With WU organised play just around the corner, an interesting question came up from our playing group. With difference in Glory Points being a tie breaker, what happens if a player concedes a game? Many of our group are Magic players and are used to conceding if losing; this seems like it can't really happen due to the tie breaker rules. But, if a player just decides to stop playing, it's hard to force them to continue. Is this something that has been addressed at tournaments so far?
  12. TheWolf

    Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    So I played my first match without the starter decks tonight, best of three against the Orruks. I decided to build an ultra-defensive deck relying on objective scoring and keeping my guys alive. I won the match 2 games to 0 (with a draw included as well). All of the games were close (except the first one where my opponent didn't know what to expect): Glory Point scores were 5-1, 7-7, 7-6. My deck: Ploys/Upgrades: Heroic Stride Lightning Blast Great Speed Blessed Armour Shardcaller Great Fortitude Blessed by Sigmar Disengage Block Shadeglass Darts Stormforged Tactics Heroic Guard Duel of Wits Daylight Robbery Cruel Taunt Distraction Sidestep Healing Potion Shardfall Peal of Thunder Objective Deck Hold Objective 1 Hold Objective 2 Hold Objective 3 Hold Objective 4 Hold Objective 5 Superior Tactician Consecrated Area Eternals Annihilation Victorious Duel Immovable Object Sigmar's Bullwark Annihilation was useless so I will be replacing that with something else.