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  1. Vandrare

    Stormcast Eternals AOS 2

    Hi everyone Forgive my naivety, I have been playing AOS for the last 2 years now and struggling tremendously with army building. I have had two unsuccessful Skaven armies, that I tried following strict guidelines to make work and still continually got tabled. I have now sold these armies and would like to try an army that has been born in AOS, this would be Stormcast. This week I purchased the latest battletome and the thunderstrike brotherhood box set. Since doing so I have been told that this battalion sucks and that the older stormcast models aren't as strong as they use to be. Someone please help me build a competitive Stormcast list, that includes older models like Libs etc or even the box set I have just purchased. For around the 2k mark.. I want to paint the army in the anvils of Heldenhammer paint scheme and follow their lore strictly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You can see my work on my instagram account @_thebrokenbrush cheers
  2. Vandrare

    Clan Skryre 2000 point list help

    Thank you very much I'll revise this information tonight. Very glad I asked the question before I built this force
  3. Vandrare

    Clan Skryre 2000 point list help

    Oh really where does it state that? Sorry I'm very new to all this.. these are traps for new players
  4. Vandrare

    Clan Skryre 2000 point list help

    Wow thank you so much for that bit of information.. I've never charged a battalion before I'm wondering if that has been something I've missed in other armies before.. this basically requires a whole other army revision list unfortunately for me.. but I'm glad you brought it up.. I guess I could drop the second coven that gives my doomwheels perks and just have them on the field as machines.. that could work for sure
  5. Vandrare

    Clan Skryre 2000 point list help

    Well the two engine covens add up to be 200 points? I don't think I have to pay for the actual clan skryre battalion, only count up my units etc etc? There will be 3 units of stormfiends all varying rattling cannons, warpfire projectors and doom flayer guantlets in each unit.. i will have 1800 points of skyre plus 200 points of engine coven, bringing the grand total to 2000 does that make sense my list? Or maybe not?
  6. Vandrare

    Clan Skryre 2000 point list help

    I thought you only needed 3 battle lines for a 2000 point army?
  7. Vandrare

    Clan Skryre 2000 point list help

    Hey guys hope everyone is well. I have a 2000 point tournament coming up in July this year, over painting huge armies so I wanted something a little smaller. I've played Skaven for sometime but just wanted to see if anyone could see any loop holes in my list I would like to run for clan Skyre, make sure it's legal etc.. so here it is :- 1 arch warlock guatfyre scorch engine coven: 150 points 1 warplock engineer 6 stormfiends 2 warpfire thrower teams 1 warpgrinder team whyrlblade treshik engine coven: 50 points 1 warplock engineer 3 stormfiends 2 doom wheels 1 doomflayer team what do you think? Legal and fair? Cheers Brendan
  8. Vandrare

    Skaven 2000 point army list help

    I think you might be onto something here mate.. 1200 points of stormfiends and then the rest verminus taking on chaos allegiance traits
  9. Vandrare

    Skaven 2000 point army list help

    I don't think stormvermin can be battleline for skyre? They are different clans?
  10. Vandrare

    Skaven 2000 point army list help

    Hi everyone, I've got a couple of threads going at the moment just trying to work out what to do army wise. I already have a 2000 point Skaven army, fully painted, battle ready but I have had to use chaos warriors as a battle line to avoid painting 60 clanrats. Now that all the clans are split up into groups.. how can I make a competitive Skaven list, without painting so so so many rats and also encoporating most of the clans? I just don't think it is possible. Someone please help me with a competitive 2000 points Skaven list that makes sense in age of Sigmar. I really like verminus and skyre cheers Brendan
  11. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I've currently got a fully painted 2000 point Skaven list, but I'm really struggle to make it work in age of Sigmar. It goes alright in against death, destruction and other chaos armies but once order is involved I get shot up horrendously. I have got about 1200 points of Khorne Bloodbound I would like to start painting and build into a competitive 2000 point list that will literally be indestructible against say an order army. What I'm looking for: - a wall of skullcrushers both with Khorne warriors and daemon riders - some bloodletters What I have currently: - 20 blood warriors - 20 blood reavers - 1 mighty lord of Khorne - 1 slaughterpriest - 1 khorgorath - 1 blood secrator - 1 blood stoker - 3 might skullcrushers can anyone help me achieve this list and anything else I might need to just create havoc for the enemy. Thankyou very much Brendan
  12. Vandrare

    2000 point Chaos list (is it legal)

    It's nearly fully painted as well!! Think I'll add a plague claw at some stage also. All the pictures of the army are on Instagram @_thebrokenbrush
  13. Vandrare

    2000 point Chaos list (is it legal)

    Thankyou Uveron. I'm looking forward to fielding it...
  14. Vandrare

    2000 point Chaos list (is it legal)

    Hey guys just had a legality question for matched games. Just would like to check my current 2000 point Chaos army is in fact legal. 5 x chaos warriors 5 x chaos warriors 5 x chaos warriors 40 x plague monks 1 x verminlord 1 x plague priest 3 x stormfiends 3 x warplock jezzails 1 x archwarlock 2 x warp grinder team 20 x stormvermin 1 x Skaven warlord let me know what you think. cheers
  15. Vandrare

    Skaven vs Stormcast

    Thanks very much for your response. I like the idea of the brood horror..