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  1. So I’m thinking of running a Squig army, this is what I’ve come up with minus artifacts, whatcha y’all think?
  2. 8th edition army book for reference
  3. Just bought a dwarf army to go along in the display case next to the gobos lol
  4. Do you just model the Shields’s on the back of the models?
  5. Hehe I ordered 4 boxes of hammers/longbeards and one box of ironbreakers and a runelord.
  6. What weapons would you give the longbeards and the normal warriors? I’m thinkg two handed great axes just based off of rend and looks.
  7. I didn’t like they when they first came out, but keeping in a dispossessed theme I wouldn’t mind having one unit of “slayers” I also considered taking 6 prosecutors instead of the fyreslayers but I think I’d rather go all dwarves to start with. Thanks mate for the advice! It’s kinda funny that if I go with the fyreslayers allies than I might as well get two of the start collecting boxes due to the value of the box and I don’t even want to collect an army of em!
  8. I have a bit of history with that as I worked as an on call manager with GW when the dwarfs were coming out for 8th ed. I say with confidence that all the newer (gyrocopter, longbeards, ironbreakers, runelord etc) will stick around. The issue of square bases is delt with by just including a circle base, they did it for some seraphon stuff and the lore master from Eldritch council I hope that the warriors get a new kit but seeing how they’ve already been reboxed twice it wouldn’t surprise me if they stay the way they are. Compared to gitmob that literally didn’t have any models that were with in 7-8th ed fantasy I’m not surprised they go cut. I am surprised that they didn’t say last chance to buy though
  9. Honestly I’m ok with us being slow, it’s part of the fluff. Currently I’d say use allies if you want speed. I’m tempted to put in a unit of 6 Prosecutors into the army instead of the fyreslayers
  10. Why the vulkite instead of the Hearthguard? I’m digging the list!
  11. It’s also got me itching to do dwarves as well haha!
  12. Over the moon about it! Already ordered the king and 4 boxes of hoppers and 2 boxes of herders!
  13. Hey y’all, trying to put together a list haven’t played dwarves since 7th ed and will be starting from scratch. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  14. Hi y'all! Gunnar's here from the Houston area, been playing wargames for 15 years. Working on a beastmen army currently, thinking of starting a eldritch council army for my next one. I also play gutbusters and moonclan! Thanks for having me!
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