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  1. merzbau

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I’m still planning out my army- I haven’t made any firm decisions besides Gavespawn (not for any perceived competitive advantage, but for the fluff, color scheme and incentive to run a lot of Spawn), but one thing I’m stuck on is Gors. I know Bestigors kind of outclass them point for point, and plenty of other units (not least of which are Tzaangors I also have waiting in the wings) do what they do only better, but I’m determined to run a max-strength unit of them because dammit, they’re *the* Beastmen infantry. That said, I have no idea how best to equip them. I’m in the awkward position of having ten with shields and ten with dual hand weapons mostly completed; is obviously be building up from one of these units, but I’m not really sure which is a better use of my time. Shields seem to be a weak second to Bestigors, who just have a straight-up 4+, but I simply haven’t played enough to be at all confident in that evaluation. How are those of you who use Gors getting on with them?
  2. merzbau

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I’m so, so excited for this- my local group plays exclusively 40k, so getting into AoS beyond collecting would mean borrowing my girlfriends’s car and driving 30 minutes to a neighboring town, so I haven’t really been keeping up closely. But a surprise release that makes the Beastmen Battalion I bought just before it was discontinued the foundation of a fun, characterful army again- and a subfaction dedicated to my favorite villain in WHFB- is exactly what I need to get stuck into 2nd edition and make that drive more often. I’ll hopefully be picking up my Battletome tomorrow, but I’m the meantime I have a question about army composition- can a Gavespawn army actually buy Spawn during list building to make sure they can trigger their special rule? If not, are they summonable? Or am I limited to what I can squeeze out of dead heroes, meaning the army is intended to be hero-heavy and aggressive, which admittedly seems like a great fit with the Desolating Beastherd Battalion?
  3. merzbau

    Tzeentch army progress

    I couldn’t leave it alone; here’s a tiny bit more progress, with the teeth blocked in with Rakarth Flesh and the eyes started with basecoats of Averland Sunset (later getting a tiny highlight of Flash Gitz Yellow to match my Blue Horror scheme of choice) and Screamer Pink (which will get a microdot of Tau Light Ochre to match my Tzaangor- I want to give the impression that the bird head has its own thing going on and that it’s not necessarily thrilled to be growing out of the Flamer’s head). I did hit a couple of irritating snags, however. First, the shield on that Kairic Acolyte detached itself through unknown circumstances and a misguided attempt to reattach it with plastic glue failed just as I remembered the grey on the attachment points wasn’t the result of masking but rather of grey primer. I’m not terribly annoyed since it’s just a test model, but I really need to figure out how to get a rock-solid connection for all my shield-bearing models come army building time. Second, my Averland Sunset- a Paint I barely use and have only opened a handful of times- seems like it’s drying out or thickening in the pot; even a vigorous shake won’t stir up the mass of the paint from the bottom. I hate the current Citadel pots with a passion, as there’s almost no way to avoid getting that crust of paint under the rim and even ones that seem like they’re perfectly sealed and kept in virtually sterile conditions (like my Averland Sunset, which spends its time closed in a plastic box in a cool, dark corner) have the risk of unpredictably going bad.
  4. merzbau

    Tzeentch army progress

    Tonight’s WIP: another bitz box purchase, this time an Exalted Flamer. No arms, since this model is impossible to paint properly with them attached, and no base, because it snapped right off as I was applying my base coat- this guy has a really tenuous attachment when not on his disc, something I’m going to have to remedy for the next one. This is more or less following Duncan’s Flamer tutorial, with a few alterations since an Exalted Flamer has fewer tentacles and lumps than the regular variety, instead having a kind of scaly texture running up its back. in case anyone is curious: Black primer (important, since it has an open maw at the bottom that would be extremely difficult to block in if I used a lighter or colored primer) Kantor Blue basecoat Three successive washes of Nuln Oil, each one lower down the model A very light drybrush of Kantor Blue right at the start of the transition to catch the texture and tie it back to the main color Extremely thinned down lines of Kantor Blue to pick out the tentacles on the darkest segment A drybrush of Altdorf Guard Blue on the texture, face and the musculature on the underside, followed by a layer of Altdorf on the face details and thinned highlights on the base’s tentacles A drybrush of Calgar Blue, concentrated on the very top of the model as well as the face And, now that the drybrushing has made it easier to find a good demarcation line, a basecoat of Zandri Dust and wash of Seraphim Sepia on the beak. This is an experiment; I’m kind of testing how much of a palette I want to share between my Mortal and Daemon Tzeentch models, and this is a dry run for the scheme I’m thinking of using on my Txaangors’ beaks. Next steps will be highlights of Calgar Blue on the face and fine highlights of Fenrisian Grey; a layer of Ushabti Bone, wash of gloss Agrax Earthshade toward the tip, and Screaming Skull highlights on the beak; and the arduous process of doing the teeth (which aren’t nearly as well defined as I’d like on the secondary mouths toward the base and on the hands) and finishing blocking in the flames. Since Ceramite White is just garbage liquid from a dumpster on a hot summer’s day- no, scratch that, “liquid” is too charitable- I’m starting with Celestra Grey and layering up to White Scar before I start coloring them in. It’s more layers of paint than I like, but I really can’t realistically prime the flames separately in white, especially when parts of them are on the main body and arms.
  5. merzbau

    Horticulous Slimux skin

    It doesn’t seem like a very ‘Eavy Metal thing to do but the sheer luminous brightness of the skin- like he’s just glowing wih rot- makes me suspect he was shaded directly over white primer and then touched up with very neat layers or glazes of very light greens?
  6. merzbau

    Tzeentch army progress

    Next will be three more Acolytes and a couple of Tzaangors I’ve made out of individual bitz purchases and spare heads and arms. Really looking forward to those, though I’m worried about faking the gold trim on that one frigging set of legs where it just kind of melts into the leg plate.
  7. I’ve bitten off a way bigger project than I can chew and am working on a large force of Tzeentch models, between Slaves to Darkness, Daemons and Arcanites. While I work on assembly (which takes me forever thanks to being a perfectionist with mold lines, gaps, subassemblies and separate basing on some models), I’m practicing my paint schemes with some models off of eBay. So far that’s meant this Kairic Acolyte- I’d love C&C from anyone working on a similar army, or in general, as I puzzle outhoe to replicate the GW studio scheme (which coincidentally fits my favorite fluff from the Battletome, the mutation-obsessed Cult of the Transient Form). People on the AoS subreddit night have already seen this; I have a short list of problem areas I know how to do differently and some things I’m still working on: 1. The cloth: I need to do a recess shade after the initial layer of Celestra Grey instead of layering up to Ulthuan Grey and thinking I can clean up an all-over wash. 2. The skin: this is Rakarth Flesh, all-over Reikland Fleshshade, Flayed One Flesh layer. For the next one, I think I’ll get better, less stark results by layering up to Flayed One first, washing with thinned Reikland and then layering Flayed One again and Pallid Wych Flesh for highlights, but I’m totally open to feedback and suggestions. For full units (and at least one of my three remaining eBay practice models) i want to mix in darker skin tones as well. 3. The gold. It’s too bright on the mask; the shield is shaded but not layered yet. I start with Retributor Armor and Reikland Fleshshade (washed at the same time as the skin) but a layer of Liberator Gold is too bright and silvery. I’m going to try a layer of Auric Armor Gold, leaving Liberator for highlights and Stormhost Silver for fine points, though I’m a little worried that might look too much like the Stormcast color scheme... 4. The visible mutations, in this case the mask and feet. I’m a little annoyed that the multipart Acolytes don’t have bird feet and from what I can tell the masks don’t seem melded into their faces like on this guy but rather just seated on top, with flesh visible around the eyes on some, but I’ll figure out how I want to make it work. This is just a wash of Carroburg Crimson, which left some unfortunate tide marks and uneven finish on the applied areas. 5. Finally, and his is just personal preference, the gems. I’m not really sold on the gemstone paints, and this model (and the Tzeentch range!) has enough uneven shapes, like the “eyes” on the belt and dagger hilt, to make the gem paints physically difficult to apply. And the metallic finish makes it that much more difficult to paint a pupil on the “eye” gems and have it be legible. I’m going to try the old school approach on future models and see where that gets me.
  8. He could just be overly enthusiastic to share his project and not terribly socially adept? Not to generalize, but that's not an uncommon personality type in this and other hobbies that occupy the same social sphere. I usually just ignore it unless it gets overtly toxic.
  9. merzbau

    How do you base old models?

    There were some rounds in classic Warhammer- Goblin Fanatics and such. But yeah, it’s hard to get used to at first; some models, like Chaos Warriors, are so clearly made to look good when ranked up that they seem a bit off freestanding on 32mm rounds. I just spent a good chunk of time tonight preparing the base for my Great Bray-Shaman, one of the recent-ish clampack characters with a sculpted square base, and it took far more effort than it should to get it (almost) ready to glue down to a 32. It still needs a blob of green stuff under the middle, which is hollow, plastic glue around the edges, careful filing of the two corners that still stick out a bit and some fine slate scatter and texture paint work to blend it all in.
  10. merzbau

    Talking Fatesworn....Tzeench

    I assumed it only worked on Chaos Warriors, the specific unit, as opposed to being a misprint for “Slaves to Darkness,” since Chaos Warriors are for some reason listed as “Warriors of Chaos” even though the warscroll name is the former...
  11. merzbau

    Kairic acolytes?

    I’m building toward a Cult of the Transient Form myself but I don’t expect to be super competitive, honestly.
  12. merzbau

    Help with my 2k Slaves to Darkness

    Unless you need the disc's mobility to zip around and buff units who benefit from having him nearby (and all I can think of off the top of my head for Tzeentch allegiance is Tzaangor banners and Kairic Acolytes' ranged attacks) or get him in place for strategic summoning, the on-foot Summoner's spell seems vastly more powerful, especially if he has Familiars to boost his casting a little.
  13. I’m trying to figure out the best option for Brayherd troops here. I’m building 1000 points from the old Battalion box (plus the Warherd allies box, a Beastlord and a Bray-Shaman) and I’m waffling between a block of 20 Gors with shields or 10 each with shields and dual hand weapons. It doesn’t really feel like the Anarchy and Mayhem bonus will be worth it since they’ll lose that with their very first casualty, and while I haven’t done the mathhammer or played enough to have a sense for this yet, it seems like Battleshock will deplete a larger unit more than the meager Bravery bonus will help unless I take it well past 20.
  14. I’m driving myself up the wall trying to get an Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch (sans Burning Chariot) to stay on its base and I’m wondering what other people have settled on. I’m grateful that since release they’ve offered full rules support for the Flamer on foot (or fungus jet, or whatever), even to the point of including the correct base, but getting it to stay *on* that base is an absolute pain. For those who aren’t familiar with the model, it’s not really designed to fit anything but the Chariot; its underside is both hollow and concave, meant to fit to the Chariot’s convex top surface. I’ve tried plastic glue, but it only has two tiny points of contact and came off during painting even with careful handling. Superglue isn’t much more promising. Has anyone successfully nailed one of the floaty buggers down?
  15. It's quite big! Both of the major components of the Balewind Vortex- the stone base and the floating Chaos star- are a little under 4" across, meaning you'd need a 100mm round base to fit.