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  1. I allow for some triangulation. Stuff will move around.
  2. Forget the warscroll, the spellportal has a FAQ on this exact question. Assuming it hasn't changed, you measure the end of the line from the portal, but the beginning of the line is still the GUO base. A huge 30+" line!
  3. This. I suspect a proper moonclan horde will terrify Nagash.
  4. I am reminded of my 1995 squig hopper list where they took out the favored chaos lord in one turn. Changed the entire tournament, and I didn't even place. Nothing like good old fashioned lucky dice.
  5. My army is always built around centerpiece models. These always take up more points than the top netlists can afford, so I end up using less of the good models to compensate. The better my army looks, the less competitive it is. Learning to play and win with those lists make me a better player faster, in my opinion, and I win with style.
  6. In all seriousness, if you've just managed to limp away from a horde of hopping mushrooms with teeth and the moon gives you the stink eye and starts throwing rocks at you... You've probably lived long enough.
  7. The best block, no be there. -Mr. Miyagi
  8. My first game, against another new player, I interpreted the rules as "roll 2 dice for battleshock." Lost most of my units in one round. Devastating.
  9. Rules that are already in the game under the Nurgle banner... Cycle of corruption #6, D3 mortals on D3 units. Potentially available every turn.
  10. Gents! Take a look at the very last question of the Malign Sorcery FAQ. It's official! Thrice Befoulment can shoot plague winds dealing 3D3 mortals in excess of 30".
  11. I agree, pink and green is just the right touch of yuck. I just finished this bad boy, cept for some nurglings and basing.
  12. Just fashion him a taller hat. Almost 10" tall
  13. Oh, I learned a new word! I don't know if that refers to a specific technique or spots in general. For mine, the spots are basically splattered white. Pull the bristles back with your thumb and let the paint fly.
  14. I cannot confirm, but I am confident that the gods of chaos weren't around yet. This is a generic Chaos Sorcerer, with a casting stamp of 1985. I believe he came with a small entourage of familiars (dragon, cat, nymph) that I didn't paint.
  15. It's way down my list, but eventually my final Pusgoyle fly will have its wings shredded, abdomen cracked, and pull itself along with its front legs.
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