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  1. Wouldn't you mind to share your Living City list with Sylvaneth?
  2. You could try the one I played last time, it worked fine form me: Dreadwood Glade Spearhead: -Branchwraith (verdurous) -5 spites -3 kurnoth sword Main body: -Tla (regrowth) -Arch-rev -10 spites Rear: -5 tree-rev Endless: -Spitehive With this list you have a lot of mobility with spitehive and dreadwood command ability, you don’t have to rely on wyldwoods (very difficult placement in this mode) and you have good sustain with regrowth and verdurous. Also, you can hit really hard with those 10 spites/kurnoth swords buffed with arch revenant.
  3. It’s good that the shape is different, now we have more options to fit them. I thought the new one was the same as the old one.
  4. I tried meeting engagement and here are my conclusions: -There’s not much space to summon wylwoods, but you MUST place them to the deployment zones in order to tp asap. -Slow units won’t do anything in the whole game unless you tp them. -Winterleaf didn’t help the issues mentioned before, so next time I will try dreadwood to have more tp, or gnarlroot to guarantee wyldwood summoning. -It’s not a 2k matched play, so it has to be played very different (pretty obbious) -Don’t clump most of your units in one contingent or depending on the battleplan you won’t have enough space to deploy them (I think you lose the ones you can’t deploy). Anyway, I managed to win because my friend had the same issues, it was close though. Next game we will change a lot of things for sure. List: S: 10 dryads, bwrth M: 10 spites, arch-rev, treelord, 3 kurnoth sword, bwrth. [Bad idea, couldn’t fit all of this in the deployment zone] R: 5 tree-rev Endless: Gladewyrm
  5. Thank you for your report! About your question, why don’t you try drycha/durthu+endless instead of 2nd dryads+sword hunters. Or you can even try to fit a battalion with a treelord and branchwych (household) and get an additional artefact and cp. I would try to have at least 2 stomps in each list, it is one of the best things we got.
  6. Then you are playing “his” game. Nurgle are much better at attrition than us. As a Sylvaneth player you have to out play him and pick the fights, force him to play the game you want. Bait him to charge you into the wyldwoods, with two stomps on his face and a hard hitting unit ready to melt their units before they can even attack. You can also screen your units using spites (our cheapest option) or tree revs for a more flexibility due to free tp, and then answer his charge with your units behind. In addition, you can use cogs/new spite spell to tp your hard hitting units and make them all charge to a key enemy unit (be ready for their positioning mistakes, and take advantage to all of them, make them pay for taking risks). The more you play and gain experience, the more situations like this you will identify. Sylvaneth may seem an inferior army compared to those stupid combos other armies have, and more if you are a new player, but we have an enviable board control that take us up to their level. Also, try different glades, units and strategies until you find the one that fits with your playstyle. Don’t be affraid to take risks and try new things while playing, that way you will know your army limits, learn what are good or bad moves, which units should fight against which units and under which conditions, etc. If you go pages back, a lot of strategies have been discussed here. I recommend you to read Mirage’s posts, he is a good experienced player and has shared a lot of knowledge with us. I hope I have helped you!
  7. You don't... I have played a couple of games testing the new mechanics and, in my opinion, I must say that the stomp is one of the bests improvements for the army. I think we should change our mind and our playstyle a bit in order to fit the new rules, or we won't get the best of them.
  8. Maybe Dreadwood glade is the way to go, in order to tp those units from the back.
  9. Last weekend I played the Gnarlroot list 1000p I posted here before and it was amazing. I played against 2 players 500p Dok + 500p Seraphon (not the most competitive combo to play against, but still). I'm not gonna explain the whole game, but I would like to mention the most important things. -TLA: He is much better now, you have a free Acorn, much more reliable setting up woods. Also the stomp is nuts, it made me not only resist a dok charge, but to destroy them before they could even attack. That makes me think that it's no joke to take treelords instead of kurnoth just for the stomp... -Branchwraith: I had bad luck, and couldn't set up throne of vines neither turn 1 or 2. At turn 3 I could summon a unit of dryads and that was all his contribution for the whole game. -Drycha: As someone mentioned before, she is indeed a beast. She was the MVP of the game, destroyed dok's unit of witch aelves shooting them with 20 attacks, then waiting for their charge+TLA stomp, and attacking them with 20 squirmlings. She also decimated a unit of 40 skinks. -Spites: I had them in front of drycha to hold the charge from witch aelves, but it was not necessary thanks to the stomp. They did 4 wounds to the witch aelves and they were destroyed next turn. That 5+ to save makes them paper, but still not bad for those 60p. If you have stomp support they are fantastic. -Teleport: is safer now, I used it for drycha to tp and use flitterfuries without any risk. Also to contest enemy objectives turn 4-5. -Wyldwoods: Much worse than before, the enemy can charge freely. -Gladewyrm: Better than expected. For 30p it is really worth it, healing TLA and dealing 1d3mw. -Overall conclusion on new tome: Galdes help a lot on 1000p games, as you couldn't get any wargrove with the old tome. Now you can have advantages of wargroves without expending any point on them and have different playstyles. Gnarlroot seems solid for a defensive playstyle, waiting for them to come, mitigate damage with CA+stomp and spam mw with spells+endless. I think now we have more tools than before and more reliable, without the new tome I don't think I would have won the game, as all the important facts that made me win came from it.
  10. GNARLROOT Leaders TLA (300) -General -Commant trait: Nurtured by magic -Artefact: Chalice of nectar -Deepwood: Regrowth Drycha Hamadreth (320) -Deepwood: Verdurous harmony/Treesong Branchwraith (80) -Deepwood: Throne of vines Battleline 20 x Dryads (200) 5 x Spite-Revenants (60) Endless spells Gladewyrm (30) Total: 990 / 1000 The idea is to hold points while spamming mw, summoning dryads and healing as much as I can. Would you change something? Which deepwood spell lore would you choose for drycha? I don't know if treesong is worth it because you already rr1 for hits with gnarlroot...
  11. I'm really interested in spites, so getting all of them into combat is a must. Could you please explain it with more detail? Maybe a quick draw with paint would help.
  12. I see a good potential from this list, rerolling to hit for bow kurnoths could be massive dmg and a good come back for them. With ghyrstrike and CA you are almost guaranteed to hit those 5 attacks with durthu, the only problem I see is that you need to get him in combat, maybe the new swarm endless spell or cogs would be a good add.
  13. He's not! So yes, you can take multiples of him and give him trait and artefacts!
  14. Buy another start collecting, since you will want a Tree lord ancient (he seems quite a solid option with the new battletome) and you can convert your branchwych to a branchwraith, who is a must.
  15. The nighthaunt’s allegiance ability says: “You can set up one unit in the underworlds for each unit you set up on the battlefield”. Almost exactly he same wording, so no, you can’t set up both at the same time, it is just a restriction of how many units you can have in reserve.
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