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  1. @Uveron I was thinking of two units of 3 skull crushers and two MLOK on juggers as a possible option
  2. @Killaxthanks. Need to find time to play test it now!
  3. Hi all, I’m going to be attending heat 3 at Warhammer world in June so looking to get a list semi-formalised, so I can get as much practice in as possible Im thinking of taking a blood reaver heavy force (2x 40), a unit of 30 bloodletters, 6 skull crushers, a warshrine, two blood stokers, a bloodsecreator, two units of 5 wrathmongers and MLOK on foot. Not particularly subtle - hey diddle diddle, straight down the middle - smashing things up, but with some good overlapping and synergy. I’m not aiming for top table heroics but not last would be nice! Any thoughts?
  4. Not a clue I'm afraid. It's not a particularly active scene at my club-we only meet on average once a month and there's lots of different games/systems so it's not like I can see his regular list.
  5. Hi guys I have a game against stormcast next week. Not sure what I'll be up against though... Here is my proposed list-comments appreciated
  6. The ape

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Ha it was a team effort from my wife, my parents, my in laws and my kids (and a bit out of my own pocket!) plus my local games store owner gave me a decent discount for buying it in bulk! So, add a smiter - put him on a magmadroth? Or leave him on foot?
  7. The ape

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Hi guys. I received three get started sets plus another 30 vulkites, a grimwrath berzerker and 30 hearthguard for my birthday. What do you think of the attached list? The models were purchased pre-GHB 2 so appreciate I may need some more purchases to make it semi-competitive but any advice is appreciated. I haven't glued the models together yet so still got the flexibility of changing them, but my budget to add extra stuff is very limited. thanks in advance!
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