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  1. Sylvaneth would be the Order one, no?
  2. Hopefully... it matches the symbol on their helms.
  3. The new Rumor Engine is suspiciously wood-elfy: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/26/the-rumour-engine-4th-december-2018-2/?fbclid=IwAR2_TfU023eu6C8TgA-merpVN1rvD-MUJ4o6wT8bSyJ6rXBxk8_nGgLo8Kk
  4. I didn't say ALL people. I am people too and I don't like Skirmish. It has many issues. Just look at all the fan-created variants that have come out of the years and you'll see what I mean; I am not the only one that thinks this.. Some people like the idea of Warcry being Chaos only. Some people don't. Each to their own. Personally, I was *hoping* Warcry would be the AoS equivalent of Kill Team. And it still may be. But it doesn't read that way.
  5. No, Skirmish is NOT the product people want. People want a balanced game with more detail, something Skirmish isn't (Skirmish is horribly unbalanced if you know what to do). They want AoS Kill Team. In short, they want Warcry, but they want to be able to use all factions, not just Chaos.
  6. This. All they said was "the article says that we'll be exploring the dizzying diversity of Chaos on a scale never attempted before - that's all we know right now. As soon as we have more to announce here, we'll announce it!"
  7. Out. To be honest, the Darkoath models interest me (as does the scenery), so I may end up buying it. If it's Chaos only, though, I doubt it will hold my interest.
  8. That makes two of us. Just not really interested if it's Chaos only.
  9. Here are my Shadespire season warbands.
  10. Warcry looks very Chaos centric. I'm not getting my hopes up that this is the Skirmish game we all want.
  11. TheWolf

    January 2

    Today I finished the Branchwraith off and began to lay down the base coat for my Treelord Ancient. On top of that, I began painting some test Blood Angels with a drybrush scheme, to try and get it as close as possible to my current scheme. It was a success!
  12. TheWolf

    January 1

    Started work on my converted Branchwraith. Have it almost all the way painted; just have to finish off the base.
  13. Spellweaver +20 Waywatcher +20 Eternal Guard -10 Sisters of the Watch -40 Wild Riders -20 Wildwood Rangers -40 Battalion -40
  14. That's kind of what I meant, sorry. Pick an AoS unit and find a profile to match it.
  15. I have been thinking about the same thing. My gut feeling is the easiest way to do this is to use the Middle Earth rules, creating profiles for AoS models in that game system.
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