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  1. I’ve completely failed to paint Arkhan due to work. Boo hiss.
  2. Nah, make the dread because irrespective of the rules, which aren’t terrible, the model is cool as f**k.
  3. I’m sure it’ll work out. Apart from anything I want to magnetise Arkhan for ease of transport and so the fiddly reins are out. As per the below I replaced then with a sword borrowed from Mannfred in the same set.
  4. And don’t even start me on the reins. They are now in the bin.
  5. In other news, I’ll never get back all the time I’ve spent today trying to remove the mold lines from all the fecking holes in Arkhan’s cloak.
  6. I paint really slowly due to lots of other calls on my time. I’m so happy I’ve finally got these guys ready to play.
  7. Handbook 2020 arrived this morning. Confirmed no changes.
  8. Another Arkhan question: should he be run as your general? Pros and cons?
  9. Now that the dust has settled, and absolutely accepting a degree of subjectivity, would some kind soul do a quick run down on the best 2 of each of: traits artefacts spells legions endless spells and a quick ranking of how effective units are in their assigned role. This would really help a time poor player. Thx
  10. Not on the freebie version unless I’m doing something wrong?
  11. Just checking in. Where do we find the war scrolls?? Thx
  12. I’ll take this one as I’m a Tomb Kings player. The Tombs Kings were never going to make a comeback. Anyone who thought that was kidding themselves. If like me you loved the TKs then you keep alive their vibe by using TK models as proxies in relaxed games, using them as a whole once in a while for nostalgia fun and preserving the aesthetic in your army paint scheme for newer models. In terms of Bonereapers, I don’t assess them through a haze of Tomb King wishful thinking. I assess them entirely on their own terms. Personally I really like them and will be investing in some straight away. Other views are entirely fine. What will be interesting is how they interface with the wider death faction. Will we see them marching to war with blocks of skeleton spearmen? Time will tell.
  13. Time will tell. However to the casual gamer this stuff really doesn’t matter. I play with friends and relatives with a annual weekend at Warhammer World and so using models as proxies is cool. My 80 skeleton spearmen can be whatever is required. My Tombking skeleton horsemen have been black knights for ever. My old screaming skull catapult is about to get a new lease of life. I have 30 skeleton archers just waiting for an excuse to get shooting again. Having said that, I’ll still be buying when these hit the shelves. I’ll just blend the new stuff with what I have already.
  14. You’ll all be glad to know I’ve got to go out now 🙄
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