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  1. Personaly I love the narrative of Stormcast being regular people dealing with and changing due to a rough form of immortality. (Pitures from https://kaisermakes.tumblr.com/)
  2. I only know him for the things he says on his public platform with his large audiance. Just from that he's definatly a garbage person, even if I knew him personaly and he acted nice to me. Still a bad dude.
  3. Not a Rumour but i'm loving AOS: Soulbound, can't wait for further expansions
  4. So the Last Stormcast battletome was released in 2018. Do you think a new book on it's own this year would be good, or wait for a new chamber opening before a new book?
  5. Well we do have Maesa the aelf prince who was in a relationship with a human woman, and it's been a while since reading those short stories but I think it was mention how they weren't able to have children.
  6. PDF of the AOS RPG is coming out soon, keep a look out. Can't wait
  7. Can't wait for this RPG https://www.cubicle7games.com/age-of-sigmar-soulbound-the-fearless-black-ark-corsair-reveal/
  8. Is it possible that the daughters of khaine will be rolled into malerions aelfs of ulgu?
  9. maybe that comet staff from the preview was teasing a Devoted of Sigmar Warcry band?
  10. stated this is a way off, can't wait
  11. Don't think there's gonna be a Sons of Behemat preview.
  12. Ooooh.. Mountain Goats, I get it. Also I think Tyrion will come if not now, when the fire elements are released for the Lumaneth.
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