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  1. My thoughts / speculations / hopes so far: There will be two main factions, first led by Teclis: represents moon ranged+magic focused Troops with Auralan keyword can be selected as battleline several subfactions (e.g., mountain or river specialisation or no specialisation) Second led by Tyrion: represents sun melee focused Troops with Vanari keyword can be selected as battleline several subfactions (e.g., zenith or wind specialisation or no specialisation) Aetherquartz: I expect some once-per battle effect, with the effect depending
  2. So, what about Vanguard Wing? While no longer a competitive powerhouse, maybe it is still good for a fun/semi-competitive list? For example, consider this Battalion: 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins, 1 x Stormsurge Trident (100) 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins, 1 x Stormsurge Trident (100) 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins, 1 x Stormsurge Trident (100) 10 x Judicators, Boltstorm Crossbows, 2 x Shockbolt Bows (320) 10 x Liberators, Warhammers, 2 x Grandhammers (200) Vanguard Wing (140) Judicators: Unit of 10 to make th
  3. In matched play, you can have only one model of an endless spell on the table (see GHB). If you want to re-cast the spell, the model has to be removed from play first (usually by dispelling it or by it moving over a table edge). Outside of matched play you can cast it as long as you have models that are not yet on the table (Malign Sorcery).
  4. Impressive display from the Changeling ?... I would not count on it to always work like this, though. Probably your opponent was unaware of the danger. He could have deployed half his army in the Celestial Realm, and deploy the rest in a more widespread zig-zag formation. Then the pendulum would probably only hit 2 or 3 units. A Knight-Incantor can auto-dispel it, of course ... I guess the Changeling died immediately after this heroic act? Gaunt Summoner with familiars: actually, the attacker can choose if he wants to inflict damage on the Summoner or on the familiars...
  5. @ Yoshiya: For this list, I would choose: General Trait: neither the Shaman nor the Ogroid are great wizards (and at 1000 points you will probably encounter only one or two wizards), so the magic-related stuff is less useful. The Shaman will babysit the Enlightened, while the Ogroid stays with the main force. Hence I would make the Ogroid general and give him the Cult Demagogue trait, giving every unit near him (including himself) +2 bravery. Really useful on bravery 5 units. Spells: requiring a 9+ to cast (28% chance without buffs), I would only take Firestorm on a Gaunt Summoner
  6. Personally, I would not take a Battalion at 1000 points, as it eats up too much percentage of your total points. At 2000, it is much more viable. I have some doubts about running almost only Acolytes as they are not durable, and their damage output is rather low. Against 4+ save, it takes the shooting of 8 Acolytes on average to cause a wound (with to-hit bonus). Close combat is similar. The Enligthened are about to get a nice buff: 1 more spear attack, while points are rumored go down to 140 per 3. You could then build something like this: Tzaangor Shaman (180) Ogroid Thaumat
  7. Why the Changeling? If you take a Magister instead, you can upgrade the Brimstones to Blue Horrors. As the Magister creates Chaos Spawns and the Blues generate Brimstones, this would add some resilience to your list ...
  8. All true, but it is still only one shot per Skyfire. And if they shoot something with -1 to hit on it, six of them only do 1D3 MW and 1D3 normal damage on average. As you mentioned Spirit Hosts : for 480 points you get 12 of them, each doing 6 attacks. That's an average of 12 MW per combat phase.
  9. Hmm, I am not impressed... for 6 Skyfires that's on average 1D3 MW @24" range per shooting phase (and of the 9 DD, on average there are 1.5 sixes...). Add to this ~2D3 normal damage @rend -1 ... And that unit costs 440 points (or maybe 400 ?). Maybe it's better to regard their shooting as a bonus and see their mobility plus close combat (with re-rolls) as the main feature.
  10. After the new Stormcast Battletome, I expected some of these changes, but I thought they would come with the next DoT Battletome (effect ranges changed from "within" to "wholly within", effects that trigger on 6+ changed to unmodified 6)... Tzaangor Shaman: the elixir got worse, as its re-roll now affects only the additional spell, not both spells... Tzaangor Skyfires: are they worth 220 points now? First "Look out, Sir!", now this ... I think their cost should be reduced significantly (maybe 180?) Only bright side is the Enlightened bonus spear attack...
  11. Maybe this: Kairos Gaunt Summoner on Disc (for speed), with Rune Blade of Chamon for -3 rend on the Warptongue Blade If you make the charge with the Gaunt (use DD, or CP to re-roll charge if needed), use DD for to-hit + to-wound rolls, hope that Nagash fails his 6+ save (5/6 chance), then roll 2D6 with at least one 5+ (5/9 chance) and use Kairos' ability if needed to change one die to a 6. With 46.3 % probability, that's one dead Nagash ? You can also use Arcane Transformation for +1 attack on the Warptongue Blade (cast by a wizard outside the enemies dispell-radius) to do
  12. That number is wrong. Taking rend -1 on the sword into account, the Lord Celestant deals 1.98 wounds against 4+ save on the charge. If he also uses his CA (the main reason to take him), that goes up to 2.52 wounds against 4+ save. Add to this an average of 1.75 MW during the ranged phase from his ability (as it is an ability and not a ranged attack he can also use it after running). Plus of course the +1 to hit in CC that he also gives to other units ... not that bad, if you ask me! If you "want" a pathetic Stormcast hero that truly sucks, look no further than the Knight-Ques
  13. Well, when I picked up the new Battletome several weeks ago, I gave it a cursory glance and was so frustrated that I put it aside for the time being: - Battalions castrated: removed the good rules and kept the crappy rule for a slight reduction in points. Best Battalion only uses new models (Cleansing Phalanx of course) - Stormhosts: either ******, or forces you to take more or less crappy General trait and Artifact - Support ranges: a lot got changed from "within X" " to "completely within X" " - Almost none of the changes I was hoping for came along - Soul Wars box
  14. That's a really great idea! I also play Drukhari in 40K, and I just love these models! Just imagine a whole Dark Elves army with these aesthetics
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