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  1. With 3 chanters, what is your regular ironsuns list?
  2. 1 mbmk, 3 warchanters, 15 gore gruntas and 1 rogue idol is 2005 points. Arrgh!
  3. That list wouldnt be legal unless in blood toofs since gore gruntas are not battleline elsewhere. I struggle to write lists now with gruntas and a lot of brutes.
  4. Just want to say how glad I am to be back in the IJ forums and see the old faces again! Malakree, andrew G, broche, plastic Craic and others! You guys have made my Orctober! These discussions are extremely helpful, thank you for putting in the time into this. I'll be lurking around!
  5. I read in the gitz forum that the bossfist won a tournament recently, Does anyone have any more info on this such as the list?
  6. I tried to find the list that won in the IJ subforum, Do you happen to know what the list was? I acctually got a tournament this weekend!
  7. Until the warboss most likely get removed in the next generals handbook he is auto include for me. Pigboss with banner is just amazing with masses of ardboys. Their output goes up by 50%. If you find the old model you must convert it either way since it builds with banner when on foot only. Warscroll let it have a pig for no cost thou. If you covert a gore grunta you need to change its base for a much smaller oval.
  8. I rather use ethereal. He is punchy as he is and needs to stay alive, by giving him a survivability artefact he wont go down on his damage table as fast. Ethereal is a real nightmare for your opponent. But I dont ever play him anymore, I am all into ardboys, warchanters and a warboss in a big waaagh! Sometime I will paint my third MBMK and bring them all to a friendly tournament thou.
  9. Fair. I'd rather change the footboss for a unit of 10 brutes which would also allow me a fungoid instead of the madcap.
  10. This is interestering . Did anyone else look into this? FAQs and such? I havent had the time yet.
  11. Big waagh scales really nice in 2500p games indeed! Something to consider when removing the teleport is the threat of it. Especially in big waagh when you can add to your casting roll. Your opponent must cover his flanks at all times which is costly.
  12. When you are done with your save rolls and are about to remove models you can choose an ardboy equipped with a shield and make two singel rolls. If those roles are not a 6 that model is dead and you can continue allocating wounds. If you rolled a 6 you can roll another one and see if he dies. Another example. You take 8 damage and you have 3 ardboys with shields in the unit of 10 models and none of them are damaged since earlier. You make 6 rolls since they have 6 wounds (you cant roll more than the boys have wounds). One of the dice rolls a 6. 2 of the shieldboys die and 1 is left with 1 wound. You now still have 2 wounds to allocate. You roll 1 dice to see if you save this one too, You dont and he dies. the single last wound is allocated as usual to a model. Important to note: Doing the above and then removing models without shields would be cheating. Also, you can accidenty remove models and break coherensy. This is why you always consider the placement of the shieldboys when charging and piling in. Just keep them together in the back and if you by accident have them mixed in with the others, just remove something else instead, you are not forced to use the shields and as of the new book they have the same attack profile as the rest of the boys.
  13. yes with the ironfist with a gruntaboss or bruteboss. In the few games I have played I have kept the ironfist gruntaboss behind my frontal ardboys screen to trigger a hero phase attack or to move them an extra 4 inch.
  14. I like it. My thoughts are that the Ironfist give you either more movement or fighting power instead of bringing boys back later game. And the 4+ kills it for me. On the other hand, the Ardfist is cheaper and brings your drops down and also sets a bulls eye on a warchanter which draws the attention away from the warboss and weirdnob. IMO Megaboss is too expensive to bring just for the mighty destroyers ability since he has no other use. In the games I have played so far there was most often turns when I needed three +1 damage units. Either for a defensive screening or when going all out attack. The extra waagh energy sold the triple warchanter. On the other hand I never tried bringing only two either...
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